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Matches 1 to 32 of 32 for Tree equals Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F7
AMBRIDGE, Frederick Minter, Johanna 25 Dec 1910 St Luke, Chelsea, London  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
2 F1184
BERNARD, Alvin Aloysius STUMP, Audrey Olive Jun 1965 Sutton RD  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
3 F15
BRIEN, John Minter, Elizabeth 28 Jun 1914 St Luke, Chelsea, London  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
4 F1283
CRAMPTON, George Edward Minter, Anna Maria "Annie" Sep 1932 Chelsea RD  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
5 F5
CROME, Thomas Minter, Emma 26 Jun 1893 St Simon's Church, Chelsea, London  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
6 F14
EVANS, Raymond L Minter, Norma B   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
7 F1192
FLETCHER, James Minter, Beverley Kay   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
8 F8
FRANKLIN, Harry Thomas Minter, Elizabeth 30 Jul 1921 St Saviours Church, Upper Chelsea, London  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
9 F16
MACKRELL, Edgar Clarence Minter, Jane "Jenny" Jun 1928 Chelsea RD  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
10 F13
Minter, Alan R BRYANT, Christine   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
11 F432
Minter, Anthony P OLIVER, Sharon L   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
12 F1
Minter, George    Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
13 F2
Minter, George John REEVES, Esther 31 Oct 1858 Trinity Church, Upper Chelsea, London  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
14 F3
Minter, George John KEEFE, Margaret Mar 1880 Kensington RD  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
15 F433
Minter, Graham David KENT, Angela Elizabeth   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
16 F9
Minter, John WATERS, Jane 3 Oct 1884 Brompton Oratory, Kensington, London  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
17 F434
Minter, Patrick Ernest BLOWERS, Margaret   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
18 F705
Minter, Patrick Ernest BROWN, Carol Ann   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
19 F436
Minter, Patrick Ernest STUMP, Audrey Olive Sep 1949 Surrey N E RD  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
20 F521
Minter, Patrick John COOKE, Kimberley J   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
21 F437
Minter, Patrick Joseph ARMSTRONG, Dorothy May Jun 1928 Wandsworth RD  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
22 F6
Minter, Richard JACKSON, Mary Hannah Dec 1895 Kensington RD  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
23 F10
Minter, Richard POTTER, Ada 26 Dec 1923 St James, Croydon, Surrey  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
24 F11
Minter, Thomas Richard P HAYES, Bridget Mar 1948 Croydon RD  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
25 F435
MOORE, Cyril G BLOWERS, Margaret   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
26 F1191
PAGE, D Minter, Beverley Kay   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
27 F520
ROWSON, Robert A Minter, Elaine Ella   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
28 F12
SEDGWICK, Graham G Minter, Patricia M   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
29 F429
SMITH, Ernest H Minter, Eileen S   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
30 F4
SMITH, Frederick Charles Hornsby Minter, Ellen Florence 14 Dec 1903 All Saints Church, Fulham, London  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
31 F1284
SMITH, Frederick Charles Hornsby LANE, Edith Harrison Jun 1932 Portsmouth RD  Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk 
32 F1282
WELLER, David Minter, Gemma Corinne   Suffolk Unknown, Suffolk