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51 "Gus" MINTER was the youngest one of the children of the "Pappy" MINTER family,
and the only one of them who was native born Texan. When a young man, he
traveled to Red River Parish, Louisiana, to live at the home of his Uncle Olive
Hunter MINTER. He worked there as a farm hand. He came back to Pine Forest,
Hopkins County, Texas, and bought part of the farm which had belonged to his
parents during their years. He was a successful farmer. He was twice married,
and raised a total of nine children.

"Uncle" Gus, in his retirement years, spent a lot of time at the village stores
of Pine Forest. There were three general stores, an ice house, a grist mill an
a blacksmith shop. Gus had a vivid imagination, and was a master story teller.
The stories were always of things he had experienced. A couple of examples are
as follow:

At Gus' family home there was a spring of wonderfully cold, soft water located
about 100 yards east of the house, and Gus' second wife, Aunt Becky, got Gus to
haul water from the spring to the house for her to use in laundering their
clothes, Gus had a sled with a wooden stave barrel fastened down on top of it
for the purpose of hauling the water. He would fill the barrel with the spring
water, then hitch a mule to the sled, and the mule would pull the sled to the
house. The sparkplug of the story was the fact that Gus had recently had a
horsehide tanned, and he had fashioned some rawhide harness for his team. The
first occasion he had had to use the new harness was to put it on the mule and
haul up some water on wash day. So he harnessed the mule and hooked up to the
sled. He said upon inspection, everything seemed to be in order. He started
the mule forward and drove him/her to the house, but when they got there, and
Gus looked, the sled was still sitting at the spring, and that new rawhide
harness had stretched all of the way to the house!

Another one of his tales was the one about the muskmelons. It seems that
someone of Gus' acquaintance, who dwelt in Dallas, Texas, sent Gus some
muskmelon seed. Nobody at Pine Forest had ever seen or heard of any farm
product of that nature before, other than regular cantalopes. Gus was told by
his benefactor that when the muskmelons ripened they wouldn't turn yellow like
cantalopes, but they remained green color, and that the only way one could be
sure that they were ripened would be to smell them. If they were ripe, the
aroma would be heavenly, unmistakable. "Uncle" Gus prepared a plot of land
north of the house and just east of the main road to/from Pickton, and planted
his new kind of melons. They thrived, and Gus cared for them faithfully. By
and by, when the melons got full sized, he wanted to find out of any one of the
had got ripe, so he went up to the patch and got down on his knees to smell of
them. People going up and down on the Pickton road saw him down on his knees in
the melon patch, and they believed that a miracle had happened. "Uncle" Gus
must have been converted and out there on his knees crying out to the All
Mighty. The preacher was informed. He got a delegation together, and they
called upon "Uncle" Gus, to pray and praise the Lord with him.

Next year Gus went back to planting cantalopes.

1900 United States Federal Census: in Justice Precinct 2, Hopkins, Texas (all MINTER, all born Texas except Sallie), A H (head, born Nov 1861, 38, farmer), Sallie (wife, born Oct 1862, 37, born Arkansas), Maude (daughter, born Jul 1883, 16), Rena (daughter, born Mar 1885, 15), Dallie (daughter, born Jul 1888, 11), Desa (daughter, born Sep 1893, 6) and Dessie (daughter, born Dec 1890, 9). Also 2 hired hands.

1910 United States Federal Census: in Justice Precinct 2, Hopkins, Texas (all MINTER, all born Texas except Rebecca), Harman (head, 48, farmer), Rebecca (wife, 31, married 7 years, 3 children 2 living, born Louisiana), Dessa (daughter, 17), Gussie (daughter, 6) and Abbie L (daughter, 3 months). Also Alvin TERRILL (nephew, 13, born Louisiana).

1920 United States Federal Census: in Justice Precinct 2, Hopkins, Texas (all MINTER, all born Texas except Rebecca), Augustus H (head, 58, farmer), Rebecca M (wife, 41, born Louisiana), Gussie (daughter, 16), Abbie Lee (daughter, 10) and Virginia (daughter, 6).

1930 census: not found.

1940 United States Federal Census: in Other Places, Hopkins, Texas (all born Texas), Homer J POOL (head, 33, dairy attendant), Abbie Lee POOL (wife, 30) and Martha J POOL (daughter, 13). Also Rebecca MINTER (mother in law, 61, widow).
Previous entry is for Abbie's sister Virginia & her husband. 
Minter, Augustus Harman "Gus" (I2151)
52 "He thought the good fight forever loved" Minter, Danny Lee (I7922)
53 "Miriam" is misspelled on the tombstone, as Mirian. JOHNSON, Miriam Caraway (I5522)
54 "Mom's side4 (added marion gedcom)", a tree at has Mack marrying Eula Mae NICHOLS (date unknown), with a son, Mack A being born in 1907. Mack senior is said to have died in 1908 which would explain the following census entry:

1910 United States Federal Census: in Justice Precinct 1, Morris, Texas, May E MINTER (head, 21, widow, born Texas, teacher), Mack M MINTER (son, 3, born Texas) and Amandy NICHOLS (mother, 64, widow, born Texas). 
Minter, Mack (I5014)
55 'John Staines a bachelor of Patrixbourne and Barbara Mynter of Bekesbourne, a maid, their banns being thrice published in both parishes were married.' Family F5
56 'Unknown GARNHAM' is at the head of all the Garnham families of Thorpe-le-Soken which are documented here.

'Unknown GARNHAM' was certainly not the father of the three individuals below him. He "exists" solely to suggest that the three individuals are probably related. In practice, the parents of two of the three individuals have been tentatively identified and are mentioned in the individuals' Notes. The parents of the third individual are completely unknown.

In addition to the three individuals and their families, a number of other fragmentary families have been identified from the Thorpe-le-Soken Parish Registers. These are:

- William and Mary, who had a son William baptised on 25 April 1708
- John and Mary, who had a son Daniel baptised on 15 October 1732. Daniel possibly married Hannah JOHNSON on 1 June 1759
- Sarah Garnham, who married John Turpin on 22 February 1762. The witnesses were Garnham and Henry Garnham, perhaps Sarah's brothers or father and brother. Unknown and Mary, who had a son William baptised on 28 January 1781
- Eleanor Garnham, who married James Holby on 26 July 1796
- Homan and Sarah, who had a daughter Sarah baptised on 2 May 1802
- Homan and Mary, who had a daughter Mary baptised on 17 June 1802
- Joseph and Sarah, who had a son William baptised on 24 January 1815
- Mary, who had two illegitimate children, Ann Musset Garnham , baptised 14 April 1800 and John Musset Garnham, baptised 25 December 1806
- Sarah who married George Musset on 14 November 1814
- Mary who married Alexander Musset on 23 February 1815

A good deal more needs to be done before the full history of the Garnhams of Thorpe-le-Soken is complete. 
GARNHAM, Unknown (I775)
57 (Cliff Minter) Edward was a captain in the Church Army. RUMENS, Edward Ricketts (I138)
58 (Medical):See attached sources. McGUIRE, Charlie D (I2973)
59 (Research):8L59-C5
Richard Pace is one of the more significant people in this family tree, since he rowed across the James River to warn the Jamestown Settlement of an impending Indian attack. His story is told in many different places, and very ofter with a different twist. The links below will take you to relevant sites. 
PACE, Richard (I154)
60 (Research):KPJ5-2P

398. William Giles884,885,886,887, born 1650 in Henrico Co VA888; died 02 Apr 1694 in Henrico Co, VA888. He was the son of 796. John Giles and 797. Philaritie Woodward. He married 399. Bethania Knowles 1683 in St. John's Church, Henrico Co., VA889.

