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12551 With parents at the 1891 census. Not found subsequently. WORLEY, Ellen Louise (I448)
12552 With parents at the 1891 census. Not found subsequently. WORLEY, Mary Eliza (I450)
12553 Without the necessary certificates, Frederick's story is a bit uncertain but he divorced his first wife Gertrude in 1923 (the papers are in the National Archives, they name the co-respondents as Rowell Bunard and Claud Winter). I cannot find Gertrude's death or re-marriage or any trace of her in the 1939 Register.
Frederick then seems to have married again, in Q3 1924, to Lily Green but she appears to have died quite young in 1936.

I can't find Frederick in the 1939 Register. 
Minter, Frederick William (I493)
12554 Witness at All Souls Church, Radford, Notts on 6 October 1900.

1911 census: William Henry, 33, single, born Nottingham, was a Gunner in 15 Company, Royal Horse Artillery stationed at the Military Barracks, Tower Hill, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Worked for the Post Office, probably as a sorter (Listed in London Gazette on appointment as a postman at Newark, 2 May 1913). Also listed in the British Postal Service Appointment Books, 1737-1969 at in 1913 as Wm Henry Minter, postman (R) in Newark and 1920 as William H Minter, postman, Newark.

1939 Register: at 33 Newton Street, Newark M.B., Nottinghamshire
Minter, William H born 1 Jan 1878, married, retired postman
Minter, Mary A born 24 Jan 1880, married, unpaid domestic duties
HALL, Alan born 18 Sep 1925, at school
--- 1 closed record ---

Became blind later in life. 
Minter, William Henry (I2171)
12555 Witness at All Souls Church, Radford, Notts on 6 October 1900. Minter, Gertrude Mabel (I2173)
12556 Witness at Boughton Blean on 12 October 1836. Minter, William Stephen (I35)
12557 Witness at Boughton on 25 December 1814. Minter, Mary (I80)
12558 Witness at brother William Robert's second marriage in 1907. Minter, Lucretia Eliza (I797)
12559 Witness at Eastchurch on 25 December 1835 and on 11 October 1836.

1841 census: the entry for Henery (sic) (25, ag lab) and Mary (25) in Faversham may refer to this Henry.

A blacksmith on the Isle of Harty in 1845. Appeared in the 1845 Kelly's Post Office Directory of the six home counties as Henry Minter, blacksmith.

1851 census: at Harty Forge Cottage, Harty, Kent, Henry (39, smith) and Mary (38).

Appeared in the 1852 Home Counties Directory as H Minter, smith, Isle of Harty.

1861 census: at Harty Road Cottage, Harty, Kent, Henry (47, blacksmith) and Mary (46).

1871 census: at Oversland, Boughton, Kent, Henry (58, blacksmith) and Mary (57).

1881 census: at Whitehill, Ospringe, Kent, Henry (67, blacksmith (jouneyman) and Mary (66).

1891 census (indexed as SENS by at Whitehill, Ospringe, Kent, Henry Snr (80, widower, retired blacksmith) Henry Jnr (62, unmarried, blacksmith) and Fanny Gorham (55, unmarried, housekeeper). Henry Jnr is described as 'son' but Cliff Minter believes he was in fact Henry Snr's cousin, the Henry born in 1829 to Henry and Mary (Ralph). Fanny Gorham was described as 'sister-in-law' - her true relationship to Henry Snr is unclear.

Both the BMD index and the burial record in the Parish Register give Henry's age at death as 84. 
Minter, Henry (I87)
12560 Witness at Faversham on 18 July 1802, 15 December 1805 and 16 January 1812. Minter, Mary (I2328)
12561 Witness at Ickham on 15 Jul 1817 and 24 May 1824.
1841 census: at New Place Farm, Ickham Street, Ickham and Well, Kent, William (60, farmer), William (30, farmer), John (25, farmer) and Sarah (29).

Cliff Minter, from a tombstone at Ickham:
William Minter late of New Place Farm in this parish
died November 11th 1847 age 68
he lived respected and died lamented. 
Minter, William (I1764)
12562 Witness at Ickham on 17 July 1862.

In 1841, living with parents at Ickham.

Appeared in the History & Directory of the County of Kent by S Bagshaw, 1847 as Maria Minter, schoolmistress of Ickham.

In 1851, natural school mistress in Rugby Street, Clifton Upon Dunsmore, Rugby, Warwickshire.

