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The Ickham scrapbook extends to two pages. The pictures on this page are of members of a variety of Ickham families. The second page - click here - is devoted to pictures of the family of Henry Minter, born 1841 in Wingham, Kent.


Albert Minter
born 1854, Eastry, Kent
(from Paul Julian)

Albert Minter and his wife Ellen (Stevens) 


Elizabeth Frances Minter
born 1885, Stanmore, Middlesex

(from Ian Brown)

Elizabeth Frances Minter (born 1885) at her wedding in 1911 to Herbert Henry Fracy, The wedding party comprised: 1. Harry J Minter (bride's eldest sister), 2. Daisy Preston (bride's oldest school friend), 3. Nellie Ambler (bride's younger sister's friend), 4. Mabel L Minter (bride's elder sister), 5. Sarah Annie Lovell (Henry Thomas's sister), 6. Henry Thomas Fracy (bridegroom's father), 7. Elizabeth Jane Fracy (John William's wife), 8. Lean Beale (friend of the bridegroom), 9. Edith M Minter (bride's sister-in-law), 10. Beatrice Mary Lucy Fracy (bridegroom's sister), 11. John William Fracy (Henry Thomas's brother), 12. Lucy Jane Fracy (bridegroom's mother), 13. Thomas Fracy (bridegroom's grandfather), 14. Mary L Minter (bride's mother), 15. Winifred A Minter (bride's younger sister), 16. Frank Preston (husband of bride's schoolfriend), 17. Norah Minter ( bride's niece), 18. Herbert Henry Fracy (bridegroom), 19. Elizabeth Frances Fracy (nee Minter - bride), 20. George Minter (bride's nephew), 21. Edward J Minter (bride's youngest brother). 

Fred Leslie Minter
20 July 1863, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
(all the pictures of Fred and his family are from Rosemary Henschell)

Fred's father Thomas Henry Minter emigrated to the USA with the rest of his family in 1842. Fred was born in 1863 - it's not known when this picture was taken.

This picture of Fred was taken in Canon City, Colorado on 31 May 1883 although it appears to be of a man older than 20.

A picture believed to be of Fred's first wife Maria, whom he married about 1882. Taken in 1883 in Canon City, Colorado by Dennis V Few Photographers

Thought to be a photo of Fred and Maria's daughter Nina, taken in Leadville, Colorado about 1893. Nina was born in 1884 in Hueneme, Ventura, California and died in Leadville in 1893.

Fred on the occasion of his second marriage, on 12 November 1902 to Clara Schlereth. This was a 'double wedding' of the Schlereth sisters.
Front: (left to right) flower girl Freda Kemper, seated bride Clara Schlereth (Blue), seated bride Otillia Schlereth (Pink), flower girl Gertrude Schlereth.
Back: (left to right) unknown male (Freda's father?), unknown female, groom Fred Leslie Minter, groom Fred Crosier, unknown female, unknown male. Photograph taken by the Woods and Norris Studios of Akron, Ohio.

A picture of Fred's second wife Clara dating from 1900, when she was 19.

A later picture of Fred's second wife Clara (on the right) dating from 1947. It was taken on 22 April at the Charlie Chaplin Park Hotel, Los Angeles, USA. On the left is Otillia 'Tillie' Schlereth Crosier Watson.

Fred and Clara had seven children: this one is Jean Marie Minter, who married David Gomoll in 1938. The photo was taken about 1945 in Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA.

William James Minter
born 2 October 1872, Walmer, Kent

(all the pictures of William and his family are from Michele Schreiner)

The Minter family ran the Drum public house in Walmer over three generations, starting with William Robert Scott Minter (1844 - 1919), then his son William James Minter (1872 - 1934) and finally his son William Edmund Minter (1899 - 1969). The date of these pictures is unknown but the caption on the lower one suggests they date from the early 1900s. Sadly the pub no longer exists. For more information and pictures go to

William married Edith Jane Pain in 1893: this family photo dates from 1914. From the left: Evelyn, William James, Sybil, Winifred, Reginald, William Edmund, Edith and Violet

William with son William Edmund

William with his wife Edith

William and Edith's daughter Winifred

William and Edith's daughter Violet at her wedding in 1917 to George William Cushway. The bridesmaid is Violet's sister Sybil.

George and Violet Cushway with their son Roy, the father of Michele, who supplied these photos.

William and Edith's daughter Evelyn Doris taken between 1914 and 1919 when she was in the Royal Naval Division

William and Edith's daughters Sybil (left) and Edith (right). Below are two more pictures of first Edith and then Sybil

Edith Jane Minter - Dede - 1920

Sybil Edwina Minter with her doll

Edith Pain's mother Mary Jane Bushell, born in Walmer, Kent about 1849.

Ernest John Minter
born 1882, Eastry, Kent

(from Catherine King)

Ernest John Minter in 1904. 

Ernest John Minter (born 1882) and Elizabeth Nicholls, a wedding picture that includes Elizabeth's cousin Maud Nicholls and her husband (William Wallace) and two of their children. 

Ruth Minter
born 1873, Ash, Kent
(from Jane Weller)

This pair of pictures shows Ruth Minter and her husband Harry Howard, born 1872, and is believed to have been taken on the wedding day in 1897.

Joseph Alfred Minter
born 17 January 1863, Ballycotton, Cork, Ireland

Joseph was the son of Henry Minter, a coastguard who spent most of his career in Ireland.

(pictures supplied by Graham Foley)

Joseph with his wife Mary Ann nee Foster - they married in 1888 and this photo may have been taken shortly afterwards.

Joseph in naval uniform at Southsea in September 1903.