399. Bethania Knowles890,891,892, born Mar 1669 in Henrico Co, VA892; died 1711 in Henrico Co, VA893. She was the daughter of 798. Capt John Knowles and 799. Mary Broadnax.

Notes for William Giles:
The names of the "Rebels" in this List have been given in "A Receipt for 100 Prisontrs on Mr. Nepha's Account," on page 317*; but it was deemed advisable to print the following second list, made on their arrival in the Barbadoes, because of its including the names of the Masters to whom they were sold. The variations in the orthography of names have been already referred to.]
A LIST* of Seaventy two Rebells by his Matyes Mercy granted to GEROME NEPHO to bee transported to this Island by the Betty JAMES MAY Master received by CHARLS THOMAS and JOHN PENNE, by order of GEORGE PENNE Esq' being the order of JEROM NEPHO
WILLIAM GILES (not clear from set up if he is master or rebel, if rebel, probably sold to MICHAELL CHILD)
Lists of the Livinge and Dead in Virginia Febr: 16th 1623.[i.e. 162xxx]*
Henrico County Virginia - Deeds & Wills, 1706-1845 Deed #19
Francis NICHOLSON, esq., Lt. Gov. of Va., to Charles EVANS land in Varina Parish, Henrico County, on north side of James River, bounded by Mr. Richard Perrin, Abraham Baly, Cornelius Creek, and William Giles, 140 acres, formerly granted to Thomas PERRIN and by him deserted and since granted to said Charles Evans by order of General Court 19 Dec 1704, for transportation of three persons.
USGenWeb, Henrico Co, VA
Netti Schreiner-Yantis

Although John Knowles mentioned a son William and a dau Bethania in his will, only Bethania sold his property. Evidently William died between the time his father's will was made and probated.
Bethania married William Giles. She was married, but not of legal age, in 1683 when she released her dower rights in two tracts, one containing 100 acres and the other 200 acres, which her husband William sold to William Byrd. The land was on Falling Creek which is south of the James River, not too far from being opposite other land Bethania had inherited from her father which was on Cornelius Creek on
north side of James River.
In 1680 Wm Giles sold 100 acres to John Pleasants for 4,000 lbs of tobacco and 3,000 nails and _______. It was "all that dividend of land that was by said Pleasants as atty of James Janney & Wm Beauhamp sold to Henry Alford, situated in Henrico Co on N side James R called "Coulsons" bounded upwards towards the falls [Richmond] upon the land of Rowland Place & downwards upon the plantation called "Barrows". [Henrico Deeds & Wills 1677-1692:143] I think this land was probably owned by Wm Giles and was NOT part of Bethania's inheritance. She did not relinquish dower and they may not have been married at that time.
In 1685, William Giles sold 125 acres called "Gardners" to John Crowley. Bethania relinquished her dower rights to it. In 1688 Bethania was of age [21 years] and confirmed the rights to Wm Byrd in land sold in 1683. In 1691, Wm & Bethany sold 300 acres (pt of 700 acres patented by John Knowles and called "Barrows" to John Woodson, Jr. It was adj to Giles Webb. On 11 July 1692, they still had possession of the balance of that patent when Wm made his will. [Henrico Will Bk 1677-1692:475]. He mentioned a wife, but did not name her. He listed children: William, John, Mary and Nicholas. All appear to have been minors. The will was proven 2 Apr 1694. The witnesses were Elizabeth Perrin, John Allday, Tho. Bayly, Abraham Bayly. All these witnesses lived on Cornelius Cr and near the Perrin's property called "World's End". John Knowles's "Barrows" was also adj to "World's End".
I have not tried to trace William Giles, Jr. He witnessed a deed from John Pleasants to Benj, Thos, and Wm Bridgwater, sons of Samuel in 1708. And he witnessed a deed of livery for land John Giles gave for 1 shillling to Nicholas Giles on 4 Aug 1712. This was 100 acres on N side James R bounded by Cornelius's Br, John Aldey and sd John Giles [Henrico Wills & Dds 1706-1737:159]. It would seem that John Giles was distributing the 400 acres left by William & Bethania.....
Henrico County, Virginia: Beginnings of Its Families: Part II.
William Clayton Torrence
William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 24, No. 3.
(Jan., 1916), pp. 202-210.
) As nothing can be definitely stated as to the European ancestry of these people it does not seem amiss to give here the approximate years of the births of many of them. These years of birth are approximated from statements made by the parties themselves in making depositions in various cases tried in Henrico County Court. The word about should be inserted in every instance between the name of the person and the year. ...William Giles, 1650;
USGenweb (
1679 Tythables For Henrico County

Att a Court holden att Varina for the County of Henrico the second day of June Anno Dom 1679...
An account of ye several fortye Tythables ordered by this Wor'll Court to fitt out men and horse armes &c. according to act, vis:
Mr. Peter Field is ordered to give notice to these: . . .Wm Giles 4

More About William Giles:
MCS line: yes

«tab»Notes for Bethania Knowles:
large gap from other children??
Bethania Knowles Giles (1669-1711) VA
Posted by: Richard Johnson
I am also researching John KNOWLES. Do you have his Will? It mentions his daughter Bethinia. Also from Historical Southern Families, is the following, A William GILES who lived in Henrico County next to Capt. John KNOWLES. Capt. KNOWLES formerly lived in Jamestown. The location of his house is
shown on the map of "Old Jamestown" William GILES married Bethwnia, daughter of Capt. John KNOWLES. I have a lot of info. on this family which I will share.