In 1861, teacher at National School in Church Street, Bollington, Cheshire with sister Hariet (housekeeper).

In 1881, living with sister Elizabeth at 47 Saltoun Road, Lambeth, London.

In 1891, lodging in Hastings, Sussex, an Elementary Teacher, together with her niece (brother Daniel's daughter), Minnie Brooke Minter.

1901 census (indexed as MINIER by Ancestry): at 61 Horsford(?) Road, Brixton, London: Maria (75, retired teacher, born Ickham, Kent) was a boarder with Eliza J Fairless and her sister.

England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941 (at, Nov 2010):
MINTER Maria of Park-house Longbridge-road Barking Essex spinster died 1 January 1907 Probate London 19 January 1907 to Charles Minter commercial-clerk. Effects £789 17s 5d. 
Minter, Maria (I3460)
12563 Witness at Ickham on 17 July 1862.
An insurance agent in 1884 and 1890, living at 56 Wincheap Street, Canterbury.

In 1891 Thomas W SHARP, 53, widower, assurance agent, was living at at 56 Wincheap, Thanington, Kent with his sister Emma Minter (58, living on own means), her daughter Florence J Minter (21, telephone operator) and another sister Julia B SHARP, unmarried, 36 "Foreign Lady Shop Assistant", born Boulogne, France.

1901 census: at 14 The Friars, St Peter Canterbury, Thomas W SHARP (63, fire and life insurance agent) and (second wife) Elizabeth SHARP (48, born Selling, Kent).

Thomas's second wife is believed to have been Elizabeth HOGBEN: in 1891, age 37, unmarried dressmaker born Sellinge (sic), Kent, she was a visitor with John and Alice Carter and their son Lionel John at Bilting, Godmersham, Kent. 
SHARPE, Thomas William (I3470)
12564 Witness at Littlebourne on 12 Oct 1767 at his sister Mary's wedding. Minter, Robert (I17)
12565 Witness at Littlebourne on 25 February 1815. Granted a share of father's estate by will dated 28 November 1807 and proved on 10 May 1828 at Canterbury Consistory Court.

1851 census: at Treasury Farm, Ickham, Kezia (65, widow, a farmer of 220 acres employing fourteen labourers), and unmarried sons George (41) and John (33), both farmers.

1861 census: at Treasury Farm, Ickham, Kezia (74, widow, a farmer of 220 acres employing seven men and three boys), and unmarried sons George (51) and John (43), both farmers.

England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941 (at, Nov 2010):
5 August 1868 Effects under £100. The Will of Kezia Minter late of the Parish of Ickham in the County of Kent Widow deceased who died 20 May 1868 at the Parish of Wingham in the County aforesaid was proved at Canterbury by the oath of George Minter of the Parish of Ickham aforesaid Farmer the Son the sole Executor.

WOOD, Keziah (I1003)
12566 Witness at Monkton on 6 November 1803. Minter, Mary (I497)
12567 Witness at Nonington on 2 November 1826 and 27 March 1828.

1841census (indexed by as MENTER): living at The Poultry House, Nonington, aged 45, an independent.

1851 census: living at the Lodge, Nonington, unmarried, an annuitant, aged 56.

Buried at age 60. 
Minter, Mary (I1474)
12568 Witness at Nonington on 29 December 1855

1851 census: at Harmansole Farm, aged stated as 20, a farm labourer, unmarried.

1861 census: aged 32, an ag lab, living, his wife Sarah N (28), with his father at at Crockshard Hill.

1871 census: at Crockshard Hill, Thomas (43, ag lab), wife Sarah (39) and father Thomas (74, widower, ag lab).

Appeared in Kelly's Directory of Kent, 1878 as Thomas Minter, farmer, Preston next Wingham.

1881 census: in Preston Street, Preston, Kent Thomas (54, a farmer and market gardener of eight acres), wife Sarah (50) and brother-in-law James NEWPORT (62, a farm servant).

Appeared in Kelly's Directory of Kent, 1882 as Thomas Minter, farmer, Preston next Wingham.

In 1884, living at Preston Street with house and land.

Appeared in Kelly's Directory of Kent, 1887 as Thomas Minter, farmer, Preston, Sandwich.

Appeared in the Canterbury and District Directory, 1888 - 89, Bedwell & Co as F (sic) Minter, Preston, carrier, Saturdays (from) 'Crown'.