William Joseph Minter
born 1880, Walmer Kent, died 1948

(pictures supplied by Geoff Knott)

Photo of William's wife Emily, nee Butler (1883 - 1956), date unknown.

Photo taken about 1902 - 3. It shows Emily's father William Butler with his wife Lucy Elizabeth (nee Brown) and their children, William Henry, Lucy Jane, Emily, Harry, Ernest John, James Cyril, and Albert.

George Minter
born 1834, Nonington, Kent
(from Catherine King)

George Minter (born 1834) and Emily (Ditcher).

Thomas Knowler and Hannah Laws
(from Lynn Harris)

Thomas Knowler, born about 1837, married Hannah Laws, born about 1840, in 1861. Their daughter Jessie Alice Knowler married George Minter (the son of George and Emily (Ditcher) Minter above) in 1898.

Jessie Alice Knowler
born 1878, Barnsole, Staple, Kent
(from Lynn Harris)

Jessie, daughter of Thomas and Hannah Knowler, is here shown hop picking in Kent. The date of the photo isn't known.

Emily May Minter
born 1904, Dover, Kent
(from Lynn Harris)

Emily, daughter of George and Jessie (Knowler) Minter, married William George Pittock in 1924.

Ernest Minter
born 1906, Dover, Kent
(from Lynn Harris)

Ernest was one of the sons of George and Jessie (Knowler) Minter. He served in the Royal Artillery and died in 1942 at the age of only 36.

Edith Maria Minter
born 1907, Dover, Kent
(from Lynn Harris)

Edith was the daughter of George and Jessie (Knowler) Minter above. She married Albert Edward Archer on 20 August 1927. In this photo her parents George and Jessie (Knowler) Minter are on the bride's left.

Alfred Thomas Minter
born 1917, Dover, Kent
(from Lynn Harris)

Alfred Thomas was one of the sons of George and Jessie (Knowler) Minter.

Leslie Powell Minter
born 1920, Dover, Kent
(from Lynn Harris)

Son of Annie Elizabeth Minter, grandson of George and Jessie (Knowler) Minter.

John Minter
born 26 January 1868, Hampstead, London

(from Enid Minter)

Taken on the occasion of John and Annie's Silver Wedding in 1913. The following have been identified:
Seated in the middle of the third row, John and Annie.
Standing behind them, their 3 sons (left to right) Alfred Edward (Ed) (with his wife Hilda on his right), Albert John (Jack) and Jacob Percy (Perce).
On Annie's left is her daughter Elsie May (Ciss); next to Ciss is Annie's younger sister Susan Pothecary.
On John's right are his sisters Gertrude and Nelly.

(from Andrew Minter)

Taken at John & Annie's home in Harehedge Lane, Horninglow, Burton on Trent, probably on the occasion of their Diamond Wedding in 1948. John and his wife (Florence) Annie nee Pothecary are seated at the front. Standing behind, from left to right, are:
Harry Eden, husband of Elsie May Minter (John & Annie's daughter)
Ella Alice Minter nee Loosemore, wife of John & Annie's son Jacob Percy Minter
Elsie May Minter, as mentioned above
Noel Edward Percy Minter, John & Annie's grandson. His arm is in a sling following a motor-cycle accident.
Mary Elizabeth nee Hallatt relict of Albert John Minter (John & Annie's son, who died in 1943)
Andrew John Minter, John & Annie's grandson.

Enid Minter comments 'it's quite a thought that the two events were separated by two World Wars'.

Jacob Percy Minter
born 24 September 1890, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

(from Andrew Minter)

Jacob (son of John, above) in about 1948. The car is a 1934 Austin 7 'Pearl' Cabriolet

Alfred Edward Minter
born 1892, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

(from Enid Minter)

Alfred (son of John, above) was a victim of WW1; he fell in the battle of Roeux (near Arras), France and is buried in the CWG cemetery there. He served in the Lincolnshire regiment.

(from Andrew Minter)

Albert John Minter
born 4 May 1892, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

(from Enid Minter)

Albert was the eldest son of John Minter born 1868, above. After serving in WW1 he settled in Huddersfield, married Mary Elizabeth Hallatt in 1912 (in Harrogate) and had five children.

Elsie May Minter
born 14 May 1894, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

(from Enid Minter)

Elsie, always known as Ciss or Siss, was the daughter of John Minter born 1868, above.

John Gordon Minter
born 27 April 1928, Birkby, Huddersfield, Yorkshire

(from Enid Minter)

John Gordon was the youngest son of Albert Minter born 1889, above. The upper picture was taken when he was 18, the lower one in 1995.

Phyllis Mary Minter
born 1909, Ash, Kent

(from Angie Hunt, nee Peters)

It's not known when or where the first of these photos were taken. John Barrand has said of the second that it's "my Auntie Phyl [and] I know [the photo] was taken in Beach St, Sheerness, Kent (date unknown) outside a bric-a-bac shop close to the then boating pond. The shop was a bric-a-brac/house clearance shop and I remember my Mum Kathleen Barrand (née Minter) - Auntie Phyl's sister - taking me there sometimes on the way to the beach to look for "bargains"....I can still smell the mothballs!!"

Irene Winifred Minter
born 9 May 1916, Deal, Kent

(from Simon Arnold)

Irene, possibly on her wedding day.

Taken in 1940 when Irene married William Upton. From the left: Minnie Edith Chapman, William Upton, William Upton Snr (groom's father), Irene Minter, Constance (Jordan) Minter (bride's mother), William John Thomas Minter (bride's father) and Irene's sister Hilda, known as Jinny.