More About Bethania Knowles:
MCS line: yes

Marriage Notes for William Giles and Bethania Knowles:
MARRIAGES - St. John's Church, Henrico Co.,Virginia 1683:
William GILES to daughter of Capt. John KNOWLES.
(there is currently a St Johns church in Seven Pines, Henrico)

Children of William Giles and Bethania Knowles are:
«tab»199 «tab»i. «tab» «tab»Mary Giles, born Abt. 1685 in Henrico Co., VA; died Aft. 1742 in Henrico Co., VA; married (1) Thomas Harding Abt. 1710 in Henrico Co. VA; married (2) Thomas Hughes Aft. 1731.
«tab»«tab»ii. «tab» «tab»William Giles894, born 1686 in Tuckahoe Creek, Henrico, VA.
«tab»«tab»iii. «tab» «tab»John Giles894, born Abt. 1688 in Henrico Co, VA; married Mary Moseley; born Abt. 1694.
«tab»Notes for John Giles:
witness to will of Charles Ballow, July 1726
may have been grandfather of Governor William Branch Giles

«tab»«tab»iv. «tab» «tab»Nicholas Giles894, born 1690 in Henrico Co, VA; married (1) Pheby; married (2) Elizabeth. 
KNOWLES, Bethania (I172)
61 (Research):Name: Silas Fredrich "Silas Sr." MINTER
Given Name: Silas Fredrich "Silas Sr."
Surname: Minter
Sex: M
Birth: 26 MAR 1790 in Leatherwood Community, Henry County, Virginia
Death: 16 MAY 1872 in Henry County, Virginia
Occupation: Farmer, Primitive Baptist Minister
Residence: Dyer's Store, Leatherwood Community, Henry County, Virginia

Silas was a preacher of the primitive Baptist faith, and performed numerous marriages recorded in Dodd's transcription, the earliest being in 1831. In the Minter Genealogical Bulletin (p.164), the description of the letter written by Capt. A. S. Minter in 1898, offers an interesting perspective on the Rev. Silas Minter. It should be kept in mind that it is difficult to determine when or whether it is A. S. Minter or the editor of the Bulletin who is rendering the commentary, and if it was the perspective of the Captain then it was what a young nephew recalled many years later. The Rev. Minter was described as "a hardshell Baptist preacher of decided ability and violent prejudices." Judith P. A. Hill provided this account: "It is related of him that he preached so long to a Baltimore audience that they began to leave; whereupon he said: 'I perceive you all can't stand strong doctrine.'" [Hill, p.270] Captain Minter (or the editor of the Bulletin) added that Silas "... had a son who became a Christian preacher to whom he never spoke again." That son was almost certainly John Abner Minter of whom more will be said later. 
Minter, Silas Fredrich "Silas Sr." (I209)
62 (Research):See attached sources. HUNSLEY, Glenn William (I696)
63 (Research):See attached sources. McGUIRE, Charlie D (I2973)
64 (taken form jtw tree): 4 Mar 1750 Hester Worley Or 4 Mar 1751 Hannah Corling Family F106
65 ... Ffloyd Minter peck, MD, of Sale, formely of Newmarket, England, to Minie, daughter of Duncan Campbell, Esq. of Rockside, Islay, Argyleshire, Scotland. Family F301
66 1790: owner occupier of house in Avise.
1791: a farmer.
1793: Common Councillor - farmer of Elham.
1803: of Radnor Street (or North Street), married, infirm, aged 57, 2 in household, one between 15 & 60 on King's service, 1 pig.
Monumental Inscription:
"Thomas Minter died Aug 1815 age 70. Sarah his wife died Apr 20 1808 age 60. Also 2 children of the above Jacob died 6 June 1783 age 1 yr and 11 mths. Richard died 5 June 1783 age 4 yrs and 7 mths. left 3 (?) surviving Thomas, Sarah, John and William" 
Minter, Thomas (I27)
67 1798: mariner.
1803: seaman of Grace Hill, married, 2 children, age 34, class 4.
1803: appointed overseer in charge of stock to superintend removal of sheep - owns 3 sheep and 2 pigs.
3 October 1822: affidavit by Thomas Minter and Richard Hobday at marriage of niece Ann HART.
Witness at Folkestone on 26 April 1834.

Appeared in the History & Directory of the County of Kent by S Bagshaw, 1847 as Thomas Minter, gent, Grace Hill, Folkestone.

Appeared in the South East Coast Directory (J Williams), 1849: as Minter & Roscow, surgeons &c of Glenie House, Mill Lane and as Thomas Minter Esq (Minter & Roscow) of Grace Hill, Folkestone.

1851 census: at Grace Hill, Folkestone, Thomas (82, retired mariner), Ann (wife, 69, domestic duties), Sarah GRIFFITHS (granddaughter, 15, scholar, born St Lukes, London) and Susannah GRIFFITHS (granddaughter, 14, scholar, born St Lukes, London).

1861 census: at 6 Grace Hill, Folkestone, Ann (widow, 79), Sarah M GRIFFITHS (granddaughter-in-law, 25) and Susannah GRIFFITHS (granddaughter-in-law, 24).

Monumental Inscription:"Susanna, wife of Thomas Minter died 5 Jan 1819 age 43 left 4 children Susanna, Sarah, Alice and Margaret. Above Thomas Minter died 29 June 1851 age 82" 
Minter, Thomas (I32)
68 18 December 2010, late of
North Ryde. Much loved wife of 56 years to Bill
(deceased). Loving mother of Christine and Bruce.
Fond Nan of Paul and David (deceased). Great-
grandnan of Thomas, Connor and Caitlin. Loved
and admired aunt of Betty. Fond relative of the
Warren and Minter Families. Cherished friend
of Diane and all the Toh Family. 
O'HALLORAN, Peggy (I1011)
69 1803 - a butcher tending inmate age 60. 4 in household aged 15 - 60. 1 Pike, son Jacob aged 16. Minter, Richard (I255)
70 1803: of High Street, Folkestone seaman and sea fencible (mariner 1792) aged 30 or 32.

The 1817 Norfolk Poll Book has an entry under Yarmouth (East Flegg Hundred) for John Minter, merchant, owner/occupier of a property in Yarmouth. (Source, UK, Poll Books and Electoral Registers, 1538-1893). This entry probably refers to this John Minter.

1841 census: in Denes, St George, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, John (65, merchant) and Ann (65). Both born out of county.

We know that the above entry relates to John of Folkestone because in his Will of 15 February 1847 he made his sister Sarah HART of Folkestone a beneficiary (after his wife's death). Brother William of Stepney was also to benefit as were Hannah Brunton, wife of William Brunton, one of the Executors (this couple lived next door to the Minters in 1841) and Susannah Ayres, widow of Robert Ayres of Great Yarmouth. No children were mentioned in the Will.
This Will can be viewed on line at The date of death is given as 5 December 1848.

The Will says that John was a fishmonger when he made it. 
Minter, John (I34)
71 1803: seaman of Dover Street, Folkestone and sea fencible aged 18.

Thomas was evidently in Holland in 1811: a Thomas Minter, aged 26, born about 1785 in Folkestone lived in Brouwershaven. He had lived there since 1807. His son Thomas Leendert was born in Holland in 1818. And Thomas may have had a mortgage in Vlissingen in 1831.

It seems likely that Thomas was one of the eleven men captured, locked up in Dover jail and released by a mob in 1820. The full story is recounted in 'Reminiscences of Old Folkestone Smugglers'., a free copy of which is at

1841 census: it's possible that the entry for 'Agaha' Minter, 50, independent means, born 'in foreign parts' living in Kings Place, Commercial Road, St George, The Tower Hamlets, London, refers to Thomas Minter's wife Agatha. In the same household were Elizabeth KENSIT (14, female servant, born Middlesex) and Susannah WOOLASTON (15, female servant, born Middlesex).