1891 census: Sarah, 60, now widowed, lived in Fostall, Preston, Kent, with a boarder.

1901 census: Sarah, 70, was living in Preston next Wingham, Kent with her brother-in-law Richard RYE (79, widower, market gardener, born Kingston, Kent) and his son James E. RYE (40, single, blacksmith, born Patrixbourne, Kent). 
Minter, Thomas (I1499)
12569 Witness at Penge on 18 May 1891, at St Michael Folkestone on 31 March 1902 and at St Peter Folkestone on 23 November 1902.

When son George was born Catherine was described as a charwoman. She was living at 10 Ethelebert Road, Folkestone.

1939 Register: at 66 Marshall Street, Folkestone M.B., Kent
Minter, Catherine W born 30 Mar 1874, single, ironer. 
Minter, Catherine Willis (I711)
12570 Witness at sister Charlotte's marriage of 1894 (per Julie Furey).

September 2008, from Julie Furey: "My Auntie [Joyce] said that Susan Minter died at a backyard abortion clinic, she was having her 7th child and was very poor, so Charlotte lent her the money. Auntie Joyce said Charlotte never forgave herself for lending the money to Susan for the rest of her life."

April 2009, from Chris Horgan's website: Six children were born to James & Susan Jane between 1900 and 1911. Jessie, Nellie Elizabeth, John H G, Christina Kay, Charlotte Janet Ross, & Daisy Isabella.

Susan Jane WILSON's cause of death was due to complications during the early stages of her seventh pregnancy [see note of September 2008 above]. 
Minter, Susan Jane (I503)
12571 Witness at St George Ramsgate on 21 May 1831. KIDD, Ann (I2276)
12572 Witness at St George, Ramsgate on 21 may 1831.
A baker in Margate between 832 and 1836 and in Ramsgate in 1838.
Living in High Street, Ramsgate in 1838.

1841 census: in Paradise, Ramsgate, Henry (30, baker), Ann (30), Henry (9), George (7), Charles (3) and Mary Ann (6 months).

Buried in 1846 as of Paradise, aged 39. According to Henry and his father Henry were re-buried in the Ebenezer Chapel Ground, Ramsgate on 12 February 1974.

1851 census: at 1 Frederick Place, St Lawrence, Kent: Ann (40, widow, laundress), George (18, printer), Charles (12, draper's porter), Maria (10), Elizabeth (7) and Ann (4). The youngest children were at school.

1861 census: having moved to London, Ann (50, widow, housekeeper) lived at 4 Mary Street, Islington as did her daughter Ann C (15, housemaid).

1871 census: living at 11 Carleton Road, Islington, London, a general servant (although age is shown as 55).

1881 census: Ann, now 70 was a servant living at 23 Upper Park Road, Hampstead, London.

1891 census: now 80, Ann was living on her own means at 62 Waverley Road, Paddington, London. 
Minter, Henry (I2250)
12573 Witness at St James Tunbridge Wells on 6 September 1885.

1891 census: at Durlock, Ash (living next door to widowed mother Maria Minter), Albert (30, market gardener), Rosa (although the name on the census doesn't look like Rosa) (30) and Elsie G (2).

Appeared in Kelly's Directory for Kent, 1899 as Albert Edward Minter, market gardener, Durlock, Ash.

1901 census: at Durlock, Ash, Albert E (40, market gardener), Rosa E (40), Elsie G (12), Frank L (9), Gladys M (6) and Doris I (4 months). Also there was Ethel M SANDERSON, niece, 13, born Highgate, London.

A market gardener of Durlock when Doris and Roderick were baptised in 1901 and 1903 respectively.

Entries in the Deal, Walmer & Sandwich Directory 1906 & 1907:
Minter Bros, fruiterers, 17 High Street, Deal
also listed as A E Minter, fruiterer, 17 High Street, Deal.

Deal, Walmer & Sandwich Directory 1908, 1910, 1911:
A E Minter, fruiterer, 17 High Street, Deal.

1911 census: at Durlock Ash, Canterbury, Kent (6 rooms), Albert Edward (head, 50, married, market gardener, employer, born Worth, Kent, Rosa Eastes (wife, 50. married 23 years, 5 children, all living, born Deal, Kent), Frank Leslie (son, 19, single, matket gardener, worker, born Ash, Kent), Gladys Muriel (daughter, 16, single, post office assistant, born Ash, Kent), Doris Irene (daughter, 10, school, born Ash, Kent) and Roderick Thomas (son, 7, born Ash, Kent).
Form signed A E Minter.

