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Camberwell, London


Tree: Goodnestone, Kent

Latitude: 51.474159, Longitude: -0.093181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 KELLEY, Elizabeth Matilda  Dec 1870Camberwell, London I135 Goodnestone, Kent 
2 Minter, Alberto William  Sep 1859Camberwell, London I95 Goodnestone, Kent 
3 Minter, Elizabeth  21 Aug 1856Camberwell, London I94 Goodnestone, Kent 
4 Minter, Frederick William  Mar 1872Camberwell, London I78 Goodnestone, Kent 
5 Minter, Harry  21 Apr 1885Camberwell, London I151 Goodnestone, Kent 
6 Minter, James  Sep 1851Camberwell, London I92 Goodnestone, Kent 
7 Minter, Lumley Frances  6 Jan 1879Camberwell, London I81 Goodnestone, Kent 
8 Minter, Martha Ann  Bef 2 Mar 1862Camberwell, London I156 Goodnestone, Kent 
9 Minter, Martha Clara  28 Jul 1870Camberwell, London I77 Goodnestone, Kent 
10 Minter, Martha Susan R  Sep 1876Camberwell, London I124 Goodnestone, Kent 
11 Minter, Rosa  23 Nov 1876Camberwell, London I80 Goodnestone, Kent 
12 Minter, Sarah  Mar 1849Camberwell, London I91 Goodnestone, Kent 
13 Minter, Stephen  10 Mar 1854Camberwell, London I93 Goodnestone, Kent 
14 Minter, Stephen James  Dec 1875Camberwell, London I79 Goodnestone, Kent 
15 Minter, Thomas Hobday  30 May 1866Camberwell, London I157 Goodnestone, Kent 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Minter, Harry  Bef 19 Dec 1885Camberwell, London I151 Goodnestone, Kent 
2 Minter, Martha Ann  Bef 9 Sep 1866Camberwell, London I156 Goodnestone, Kent 
3 Minter, Thomas Hobday  Bef 18 May 1867Camberwell, London I157 Goodnestone, Kent