Appeared in the History & Directory of the County of Kent by S Bagshaw, 1847 as Thomas Minter Esq. of Sandgate Road, Folkestone.

1851 census: in Upper Sandgate Road, Folkestone, Thomas (65, retired captain, merchant navy), Agatha M (60) and Henry J W GEHLO (grandson, 10, born Norwood).

Appeared in the 1852 Post Office Directory of Kent (Kelly's) under Gentry, Mr Thomas Minter, Dandgate Road, Folkestone.

Appeared in the Directory of Kent, Melville & Co, 1858 under Gentry, Thomas Minter Esq., Sandgate Road, Folkestone. The Directory must have been compiled before Thomas's death.

Will proved 1858.

1861 census: now a widow, Agatha (71, independent) was lodging at Boyle Street, St Mary Eanswythe, Folkestone.

1871 census: Agatha was living with her 'grandson in law' and his wife and other members of the family at 1 Medium Road, Devonshire Terrace, St John Hackney, London. 
Minter, Thomas (I157)
72 1803: William of the Bayle, seaman, privateer age 25 or 27.

1841 census: at 32 Trinity Alms Houses, William (65, captain) and 'Anne' (49, wife).

A beneficiary of brother John's Will of 15 February 1847.

1851 census: at Trinity Alms House under the Chapel, Mile End Old Town, William Minter (74, master mariner, born Folkestone), Mary A Minter (57, born Stockton, Durham,wife), Susan Minter (26, daughter, potato merchant, born Bermondsey, Surrey, Alfred HARRIS (42, son in law, born London, Middlesex), Hannah HARRIS (36, daughter, born Folkestone, Kent), Susan HARRIS (1, granddaughter, born St Georges, Surrey).

1861 census: the entry for Mary A Minter (67, widow, laundress, born Poplar, London), a visitor at 22 Globe Road, Stepney, London probably refers to Mary (although the birthplace doesn't tally). 
Minter, William (I37)
73 1809 December 14John Minter and Mary Mackrill widow both of this parish by banns, his mark/sign. Mary Minter (sign), James Hoult (sign) witnesses. Cliff Minter says that Mary signed as Wackrill and was Mrs WEAKLAND according to newspaper. Family F45
74 1831 French census: (at; Recensement de population: liste nominative 1831, page 124). Names as they appear on the census document. In Place, Calais, France, Greenfield Henry (commissionaire, père, 38, married), POTTS Betzy (mère, 34, married), Henry (fils, 13), Catherine (fille, 12), Elisa (fille, 10), William (fils, 8), Mary (fille, 6) and POTTS Sarah (se...., 20, unmarried. GREENFIELD, Harry (I4533)
75 1839 Pigot's Directory of Kent: Bartholomew Minter, wine & spirit merchant, Dover Street, Folkestone.

1841 census: in Dover Street, Folkestone, Elizabeth (35, independent means), John (11), Elizabeth (9), Mary (7) and Jane (5).

Appeared in the 1845 Post Office Directory of Kent (Kelly's) as a wine merchant of Dover Street, Folkestone.

Appeared in the History & Directory of the County of Kent by S Bagshaw, 1847 as Bartholomew Minter, wine and spirit merchant of Dover Road, Folkestone. Also in the South East Coast Directory (J Williams), 1849 as a wine & spirit merchant of Dover Street, Folkestone .

1851 census: at Dover Street, Folkestone, Bartholomew (49, wine merchant), Elizabeth (44), John (21, solicitor), Jane (15) and Sarah (12). Elizabeth (19) and Mary (17) were with John (39, attorney) and Sarah (39) JEFFREY at Parade, All Saints, Northampton.

Appeared in the 1852 Post Office Directory of Kent (Kelly's) as Bartholomew Minter, wine merchant, Dover Street, Folkestone.

Monumental Inscription: "Bartholomew Minter died 30 Dec 1852 age 51, left Elizabeth his wife and six children - Ann, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Jane and Sarah. Also Elizabeth, relict of the above, died 31 July 1881 age 74".

1861 census: at 10 London Street, St Marys, Folkestone: Elizabeth (54, widow, landed proprietor), Elizabeth (29), Jane (24) and Sarah (21) all 'no occupation'. Mary (27) was a visitor at Hall House, Hawkhurst, Kent.

1871 census: at Mill House, Christ Church, Folkestone, Elizabeth (63, widow), Elizabeth (40) and Mary (37, teacher).

1881 census: at 35 Cheriton Road, Folkestone: Elizabeth (73, widow, income from land), Elizabeth (49) and Mary (47).

1891 census: at 6 West Cliff Gardens, Folkestone, Elizabeth (59) and Mary (57).

1901 census: at 14 London Street, Folkestone, Mary (67) living with widowed sister Ann EASTES (72) and her unmarried son Gilbee EASTES (50), all living on their own means. 
Minter, Bartholomew (I140)
76 1840 United States Federal Census, in Chester County, South Carolina, John MINTER's household: Males: 70-79, 1. Minter, John (I4510)
77 1840 United States Federal Census: in Digby's District 377, Jasper, Georgia
Free white male persons 10 thru 14 - 1
Free white male persons 20 thru 29 - 1
Free white female persons 30 thru 39 - 1
Slaves, total, all ages - 6

Nancy remarried in 1845.

1850 United States Federal Census, recorded with the surname FOSTER:
in Jasper, Georgia (all FOSTER), Richard (54, farmer, born Georgia), Nancy (55, born North Carolina), Thomas (19, born Georgia), Richard (15, born Georgia), John (12, born Georgia), James (9, born Georgia) and Frances (7, born Georgia).

1860 United States Federal Census: in Henry County, Georgia: Nancy FOSTER (66, born North Carolina) was living with son Gideon G MINTER (42, farmer, born Georgia) and his family, Adaline MINTER (35, born Georgia), Margaret MINTER (15, born Georgia), William J MINTER (12, born Georgia). 
RAGLAND, Nancy (I3243)
78 1841 & 1851 censuses: not found.

1861 census: although their birth places are shown as Paddington, it's likely that the following entry refres to Ann and her sister Elizabeth: at 36 Brindley Street, Paddington, Sarah (head, unmarried, 60, laundress) and Ann (sister (56, unmarried, laundress).

1871 census: although her birthplace is not given, the following appears to relate to Ann: Anne Minter, aged 72, unmarried, a laundress, living at 35 Brindley Street, Paddington, London.

1881 census: indexed as WINTER by Ancestry, at 11 Brindley Street, Paddington, Ann (84, unmarried, born Fulham, Middx).
Minter, Ann (I50)
79 1841 & 1851 censuses: not found.

