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Except as indicated pictures on this page were supplied by Chris Horgan of Australia


Thomas Minter
born Deptford, Kent

Thomas married Elizabeth Jane Phillips on 11 June 1872 in South Brisbane. Chris Horgan received this picture from a Minter descendant, Margaret Wigney of Sydney, NSW. All Margaret's family side agree the above is a photo of Thomas and Elizabeth and would have been taken in the late 1880s or early 1890s.

Charlotte Hannah Martha Minter
born 26 January 1875, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Charlotte was the second daughter of Thomas Minter and Elizabeth Jane Phillips pictured above. She married James Clark in 1894.

Elizabeth Jane Clark
born 1 December 1897, Waterloo, NSW, Australia

Elizabeth was the second daughter of James Clark and Charlotte Minter pictured above. The original photo is dated 3 February 1917.

Rose Alice Minter
born 1889, Waterloo, NSW, Australia

Rose was the sixth daughter of Thomas Minter and Elizabeth Jane Phillips pictured above. Rose married Samuel Bowden in 1919.

Iris Elizabeth Minter
born 1910, Waterloo, NSW, Australia

Iris was the daughter of Rose Alice Minter, above. She was brought up as Rose Bowden. The picture on the left dates from 1912, that on the right from 1950.

Henry Vincent Minter
born 1910, Newtown, NSW, Australia

Henry (known as Vince) was the son of Henry Joseph Minter and Annie, nee O'Toole, and the grandson of Thomas Minter, born 1847 in Deptford, Kent, who emigrated to Australia and married Elizabeth Jane Phillips in Brisbane in 1872.
The picture was taken in 1940 when Vince enlisted in the Australian army.


Elizabeth Minter
baptised 12 November 1826, Deptford, London

Taken at 84 Chester Green Road in Derby, the home of Thomas Woodward and Hannah Beastall, about 1924. From left to right: Thomas Woodward, William Fearn Gamble, Elizabeth Woodward, George Bernard Gamble and Hannah Beastall. Hannah was the daughter of Elizabeth Minter and William Beastall who married in 1847.
Picture provided by Bob Gamble.