Cliff Minter made the following copy of Albert's Will:
This is the Wll of me Albert Edward Minter of Fairview Durlock Ash next Sandwich in the County of Kent, fruit grower and market gardener
1. I revoke all previous Wills.
2. I appoint my son Roderick Thomas Henry Minter and my son in law William John Goodsell executors and trustees hereof.
3. I give all consumable stores and perishable goods in and about my dwelling house at the time of my death to my wife Rosa Eastes Minter absolutely.
4. I give all my furniture and articles of household and personal use but excluding articles used in connection with my business to my wife during her life and subject thereto my daughter Doris Irene Goodsell absolutely provided always that my wife shall not be liable for breakages or loss.
5. I give all the residue of my real and personal estate unto my trustees upon trust to sell ---- ---- ---- ---- pay the income of such investment to my wife during her life and subject to such life I give the sum of £50 to the said Doris Irene Goodsell and the residue of my said estate to the said Roderick Thomas Henry Minter absolutely.
6. I empower my trustees to postpone the sale of my residuary estate during the lifetime of my wife --- --- to carry on my business --- ---- as if they were absolute owners --- --- free from all responsibility --- I appoint the said Roderick Thomas Henry Minter as working manager of such business and to pay him such remuneration as my wife may from time to time approve.
7. I direct that no apportionment shall take place of any rent interest or annual income current at my death.
In witness whereof ---- ---- 12th November 1938
--- The mark of Albert Edward Minter.
Signed by the above named testator with his mark he being incapable through illness ---- ---- our names as witnesses
R John Barnes Solicitor Deal.
Jno Rennie Clerk to Messrs Williamson & Downes Solicitors Deal.

England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941, at, November 2010
MINTER Albert Edward of Fairview Durlock Ash next Sandwich Kent died 30 March 1939 Probate London 15 May 1939 to Roderick Thomas Henry Minter fruit grower. Effects £1324 9s 6d.

Two separate tombstones at St Nicholas, Ash next Sandwich read:
Albert Edward Minter, died 30 March 1939 age 78
Rosa Estes Minter died 1 March 1939 age 79. 
Minter, Albert Edward (I161)
12574 Witness at St Lawrence Thanet on 18 October 1819 and at St John Thanet on 13 May 1822.

The following note is copied from the record of Johan Honicke, Ickham section (qv):
The identity of this Sarah Minter is uncertain. At first I thought she was probably Harriet's mother Sarah, originally Sarah Emptage, then married to David Holness (Harriet's father) and finally married to Henry Belsey Minter. However, Sarah Emptage was born about 1776 so would have been about 75 (not 57) in 1851 and, as Cliff Minter points out, it seems unlikely that Sarah would have travelled to London at such an age, to be returned to Wingham seven years later to be buried.
Another possibility is that Sarah was the Sarah Minter born of Henry Minter and Sarah (Philpott) on 4 April 1794 and christened at St John's Thanet on 11 May 1794. 1794 would tally exactly with the age attributed to Sarah Minter in 1851. There are two objections to this idea. Firstly, Sarah is shown in the 1851 census as a widow - Cliff Minter suggests this may have been simply because Sarah did not want to be identified as a spinster. Secondly, there is no known connection between Henry Minter and Sarah (Philpott) (who belong to the 'Ash Minters') and Harriet Honicke nee Minter of the 'Ickham Minters'. 
Minter, Sarah (I2244)
12575 Witness at St Lawrence Thanet on 21 February 1816 and at St John Thanet on 13 May 1822. Minter, George (I2243)
12576 Witness at St Leonard Deal on 15 October 1833 (signs 'Bethia'). Buried as 'Bithia'. Minter, Bithian (I3060)
12577 Witness at St Peter Sandwich on the 4 November 1804.
Mentioned in brother's Will dated 16 August 1823.

Information on marriage and descendants of Maria from Christine Fereday - Internet message located by Helen Windon, friend of Merrilyn Minter 27 November 1998. Letter from Christine to Merrilyn dated 14 December 1998.