1861 census: although their birth places are shown as Paddington, it's likely that the following entry refres to Elizabeth and her sister Ann: at 36 Bridge Street, Paddington, Sarah (head, unmarried, 60, laundress) and Ann (sister (56, unmarried, laundress). 
Minter, Sarah (I49)
80 1841 census (1) in Brown's Square, East Sculcoates, Yorkshire, John HOWARD (25, policeman, not born in Yorkshire).
1841 census (2) in Walingate, St Dennis, York, Mary MELROSE (60, independent), Emily MELROSE (6) and Maria HOWARD (20). All Yorkshire-born.

1851 census: at Grove Cottage, Hey--- Road, Appleton Roebuck, Yorkshire, John HOWARD (head, 33, police officer, born Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire), Maria HOWARD (wife, 33, police officers wife, born York), Emily HOWARD (daughter, 15, scholar, born York) and Annie HOWARD (daughter, 5, scholar, born Appleton Roebuck). Also Mary MELROSE (visitor, widow, 70, formerly fellmonger, born York) and a lodger.

1861 census: at 21 Myrtle Square, Harrogate, Yorkshire, John HOWARD (head, 49, police inspector, born Marlow, Buckinghamshire), Maria HOWARD (wife, 40, manager of the house, born York), Mary HOWARD (daughter, 14, scholar, born Appleton), John Henry HOWARD (son, 9, scholar, born Appleton), Eliza HOWARD (daughter, 6, scholar, born Appleton) and Charles HOWARD (son, 4, scholar, born Spennymore, Durham).

1871 census: at the Police Stattion, Raglan Street, Bilton with Harrogate, Yorkshire, John HOWARD (head, 57, inspector of police, born Marlow, Buckinghamshire), Annie M HOWARD (wife, 59, born York), Annie HOWARD (daughter, 24, miliner, born Appleton Roebuck), John H HOWARD (son, 18, cabinet maker, born Appleton Roebuck), Eliza HOWARD (daughter, 15, at school, born Appleton Roebuck) and Walter C HOWARD (son, 14, at school, born Spennymore, Durham).

1881 census: Maria HOWARD (widow*, 60, no employment, born York) was a lodger with Henry and Ruth LEES in Shawbury Dale Avenue, Bilton with Harrogate, Yorkshire.
* death of husband John not found. 
HOWARD, John (I547)
81 1841 census (1): at Abbey Farm, Snape, Suffolk, Charles (39, farmer), Scipia (40), Martha (3), Anna (2) and Charles (3 months).
1841 census (2):Counted with Mary COTTERILL (30, school mistress) in Orford, Suffolk were Sarah (11), Margaret (9), Harriet (8), Betsey (6) and Francis (5). Three other (non-Groom) children were also there so presumably this was a boarding school.
1841 census (3): at the Classical School in Wickham Market, Suffolk were Henry (14) and George (12).

1851 census (1): in Snape, Charles (49, farmer of 248 acres employing 7 labourers and 1 shepherd), "Sipia" (50), Henry (26, draper), George (23, at home), Sarah (21), Harriott (18), Betsy (16), Francis (15) and Charles (10).
1851 census (2): at a school in Cumberland Street, Woodbridge, Margaret (19, teacher).
Martha, Anna and Mary not found (Mary may have died in Q1 1850 (Plomesgate 12/286)).

Between 1851 and 1861 it seems that Francis Groom went to Jamaica [more to come on this?]. It also seems that Francis' brother Henry adopted the name Francis as his second name - if not it means that the information recorded in his Notes is incorrect. Francis was however in England at the time of the 1871 census, staying with his brother Charles.

1861 census: in Snape, Charles (59, farmer), "Sophia" (60), Matha (sic) (23, farmers daughter), Anna (23, school mistress), Charles (20, farmers son) and Mary Louisa (granddaughter, 8, scholar, born Friston, Suffolk).

1871 census: in Snape, Charles (widower, 69, farmer of 212 acres, 7 labourers, 2 bous), "Sophia" (60), Anna (32, school mistress), Sarah TRENCH (sister, widow, 63, housekeeper, born Snape) and Minnie E WAYLING (granddaughter, 4, born Stratford St Mary, Suffolk). 
GROOM, Charles (I299)
82 1841 census (1): at The Miners Arms, Nether Alderley, Cheshire, Edward MELLOR (35, inn keeper & farmer), Catherine MELLOR (30), William MELLOR (4), Joseph MELLOR (3), Thomas JENNINGS (25, male servant), George BROCKLEHOUSE (?) (40, male servant), Jane WALSH (25, female servant), Ann HARRISON (15, female servant) and Thomas CHALLINOR (65, independent). All were born in Cheshire except for Thomas CHALLINOR.
William and Joseph Mellor were Edward's sons from his first marriage. This was to Hannah KENNERLEY in 1834. Hannah died in 1839.
1841 census (2): in Gawsworth, Cheshire, Geo. CLEGG, 30, Hannah CLEGG, 30 and 4 CLEGG children, Jos. CHALLINOR (10), Thos. CHALLINOR (7), Thos. PICKFORD (7), George PICKFORD (6) and Wm. HARTLEY (7).

1851 census (1): in Lord Street, Macclesfield, Thomas CHALLONER (head, widower, 39, timber merchant, born Macclesfield), Joseph CHALLONER (son, 19, sawyer, born Macclesfield), Thomas CHALLONER (son, 17, clerk, born Macclesfield), Elizabeth HULME (unmarried, 26, shopwoman, born Scholar Green, Cheshire), Martha RATHBONE (widow, 52, house servant, born Congleton, Cheshire) and Edward MELLOR (visitor, married, 45, born Branbury, Cheshire).
1851 census (2): at The White Lion, Mill Street, Macclesfield, Catherine MELLOR (head, married, 40, licensed victualler, born Macclesfield), Thomas PICKFORD (son, 17, at home, born Macclesfield), George PICKFORD (son, 15, at home, born Macclesfield), Thomas JENNINGS (servant, 45, single, hostler, born Chelford, Cheshire) and Jane TRAFFORD (servant, single, 22, house servant, born Macclesfield).
1851 census (3): in Kennerleys Lane, Chelford, Cheshire: George KENNERLEY (head of family, 29, farmer of 160 acres employing 5 labourers, born Chelford, Cheshire), Harriet KENNERLEY (wife, 32, farmers wife, born Mobberley, Cheshire), William KENNERLEY (son, 7, scholar, born Chelford), John KENNERLEY (son, 5, scholar, born Chelford), Mary Ann KENNERLEY (daughter, 2, born Chelford), Susannah KENNERLEY (daughter, 8 months, born Chelford), William MELLOR (nephew, 15, agricultural labourer, born Alderley, Cheshire) and 4 servants ( 2 ag labs, 2 house servants).

As can be seen, in 1841, Edward's wife Catherine was living with him but her two sons were not. By contrast, in 1851, Catherine was no longer living with Edward but had her Pickford sons with her. The Mellor sons were however both living elsewhere, William with his uncle George KENNERLEY. I haven't found Joseph.
Both Edward and Catherine died before the 1861 census.

