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North Suffolk

William James Minter
born 1862, Barnsley, Yorkshire

William James Minter married Violet Bramley in 1894 in St Mary Magdalene Church, Outwood, Wakefield, Yorkshire. They had eleven children: the pictures below of Violet Bramley and some of the children were all kindly donated by John J Minter. John also provided much of the information that goes with the photos.

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Violet Bramley
born 1872, near Wakefield, Yorkshire

Violet was well-liked resourceful woman who ensured that her children grew up well. She has that shock of black curly hair shared by many of her sons.

Ivy Eleanor Minter
born 1894, Wakefield, Yorkshire

Ivy married Wilfred Walker (born 1896) in 1923. The couple celebrated their Golden Wedding in 1973: this picture shows, from left to right, Violet (sister), John (brother), Ivy, Charles (brother), Alice (sister) and Dick (brother).

Charles Minter
born 1898, Wakefield, Yorkshire

Charles married Annie Jackson (born 1902) in 1926. This photograph was probably taken on a day out in Blackpool.

James Henry Redvers Minter
born 1900, Wakefield, Yorkshire

Redvers, as he was known, married Myra Hauber in 1925. This photo is thought to have been taken on the occasion of the marriage. Redvers was a miner who became a mine deputy; his wife Myra was desecended from Francis Hauber, originally a musician who arrived in England from Germany probably in the 1850s.

Alice Minter
born 1902, Wakefield, Yorkshire

Alice married Briercliffe Wilson in 1932. This photo includes, on the right, Alice's father Wiliiam James Minter and, on the right wearing glasses, her sister Violet Minter.

Richard Ellison Minter
born 1906, Wakefield, Yorkshire

Richard married Winifred Nellie "Winnie" Grove in Colchester in 1936. The couple were affectionately known to John J Minter as Uncle Dick and Auntie Winnie. Richard was trained in accountancy and in 1939 had a variety of jobs in the gasworks office.

John Minter
born 1908, Wakefield, Yorkshire

Robert Minter
born 1856, Huntingfield, Suffolk

(Pictures from Mike Minter and Cheryl Savage, Canada)

Huntingfield Post Office in 1910

Another picture of Huntingfield Post Office, perhaps a bit earlier than the one above

The same building in 2005

Probably taken about 1910, showing Robert Minter outside his shop. The two children might be Percival and Hilda, Robert's youngest children.

Robert and his wife Elizabeth (Everett)

Robert & Elizabeth's son Sidney. Sidney ran the Post Office in Sweffling, Saxmundham, Suffolk, pictured below.

Robert & Elizabeth's daughter Mabel

Robert & Elizabeth's son Leonard

Robert & Elizabeth's daughter May

Robert & Elizabeth's son Arthur

Robert & Elizabeth's son Reginald

Robert & Elizabeth's daughter Lillian

Robert & Elizabeth's son Rufus Everett

Two photos of Robert& Elizabeth's son Francis Robert, who served in the Royal Artillery

Robert & Elizabeth's son Francis Robert with his wife Flora May (Hadingham) on their wedding day, 27 March 1935 at Mendham, Suffolk

Frances Evelyn and Margaret, daughters of Francis Robert & Flora May Minter, married on the same day, 7 October 1960. This photo shows, from the left, Lyle Henry Savage, Frances Evelyn, Margaret and John Paul Jones.

Robert & Elizabeth's son Percival Claude

Robert & Elizabeth's daughter Hilda Ivy

Blanche Roberts
born 1883, Nottingham

(Roy Minter)

Blanche married Benjamin Minter (born 1883 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire). This picture was taken in the mid-1980s. Blanche lived until the age of 105.

Edward Minter
born 1914, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

(Roy Minter)

Edward was the son of Benjamin Minter and Blanche (Roberts) above. This photo was taken in 1994. Edward lived until 24 March 1999.

Rosetta Emma Minter
born 31 March 1881, Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia

(Annette Fullman)

Rosetta was the daughter of John and Emma Minter; she married Daniel William Corr in 1899. This photo was taken on 5 October 1951, the occasion of the marriage of her granddaughter Clarice Coleman nee Corr. The picture was provided by Clarice's daughter Annette Fullman.