Cliff Minter, letter 6 November 2006. Cliff Minter has found the following marriage in the St John Thanet PR:
24 November 1802. Valentine SOPER and Maria Minter both of this parish by banns. Both signed. Witnesses George Minter (signed), [Phi... or Cha...] Mummery (signed ) and Catharine Kember (signed).
Cliff writes "I am coming to believe that Maria first married Valentine Soper and that then either Valentine Soper died or else Maria found out he was already married, so she married Thomas Potts. The vicar was confused as to whether Maria was a spinster or a widow [in 1805 the PR entry has 'Maria Minter (spinster entered and deleted) widow']. George Minter [a witness in 1802] was probably Maria's brother."
Cliff Minter, letter 27 November 2006. Further research into Parish Registers leads Cliff to write:
"I believe that she [Maria] reverted to her maiden name for some reason, having been first married to Valentine Soper....The facts are that we have one baptism of Maria in 1782, one marriage to Valentine Soper in 1802, [Maria a] witness at brother George's marriage in 1804 but not as Maria Soper but as Maria Minter, and a final marriage to Thomas Potts in 1805, not as Maria Soper or even as Maria Minter but as Maria Minter widow. I searched St John Thanet 1800 to 1805 and St Lawrence Thanet 1802 to 1805 but failed to find a burial for Valentine Soper.
"I compared the two signatures of George, in 1802 [as a witness at the marriage of Valentine Soper and Maria Minter] and 1804 [at his own marriage to Mary Debock] and the three signatures of Maria in 1802 [at her wedding to Valentine Soper], 1804 [as a witness at George and Mary Debock's marriage] and 1805 [at her (Maria's) marriage to Thomas Potts] - and with either George or Maria I could not confirm they belonged to more than one person. The two 'Georges' were very similar and the three 'Marias' were very similar.
"The only fact that is certain is that Maria was witness at the marriage of George in 1804. She cannot have married Valentine Soper in 1802 unless she renounced that marriage by 1804. There was certainly some confusion in 1805 as to whether she was a spinster or a widow.
"Conclusion, I have decide to chart all this information beneath Maria born 1782 in the hope that one day further information will come to light, ie an early burial for Valentine Soper or census details." 
Minter, Maria (I2223)
12578 Witness at Whitstable on 14 December 1809, 13 August 1810, 24 April 1811 and 8 August 1820. Minter, Mary (I166)
12579 Witness at Whitstable on 8 August 1820.

Probably she who appeared in the 1845 Post Office Directory as Mrs Mary Ann Minter, beer retailer and the 1847 History, Gazetteer & Dirctory of the County of Kent (Bagshaw) as Mary Ann Minter,. beer house, Whitstable.

1851 census: at Harbour Street, Whitstable, Mary Ann (54, widow, huckster), daughter Susan (24) and granddaughter Ann Elizabeth (6).

Probably she who appeared in the Directory of Kent, Melville & Co, 1858 as Mary Ann Minter, beer retailer & general dealer, High Street, Whitstable.

1861 census (possibly): at Outer Wall, Whitstable, aged 65, widow, visitor with John L and Elizabeth BEAL.

Death announcement:Whitstable - July 8, at Bexley-terrace, Mrs. Mary Minter, aged 71. 
COLEMAN, Mary Ann (I177)
12580 Witness on 13 October 1829 at St Lawrence. Minter, Hannah (I65)
12581 Witness on 17 July 1783 at St James, Dover. Minter, Sarah (I805)
12582 Witness on 25 April 1918 at St Martins Gate, Haddington, East Lothian (brother George's marriage).

1939 Register: at Betjon, St Nicholas Road, Hythe M.B., Kent
Minter, Edward born 18 Jul 1901, married, butcher (shop keeper)
Minter, Clara born 28 Aug 1899, married, unpaid domestic duties
Minter, Betty born 16 Jul 1928, at school. 
Minter, Edward Burden (I2511)
12583 Witness on 6 April 1896 at St Bartholomew, Charlton next Dover.

1901 census: at 6 Middle Row, Dover, Kent, Alfred (25, journeyman baker), Lydia (23), Daisy (3) and Lydia (1).

1911 census: at Church Hill, Shepherdiwell, near Dover, Kent (4 rooms), Alfred (head, 35, married, baker, worker, born Dover, Kent), Lydia (wife, 33, married 14 years 2 children both living, born Shepherdiwell, Kent), Daisy (daughter, 13, born Dover, Kent), Lydia (daughter, 11, born Dover, Kent) and a boarder.
Form signed Alfred Minter.