Edward was buried, aged 50, as of Over Alderley. 
MELLOR, Edward (I1681)
83 1841 census (Eliza Ann HAYWARD): in Orwell Street, Ipswich St Margaret, Suffolk, Eliza Ann (15) lived with her parents Robert (35, appraiser) and Eliza (35) and siblings Richard (9), Charlotte (8), Robert (5) and Joseph (3), all born Suffolk.

1851 census (Eliza Ann HAYWARD): in Carr Street, Ipswich St Margaret, Suffolk, Eliza Ann (unmarried, 26, dressmaker, born Ipswich) was a lodger with Willam & Caroline BINGE and family.

1871 census: James's widow, Eliza (45) was a baker and confectioner in New Street, Woodbridge. Her 2 children Constance, 10, and William, 5, were living with her.

1881 census: Eliza, 55, born Ipswich and stated to be unmarried, was a housekeeper with Frederick S ROUSE (45, manager, metallic cask work employing 53 men, born Melton, Suffolk) and Jessie K B ROUSE (33, born Douglas, Isle of Man) at Ballydawley, Pound Row, Cheam, Surrey.
It's not clear whether this entry actually relates to James's widow - why would she be in Cheam, Surrey, unless there was some connection with Frederick ROUSE who was born in Melton, which is virtually part of Woodbridge? On the other hand, no other census entry for Eliza has been found.

It would appear that Eliza re-married in 1884, although without the marriage certificate, it remains to be proved. However,
has a copy of the Woodbridge Quay United Reformed Church marriage register in which the following record exists:
28 Dec 1884. William Read to Eliza Ann Minter, Eltham Kent, widower/widow, builder, residence Eltham, Kent
Eliza was almost certainly connected with Quay United Reformed Church - her late husband James was buried there in 1870. But the 'Eltham, Kent' reference is as puzzling as the reference above to Cheam, Surrey.
For the time being it's being assumed that Eliza Ann did marry William Read in 1884. There is one final puzzle though: in the 1891 census Eliza Ann's supposed second husband William READ was described as a widower, implying that Eliza Ann died between 1884 and 1891. But the only death in the BMD index which roughly fits is the 74 year-old Eliza Ann READ whose death was registered in Q4 1899 at «u»Brentford«/u».
HAYWARD, Eliza Ann (I41)
84 1841 census (indexed as BENT by Ancestry), in Backfold, Northowram, Yorkshire (all BENN), Samuel (45, weaver), Charlotte (51), Margaret (20), Joshua (15), Rachel (11) and Job (1). All born Yorkshire.

1851 census: in Chapel Street, Northowram, Yorkshire (all BENN), Samuel (60, hand loom weaver (worsted), born Northowram), Charlotte (wife, 65, born Northowram), Margaret (daughter, 30, worsted weaver by power, born Clayton, Yorkshire), Job (grandson, 10, spinner of worsted (at mill), born Northowram). Plus 2 lodgers.

Samuel must have died between 1851 and 1861, probably Q4 1860.

1861 census: at 7 Kitchen Lane, Northowram, Charlotte BENN (widow, 72, worsted weaver, born Northowram), Margaret JOWETT (boarder [actually daughter], widow, 41, worsted weaver (power), born Northowram) and Charlotte JOWETT (Margaret's daughter, 7, born Northowram).

1871 census: in High Street, Northowram, Charlotte BENN (widow, 81, born Northowram), Margaret JOWETT (daughter, widow, 50, worsted weaver at factory, born Clayton, Yorkshire) and Charlotte JOWETT (granddaughter, 17, worsted spinner at factory, born Northowram).

Charlotte died in Q3 1871.

BENN, Samuel (I3176)
85 1841 census (indexed as HUNTLEY by Ancestry): in North Kelsey, Lincs (all HUNSLEY), Richard (35, farmer), Elizabeth (30), Thomas (10), Jane (9), Elizabeth (8) and Mary (5). Also a female servant Sarah LIDGERD (20).

1851 census: in North Kelsey, Lincs (all HUNSLEY), Richard (49, farmer 67 acres, 1 labourer, born Hibaldstow), Elizabeth (43, born Binbrook, Lincs), Thomas (21, born Hibaldstow), Mary (15, born N Kelsey), William (10, scholar, born N Kelsey), Agnes (4, scholar, born N Kelsey), Sarah (1, born N Kelsey). Also John WILSON (40, farm servant) and Jane FRANKISH (16, house servant).

1861 census: in North Kelsey, Lincs (all HUNSLEY), Richard (59, farmer 70 acres, born Hibaldstow), Elizabeth (53, born Binbrook, Lincs), William (18, farmer's son, born N Kelsey), Agnes (13, scholar, born N Kelsey). Also Thomas TOMLINE (18, carter) and Mary OTTER (19, dairy maid).

1871 census: at 4 Church Lane, Waltham, Lincs (both HUNSLEY), Richard (69, retired farmer, born Hibaldstow) and Elizabeth (63, born Binbrook, Lincs).

1881 census: in Church Road, Waltham, Lincs (both HUNSLEY), Richard (79, retired farmer, born Hibaldstow) and Elizabeth (72, born Binbrook, Lincs). Also a deomestic servan Leinea FRITH (15). 
HUNSLEY, Richard (I1421)
86 1841 census (indexed as LOADER and recorded as such), (all LOADER, all born Dorset), William (55, grinder), Hanner (45), Ann (20), Isabler (18), William (14), John (12), George (10), Elizabeth (8), Marther (6), Eliza (4) and Susey (2).

1851 census: in Stour Street, Stour Provost, Dorset, (all LODDER), William (69, grinder, born Stour Provost), Hannah (62, born Buckhorn Weston, Dorset), William (24, labourer, born Stour Provost), John (22, labourer, born Stour Provost), Elizabeth (18, glover, born Stour Provost), Eliza (14, scholar, born Stour Provost), Lucy (12, scholar, born Stour Provost) and Mary Ann (3, scholar, born Stour Provost). 
LODDER, William (I386)
87 1841 census (indexed as MUNTON by Ancestry): in Great Horkesley Joseph (60, labourer), Ruth (60) and Jas. MUNSON (25, carpenter). Elizabeth DIXON (40) and Harriett Dixon (12) appear to be in the same house.

1851 census (indexed as MAMON by Ancestry): in Great Horkesley, Joseph (head, mar. 70, agric labourer, born Great Horkesley) and Elizabeth DIXON (visitor, unmarried, 52, born Great Horkesley).

1861 census: in Boxted, Essex, Joseph (head, wid. 81, ag lab, born Great Horkesley) and Elizabeth DIXON (servant, unmarried, 50 (sic), born Great Horkesley).

