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Mary Ann Minter
born c. 1816, St Osyth
(from Len Ward, from a photo taken by Nigel Ward)

Mary Ann Minter, a painting.

John Ward, husband of Mary Ann Minter
(A photo taken by Nigel Ward)

The painting of John Ward (1815 - 1896) was hung beside that of his wife.

John Howling
born 1808, Wivenhoe, Essex

This is a photo of a pair of naive portraits of Captain John Howling and his wife Mary Ann nee Kent (born 1810), together with John Howling's telescope. John and Mary Ann were the parents of Hannah Ann Howling who married Frederick John Minter in Brightlingsea in 1858. The photo was provided by Rob Hall who sold it to a collector in 2012.

Edward John Minter
born 1848, Brightlingsea
(Photo reproduced with permission from Essex Record Office, Colchester Local Studies Library)

A photo dating from 1903. On the left is the drapery and bookshop owned by Edward Minter; on the right is the butcher's shop owned by Herbert Ormes.

Another view of Edward Minter's High Street shop. This postcard (found by James Earley) was published by Wrench around the same time as the photo above.

A photo which appeared in the Colchester Gazette, perhaps from the 1960s or 1970s. The building once used as Edward Minter's shop has changed very little.

Henry Minter
born 1846, Brightlingsea

Henry as deputy mayor of Brightlingsea in 1895
(photo supplied by James Earley and reproduced with the permission of Charles Herbert, Keeper of the Records at Cinque Ports Liberty)

The children of Henry Minter and Sarah Ann (Capon)
(photos supplied by Ken Porter)

Clara Eliza Minter born 1878, Brightlingsea

Capon Harry Minter born 1879, Brightlingsea

Henry Edward Minter born 1886, Brightlingsea