1939 Register: at 9 The Terrace, Dover R.D., Kent
HOGBEN, Horace F born 10 Jul 1899, married, milk retailer
HOGBEN, Lydia H J born 22 Jul 1899, married, unpaid domestic duties
HOGBEN, later HAY, Cicely R born 28 Feb 1926, single, at school
Minter, Alfred E born 12 Sep 1875, married, colliery worker
Minter, Lydia R born 27 Jul 1877, married, unpaid domestic duties
GAINES, Olive M born 21 Mar 1912, married, unpaid domestic duties
MAY, Katherine L born 24 Sep 1908, married, unpaid domestic duties
MAY, Derek born 27 May 1936, single, under school age

Tombstone in Sheperdswell reads:
In loving memory of a dear husband and father
Alfred Edward Minter who passed away 10 July 1954
age 78
also Lydia wife of the above who passed away
4 February 1958 age 80. 
Minter, Alfred Edward (I972)
12584 Witnesses at the marriage were Donald B Wisener and Mary Pickering. Family F3487
12585 Witnesses Herman KAPPLIN and Margaret GRANT. Family F2876
12586 Witnesses Jeremiah Mahony, Michael Carroll Family F623
12587 Witnesses: K M WIcker, Fred G Watson, Robert Leath Family F3836
12588 Wlilst the age doesn't tally, the death of Ellen BIRD, aged 70, in Q4 1924 probably relates to Ellen nee DOWNEY. DOWNEY, Ellen (I2888)
12589 Wm Robert Bigham, 26 of Dereham, born Dereham, bachelor, farmer, parents Wm John & Isabella Bigham. Fanney (sic) Hunsley, 23 of Dereham, born Dereham, spinster, parents Thomas & Elizabeth Hunsley. Witnesses Ida J Bigham and David Smith both of Dereham. Bride & groom both Methodista. Family F565
12590 Wolfe applied for British naturalization on 24 December 1889; it was granted on 3 January 1890. His application said he was 36, unmarried, a manufacturer of mosaics. A copy of the certificate is on Minter Exchange.

Wolf's marriage certificate says he was a resident of London when he married in Germany on 15 January 1891. A copy of the marriage certificate is on Minter Exchange. The couple came to England in time to appear in the 1891 census:
at 12 Mayfield Road, Acton, Middlesex (both MAINZER but recorded and idexed as MAINGER), Wolfe, (head, married, 38, mosaic pavement manufacturer, born Germany, naturalized Brit Subject) and Clara (wife, 27, born Germany).

1901 census: at 13 Manstone Road, Hampstead, London (all MAINZER), Wolfe (head, 48, manufacturer of marble mosaic pavings & parquet flooring, employer, born Germany, naturalized Brit Subject), Clara (wife, 37, born Germany, naturalized Brit Subject), Daisy C (daughter, 9, born Acton, Middlesex) and Doris J (daughter, 8, born Acton, Middlesex). Also Anna HORSTMANN (23, cook, born Germany) and Marie Lechler (16, housemaid, born Germany).

1911 census: at 167 West End Lane, West Hampstead, London NW (14 rooms) (all MAINZER), Wolfe (head, 58, married, commission agent, building trade, own a/c, born Germany, resident & naturalized British Subject 1890), Clara (wife, 47, married 20 years, two children both living, principal of boarding school, employer at home, born Germany, resident & naturalized British Subject 1890) and Dorothy Johanna (daughter, 18, student of science, born Acton, London). Also 6 boarding students, all from Germany. Maria HERR (23, cook, born Germany), Edith Denton (20, housemaid, born Hanslope, Bucks) and Alice Hammond, 19, housemaid, born Bermondsey, London).

England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966, 1973-1995:
MAINZER, Wolfe of 201 Gloucester-place St Marylebone London NW1 died 20 February 1942 at St Charles Hospital Ladbroke-grove Londom Probate Llandudno 9 April to Max Ritson practitioner in advertising and Gustav Wolfsohn stockbrokers clerk. Effects £806 16s 7d. 
MAINZER, Wolf(e) (I7)
12591 Worked as a builder's labourer.
Living at 2 Charlton Villas, Charlton Green, Dover, Kent in 1929.