Joseph died in 1864 and was buried, aged 85, in Boxted. 
MUNSON, Joseph (I3182)
88 1841 census (indexed by ancestry as CYTHER) in Seer Green, Beaconsfield, Bucks (all CYSTER, all born in county), George (25, ag lab), Kate (20), William (3) and Charles (1).

1851 census in Newmans Lane, Seer Green, Bucks (all CYSTER, all born in Seer Green), George (head, 35, carpenter), Kitty (wife, 34, school mistress), William (son, 14, farm lab), Charles (son, 11, scholar), Mary (daughter, 9, scholar), Ann (daughter, 7, scholar), Eliza (daughter, 5, scholar), Susan (daughter (3, at home) and Fanny (daughter, 5 months).

1861 census in Seer Green, Bucks (all CYSTER, all born in Seer Green except Kate), George (head, 45, carpenter, builder &c), Kate (wife, 44, grocer, born Beaconsfield), Ann (daughter, 16), Eliza (daughter, 14), Fanny (daughter, 10), Emma (daughter, 8), Lucy (daughter, 5) and Caroline (daughter, 3).

1871 census in Grocers Shop, Seer Green, Bucks (all CYSTER, all born in Seer Green except Kitty), Kitty (head, widow, 53, grocer, born Beaconsfield), Fanny (daughter, 20, dress maker) and Caroline (daughter, 13, scholar).

England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966, 1973-1995:
George died on 14 August 1864 at Seer Green His will was proved on 20 February 1865 at Oxford by Kitty Cyster (George's widow) and William Newman of Seer Green 
CYSTER, George (I437)
89 1841 census (possibly refers): in Tavern Street, St Mary at the Tower, Ipswich, Suffolk, George WAYLING (20, draper).

1851 census: in Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Geo WAYLING (widower, 30, surgeon dentist, born Sudbourne, Suffolk) with a housekeeper.

1861 census: in Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds St Mary, Suffolk, George WAYLING (39, surgeon dentist MCDE, born Sudbourne, Suffolk), Annie WAYLING (29, born Clare, Suffolk), Sidney WAYLING (7, born Bury St Edmunds) and George WAYLING (4, born Bury St Edmunds). Plus a general servant.

1871 census: at 85 Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds St Mary, Suffolk, George WAYLING (48, surgeon dentist, born Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (sic)), Anna WAYLING (41, born Clare, Suffolk) and Sidney WAYLING (17, scholar, born Bury St Edmunds). Plus a servant.

1881 census: not found.

1891 census: at 28 Churchgate Street, Bury St Edmunds St Mary, Suffolk, George Chaplin WAYLING (age unreadable, surgeon dentist registered, born Sudbury, Suffolk (sic)) and Annie WAYLING (59, born Clare, Suffolk).

1901 & 1911 censuses (George having died in 1893), Ann was living with her son Sidney (qv) 
WAYLING, George Chaplin (I274)
90 1841 census (probably refers): in St John Ilketshall, Suffolk, Robert (45, farmer), Susannah (45), Robert (21), John (18), Susannah (22), Ann (19) and Elizabeth (16).

1851 census: in Reydon, Suffolk, Robert (widower, 56, farmer of 400 acres employing 11 men, born Wrentham, Suffolk) and Elizabeth (daughter, 24, born Cove Hithe, Suffolk). 
CHILVERS, Robert (I293)
91 1841 census (probably refers): in Surry Street, St Clement Danes, London, Richard CHRISTIAN (30, merchant) and Charles CHRISTIAN (20, merchant). Neither born in Middlesex.

1851 census Charles (married, 33, clerk, born Deal) was a lodger in Cornwall Terrace, Lee, Kent, with Jane Cridland (widow, 33, lodging house keeper, born Plymouth, Devon) - Charles' future wife.

Unless there were two Charles Ladd CHRISTIANs, it would appear that Charles married for the first time in Q2 1843 in the Wirral District. Of the 4 possible spouses, Elizabeth ASPINALL is the most likely but what became of her isn't known.

I've been unable to find a marriage between Charles and Jane. Jane therefore appears in these records as Jane CRIDLAND.

1861 census: at 23 Ravensbourne Park, Lewisham St Mary, Kent, Charles L (43, railway contractors accountant, born Dover, Kent), Jane (43, born Plymouth, Devon), John R L CRIDLAND (stepson, 23, railway contractors accountant, born Exeter, Devon), Charles H CRIDLAND (stepson, 16, born London) and Richard CHRISTIAN (son, 6, born Lewisham).
The CRIDLAND boys were registered:
John Richard Leonard Q1 1838 Exeter 10/103.
Charles Herbert Q2 1845 Newington 4/339.
The identity of Jane's first husband hasn't been established.

1871 census: Charles and Jane not found.
Richard CHRISTIAN (16, born Lewisham) was a pupil at school in Harrow, Middlesex.

1881 census: at Norfolk Lodge, Dancers Hill, South Mimms, Middlesex, Charles L (63, secretary, born Deal, Kent), Jane (63, born Plymouth, Devon) and Richard (26, student at law, born Lewisham, Kent).

1891 census: at Beauchamps, Hollington, Sussex, Charles (72, living on own means, born Deal, Kent) and Jane (72, born Plymouth, Devon).

1901 census: at Beauchamps, Hollington, Sussex, Chas L (83, living on own means, born Deal, Kent) and Jane (83, born Plymouth, Devon). Also Marie J CRIDLAND (granddaughter, single, 33, living on own means, born Modine(?), Savoi, France (British Subject).

1911 census: at Beauchamps, Hollington, Sussex (25 rooms), Charles Ladd (head, 93, private means, born Deal, Kent) and Jane (wife, 95, married 58 years, 2 children both dead, born Plymouth, Devon). Also 3 visitors and 5 servants. Two of the visitors were Maria Catherine COPE (52, born Blackheath, Kent) and her husband George Cope COPE (55, barrister, born Parkstone, Dorset). Maria was Charles and Jane's son Richard's wife until he died in 1895: Maria remarried in 1906.
Form signed pp C L Christian 
CHRISTIAN, Charles Ladd (I410)
92 1841 census (probably refers): in Surry Street, St Clement Danes, London, Richard CHRISTIAN (30, merchant) and Charles CHRISTIAN (20, merchant). Neither born in Middlesex.

1851 census: at 18 Church Row, St Mary Newington, London, Richard (41, colonial dealer, born Deal, Kent), Charlotte Elizabeth (40, born London), Richard May (6, born Lambeth, Surrey) and Charlotte E (4, born Middlesex).

1861 census: at 18 Church Row, St Mary Newington, London, Richard (51, colonial dealer, born Deal, Kent), Charlotte E (48, born Chelsea, London), Richard M (16, born Newington, Surrey) and Charlotte E (14, born Starfair, N Wales).

1871 census: in Anerley Road, Penge, Surrey, Richard (61, colonial dealer, born Deal, Kent), Charlotte E (60, born Chelsea, London), Richard M (26, born Surrey) and Charlotte (24, born Starfair, Anglesea).

