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Croydon, Surrey


Tree: Ash, Kent

Latitude: 51.3723608, Longitude: -0.1004015


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CALLOW, William Alfred  Dec 1909Croydon, Surrey I5074
2 CORBY, Harry James  28 Mar 1903Croydon, Surrey I856
3 MEASURES, Alfred  Sep 1913Croydon, Surrey I1232
4 MEASURES, Alice  Dec 1911Croydon, Surrey I1231
5 MEASURES, Bessie  Mar 1910Croydon, Surrey I1230
6 MEASURES, Caroline Alice  Jun 1907Croydon, Surrey I1229
7 MEASURES, Frederick William  Mar 1906Croydon, Surrey I1228
8 MEASURES, Jenny Elizabeth  Mar 1904Croydon, Surrey I1227
9 MEASURES, Joseph Ernest  Mar 1902Croydon, Surrey I1226
10 Minter, Alice Louisa  24 May 1907Croydon, Surrey I2600
11 Minter, Edwin Jesse  24 Dec 1885Croydon, Surrey I878
12 Minter, Edwin Jesse  22 Aug 1897Croydon, Surrey I3178
13 Minter, Ellen Hilda Olive  Mar 1909Croydon, Surrey I4313
14 Minter, Ernest Edward  25 Apr 1924Croydon, Surrey I702
15 Minter, Frank  18 Aug 1885Croydon, Surrey I2588
16 Minter, Frank Douglas  14 Feb 1934Croydon, Surrey I777
17 Minter, Frederick  Abt 1887Croydon, Surrey I2589
18 Minter, Harry Edward  4 Feb 1920Croydon, Surrey I675
19 Minter, Jenny Elizabeth  Jun 1883Croydon, Surrey I2587
20 Minter, John F E  7 Apr 1925Croydon, Surrey I849
21 Minter, John Knight  Jun 1877Croydon, Surrey I872
22 Minter, Lily  Mar 1916Croydon, Surrey I671
23 Minter, Louisa  13 Oct 1880Croydon, Surrey I2432
24 Minter, Lucy J  Dec 1918Croydon, Surrey I845
25 Minter, Marie Ellen  2 May 1929Croydon, Surrey I850
26 Minter, Mary  13 Oct 1880Croydon, Surrey I2433
27 Minter, Millicent Maud "Maudie"  5 Aug 1879Croydon, Surrey I2430
28 Minter, Reginald Charles  Jun 1927Croydon, Surrey I683
29 Minter, Robert Dadswell  12 Mar 1882Croydon, Surrey I876
30 Minter, Robert William  19 Apr 1922Croydon, Surrey I848
31 Minter, Sonnie James  13 Feb 1926Croydon, Surrey I2622
32 Minter, Thomas John  3 Apr 1921Croydon, Surrey I681
33 Minter, Violet L  12 Mar 1920Croydon, Surrey I846
34 Minter, Violet May  7 Jan 1914Croydon, Surrey I3164
35 Minter, William  11 Sep 1888Croydon, Surrey I2590
36 MITCHELL, Sarah Ellen  24 Sep 1887Croydon, Surrey I879
37 MORPHY, Edith Jane  2 May 1882Croydon, Surrey I5241
38 REVELL, Alfred James  Dec 1902Croydon, Surrey I1204
39 REVELL, Frances A  Sep 1911Croydon, Surrey I1207
40 REVELL, George William  Sep 1908Croydon, Surrey I1206
41 REVELL, James George  12 Sep 1872Croydon, Surrey I874
42 WATSON, Mary Ann  26 Jul 1873Croydon, Surrey I3177


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Minter, John Knight  17 Jun 1877Croydon, Surrey I872


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CORBY, William Joseph  1930Croydon, Surrey I1125
2 GILHOOLEY, Maureen Agnes T  Dec 1969Croydon, Surrey I3915
3 MEASURES, John  Dec 1966Croydon, Surrey I882
4 Minter, Caroline Alice  Dec 1959Croydon, Surrey I881
5 Minter, Edwin Jesse  Mar 1952Croydon, Surrey I878
6 Minter, Florence Amelia  Mar 1947Croydon, Surrey I873
7 Minter, Frank  Dec 1959Croydon, Surrey I2588
8 Minter, George  Jun 1917Croydon, Surrey I840
9 Minter, John Knight  Sep 1901Croydon, Surrey I872
10 Minter, Lily  Mar 1916Croydon, Surrey I671
11 Minter, Louisa  Dec 1880Croydon, Surrey I2432
12 Minter, Lucy J  Sep 1937Croydon, Surrey I845
13 Minter, Mary  Dec 1880Croydon, Surrey I2433
14 MITCHELL, Sarah Ellen  Mar 1949Croydon, Surrey I879
15 SHIRLEY, Annie Florence  Dec 1988Croydon, Surrey I687
16 SKETCHLEY, Maud  Jun 1968Croydon, Surrey I701


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHAPMAN / Minter  Dec 1931Croydon, Surrey F319
2 CORBY / Minter  Sep 1922Croydon, Surrey F322
3 CORBY / Minter  15 Aug 1925Croydon, Surrey F301
4 GATER / FAVELLE  Dec 1972Croydon, Surrey F328
5 Minter / ELKINS  Jun 1902Croydon, Surrey F204
6 Minter / HUTCHING  Dec 1885Croydon, Surrey F199
7 Minter / NIX  Sep 1958Croydon, Surrey F294
8 Minter / SKETCHLEY  Sep 1922Croydon, Surrey F323
9 Minter / SMITH  Dec 1948Croydon, Surrey F390