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Matches 1 to 37 of 37 for Tree equals Ridgewell, Essex

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F32
  24 Feb 1982 Colchester RD  Ridgewell, Essex 
2 F34
ADAMS, Bert Eugene Minter, Dora Lily May 6 Dec 1939 Register Office, Poole, Dorset  Ridgewell, Essex 
3 F35
ADAMS, William CHANDRU, Jocelyn   Ridgewell, Essex 
4 F37
BEDWELL, William Minter, Emily 8 Oct 1835 Christ Church, Spitalfields, London  Ridgewell, Essex 
5 F16
COTTON, Frederick James Minter, May Louise Jun 1910 Brightlingsea, Essex  Ridgewell, Essex 
6 F26
DOW, William    Ridgewell, Essex 
7 F33
ELLIOTT, Christopher J Minter, Julie R   Ridgewell, Essex 
8 F5
FIELD, George Thomas RICHES, Ada 24 Jul 1890  Ridgewell, Essex 
9 F7
FIELD, Harold George UNWIN, Gladys   Ridgewell, Essex 
10 F29
GENTRY, Derick Minter, Jennifer Mary   Ridgewell, Essex 
11 F17
GOFF, John Marrington Minter, Alice 12 Nov 1907 Brightlingsea, Essex  Ridgewell, Essex 
12 F36
MALLYON, Anthony Peter ADAMS, Melissa Letitia   Ridgewell, Essex 
13 F12
MEDCALF, Henry Simkin Minter, Elizabeth Dec 1864 Brightlingsea, Essex  Ridgewell, Essex 
14 F25
Minter, Charles Elvan DOW, Ellen Margaret Armour 13 Jan 1951 Colchester RD  Ridgewell, Essex 
15 F24
Minter, Charles Elvin HEWES, Maria Maud Jun 1919 Brightlingsea, Essex  Ridgewell, Essex 
16 F1
Minter, Daniel Sarah Abt 1810 Colchester, Essex  Ridgewell, Essex 
17 F19
Minter, Godfrey William BALL, Marcella Jun 1943 Huntingdon RD  Ridgewell, Essex 
18 F23
Minter, Gordon Charles COLMAN, Iris Jun 1950 N Walsham RD  Ridgewell, Essex 
19 F27
Minter, Peter C MORGAN, Susan P   Ridgewell, Essex 
20 F31
Minter, Ronald George SPARROW, Sylvia Rose 22 Nov 1952 Colchester RD  Ridgewell, Essex 
21 F15
Minter, Samuel Elvin WOODS, Elizabeth Mary Dec 1880 Brightlingsea, Essex  Ridgewell, Essex 
22 F20
Minter, William Charles STRANGE, Beatrice May   Ridgewell, Essex 
23 F18
Minter, William Charles EVERITT, Evelyn Florence 11 Dec 1920 Register Office, Tendring, Essex  Ridgewell, Essex 
24 F2
Minter, William Daniel COOPER, Rhoda 11 Nov 1834 Ardleigh, Essex  Ridgewell, Essex 
25 F21
ORCHARD, Ronald Minter, Pamela E   Ridgewell, Essex 
26 F14
PATTISON, William Francis Frederick Minter, Eleanor 9 Oct 1871 Wivenhoe, Essex  Ridgewell, Essex 
27 F10
PITT, Jack S RICHES, Marjorie Olive   Ridgewell, Essex 
28 F11
PITT, John R Eileen   Ridgewell, Essex 
29 F22
REED, Peter D Minter, Margaret J   Ridgewell, Essex 
30 F9
RICHES, Arthur LORD, Sarah Olive 28 Oct 1903  Ridgewell, Essex 
31 F3
RICHES, George Minter, Rhoda 26 Dec 1864 Wivenhoe, Essex  Ridgewell, Essex 
32 F4
RICHES, Thomas LUFKIN, Susannah   Ridgewell, Essex 
33 F8
RICHES, Walter SARGENT, Elizabeth Mary 13 May 1896  Ridgewell, Essex 
34 F13
SADLER, Edward Minter, Mary Ann Dec 1868 Brightlingsea, Essex  Ridgewell, Essex 
35 F30
SPOONER, Alan L Minter, Rosemary Joanne   Ridgewell, Essex 
36 F6
UNDERWOOD, Victor Albert FIELD, Violet Rhoda   Ridgewell, Essex 
37 F28
WILDE, Stephen Minter, Margaret Lesley   Ridgewell, Essex