1881 census: in Anerley Road, Penge, Surrey, Richard (71, merchant, born Deal, Kent), Charlotte E (75, born Chelsea, London), Richard M (36, merchant, born Newington Buffs), Charlotte E (24, born Anglesea, N Wales) and George (brother, widower, 69, born Deal, Kent).

1891 census: Richard had died; his widow lived with their son Richard M - see his record. 
CHRISTIAN, Richard (I411)
93 1841 census (probably relates to this Hannah): in Lexden Street, Lexden, Essex, Hannah NEVARD (19, female servant) with Simon MUNSON (33, publican) and family. Next entry is for Sarah MUNSON (60, independent). NEVARD, Hannah (I2975)
94 1841 census (probably relates): in Boxted, James (20, ag lab), Harriett (20), James (2) and John (1). TAYLOR, James (I1705)
95 1841 census (probably): in Newnham, Kent (all SILLS), Thomas (35, carpenter), Eliza (25), Charlotte (6) and Susannah (2).

Thomas died in 1848 (per Neil Alderman, from Peter Spain's tree, registration not found).

1851 census: in Water Lane, Ospringe, Kent (all SILLS), Eliza (head, widow, 36, carpenter's widow, born Eastling), Susannah (12, born Newnham) and Mary (4, born Canterbury). Daughter Charlotte (15, born Eastling) was a house servant at Buckwell, Boughton Aluph, Kent. 
SILLS, Thomas (I4980)
96 1841 census (very faded image): in Great Horkesley (all STOW), Jos. (45, labourer), Elizabeth (40), Ephram (15), Esther (10), Henry (9), Jno. (5) and Elizabeth (2).

1851 census: in Great Horkesley (all STOW, all born Great Horkesley), Joseph (head, widower, 55, farm labourer), Esther (daughter, unmarried, 21), Henry (son, unmarried, 18, labourer), John (son, 14) and Elizabeth (daughter, 11). 
STOW, Joseph (I590)
97 1841 census has Richard Nash, 35, miller, living in St Johns Place, St Mary Northgate, Canterbury with Elizabeth Nash, 65, independent.
1851 census: in Hoath, Kent
Richard Nash, head, 46, miller master employing an apprentice, born Ospringe, Kent
Emma Nash, wife, 41, born Chislett
Elizabeth Nash, mother, widow, 74, dependant on son, born Canterbury
George W Turner, ap., 15, millers apprentice, born Ramsgate.
1861 census (indexed as KARL by
in St Nicholas St, St Nicholas at Wade, Kent
Richard Nash, head, 56, inn keeper, born Ospringe
Emma Nash, wife, 51 born Chislett
Elizabeth Nash, mother, widow, 85, born Canterbury
Charlotte File, niece, married, 31, born Canterbury
John File, nephew [grand-nephew?], 7 months, born Elham 
NASH, Richard (I502)
98 1841 census: in Chislet, William (37, butcher), Tamzin (40, Thomas (11), Hannah (8) and Ann (7).

Appeared in the History & Directory of the County of Kent by S Bagshaw, 1847 as a butcher and farmer at Chitty Chislet (with Alfred Minter, his brother).

1851 census: at Chitty, Chislet, Kent, William F (47, butcher), Tamzin (54), Thomas (21, journeyman butcher), "H S" [Hannah Sarah] (18, employed at home)) and Ann (16, employed at home).

Appeared in the 1852 Post Office Directory of Kent (Kelly's) as a butcher of Chislet.
Appeared in Kelly's Directory 1855 as a butcher of Chislet.
Appeared in the Directory of Kent, Melville & Co, 1858 as a butcher of Chislet.

In 1844, 45 and 1859 overseer at Chislet.

Will proved 1860 by brother Alfred at Someset House.

1861 census: Chitty, Chislet, Kent, Tamzin (64, now a widow, independent), Thomas (31, farmer) and Hannah S (28). Daughter Ann (26) was a few doors away, a visitor with John and Elizabeth WACHER and their son Robert, who married Ann in 1865.

1871 census: Tamzin was living with son Thomas (qv).

1881 census: Tamzin was living with he daughter Hannah (qv).
Minter, William Frederick (I1448)
99 1841 census: (surname recorded as TYLOR and indexed as such by Ancestry), in Lower Street, Wickham Market (all TYLOR), Thomas (40, carrier), Sarah (30), Hannah (20), Mary (15) and Frederic (sic) (6 months). Hannah and Mary would have been Thomas's daughters from his first marriage.

1851 census: in Bridge Street, Wickham Market, Suffolk (all TYLER), Thomas (54, common carrier, born Tunstall, Suffolk), Sarah (42, school mistress, born Eyke), Frederick (son, 10, scholar, born Wickham Market) and Harriet (daughter, 8, scholar, born Wickham Market).

1861 census: in Bridge Street, Wickham Market, Suffolk (all TYLER), Thomas (65, groom, born Tunstall, Suffolk), Sarah (52, school mistress, born Eyke) and Harriet (daughter, 18, schoolmistress assistant, born Wickham Market).

1871 census (indexed as TYLEE by Ancestry): in Bridge Street, Wickham Market, Suffolk (all TYLER), Thomas (75, servant (out of employ), born Tunstall, Suffolk), Sarah (62, school mistress, born Eyke) and Catherine (granddaughter, 2, born Wickham Market).

Thomas died in Q1 1874.

1881 census: in Thoroughfare, Woodbridge, Suffolk, with James and Mary BENDALL, Sarah (72, widow, nurse (dom servant, born Eyke). 
TYLER, Thomas (I386)
100 1841 census: a Robert Minter (35, cordwainer, not born Norfolk*) and Robert Minter (9, born Norfolk) appear at High Street, Gorleston, Suffolk. Likley to relate to this Robert since son Robert was born in Gorleston. Ann must have died young - she doesn't appear in the 1841 census.
* I don't know why Robert was shown as not born Norfolk.

1851 census: at High Street, Gorleston, Suffolk, Robert (46, widower, master shoe, 1 man, born Yarmouth), Robert (19, son, journeyman shoemaker, b. Southtown, Suffolk). Daughter Emma (17, dressmaker) was living in High Street, Gorleston with her WOODS grandparents.

Listed in the Yarmouth Trade List of 1854 as Robert Minter, South Town, boot & shoe maker.

1861 census: Robert (55), boot & shoemaker, and second wife Elizabeth (54, born Great Yarmouth) and daughter Anna or Anne WARNER (27, born Southtown, Suffolk) (actually Emma Amelia, who had married in 1858), living in a cottage in Gorleston.

1871 census: Robert (66), shoemaker, and Elizabeth (66) at 8 St Andrews Place, Gorleston.

1881 census: Robert, aged 76, a bootmaker, widower, lived at Row 25, Great Yarmouth.

1891 census: Robert, aged 86, shoemaker, widower, at 4 Row 25, Great Yarmouth. 
Minter, Robert (I16)

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