1939 Register: at 22 Astor Avenue, Dover M.B., Kent
Minter, George born 24 Sep 1900, married, corporal collier (underground)
Minter, Florence M born 28 Oct 1900, married, UDD
Minter, Thomas G born 5 Jan 1926, at school
--- 3 closed records --- 
Minter, George (I1968)
12592 Worked at Eudunda Farmers at Gawler until aged 21 years and then had to be paid adult wages. Because it was the depression years, she was laid off and replaced by a junior. She went into service in North Adelaide until she married.
Right knee replacement on 5th Dec., 1985.
Died suddenly approx. 3.30 a.m. 8th Dec., 1985.
Funeral 10th Dec., 1985 and buried at Dudley Park Cemetery after a service at Prospect Churches of Christ. 
Minter, Cora Maud Nicholls (I2080)
12593 Worked for Co-operative Wholesale Society, London.

1911 census: at 71 Grosvenor Park Road, Walthamstow, London (2 rooms), Edward Evereet (head, 29, married, grocer's carman, worker, born Deptford, Kent), Florence Hilda (wife, 25, married 1 year, 1 child, living, born Walthamstow, Essex) and Geoffrey Gilbert (son, 7 weeks, born Walthamstow, Essex).
Form signed F H Brent for E E Minter and is annotated 'Particulars copied from schedule of A Horner, same address',

The London Gazette of 4 October 1918 records that (as Edwin Everitt Minter of Felix House, Hall Lane, Chingford, Essex, Gentleman) Edward was to become the registered proprietor of the leasehold dwelling house and garden at 120 Fordel Road, Lewisham, London.

1939 Register: at 54 Chelmsford Avenue , Walthamstow M.B., Essex
Minter, Edward E born 9 Apr 1881, married, lift attendant
Minter, Florence H born 4 Apr 1886 *, married, unpaid domestic duties
* very faintly, the year '89' has been inserted.

Probate London 25 Sep 1973 £21,112. 
Minter, Edward Everett (I43)
12594 Worked for market gardener at Worth.

1939 Register: at 12 Fisher Street, Sandwich M.B., Kent
BAX, Arthur born 28 Mar 1886, married, motor lorry driver
BAX, Kate born 27 Sep 1887, married, unpaid domestic duties
--- 2 closed records --- 
BAX, Arthur (I1550)
12595 Worked for wholesale grocer in Sandwich. Lived at Bellars Bush, Sandwich, Kent after marriage before moving to Worth where Elisabeth died. Minter, Elizabeth (I1557)
12596 Worked in service at Minster Abbey. Lived at Felderland Lane, Worth after marriage before moving to Fisher Street, Sandwich where the house was bombed during the war. Then they moved to St Bartholomew Road where Kate died.

The marriage of Kate and Arthur BAX provides a link into the family tree on Genes Reunited of Roger Davies. He is concentrating on the BAX history.

March 2020: email from Colin Bright in New Zealand - Kate is his maternal grandmother. 
Minter, Kate (I1549)
12597 Worked in shoe factory at Olney, Bucks. Lived at 32 Western Road, Olney. Minter, Lillian Mary (I1680)
12598 Worked in the Nottingham lace industry before marriage.
Lived at 5 Eden Yard, Northgate, Bulwell, Notts in 1907 with husband a domestic gardener and later at Woodhouse Eaves, Beaumanor Hall. Worked as cook at bothy for servants with husband working as gardener and as beater at shoots.
Was living at 1 The Home Woodhouse Almshouses, Barrow upon Soar, Loughborough. 
Minter, Nellie Maud (I2169)
12599 Worked on farms at Littlebourne and Adisham before going to Sextries Farm, Nackington.
Left Sextries Farm to join the Metropolitan Police at Peckham. Went to Gipsey Hill Police Station and lived in the section house for two years before being transferred to Beckenham Police Station P Division No. 568, where he served for twenty three years.
Lived first in Elmers End Road after getting married then at 12 Thayers Farm Road. May have lived next at Blandford Road before going to 64 Mackenzie Road and then to 185 Blandford Road where he lived with his wife and family between 1912 and 1917. Lived also at Park Road, Clockhouse Road, 9 Cumberland Road, 35 Thayers Farm Road and then at 61 Thayers Farm Road where he lived between 1939 and 1945. He was a member of the Beckenham Mens Brotherhood tug-of-war team formed of Beckenham policemen until 1914, who were United Kingdom champions in 1912 at their weight of 112 stone. He was caretaker of the Conservative Club after leaving the police force until retirement.

1911 census: at 185 Blandford Road, Beckenham, Kent (5 rooms), Frank (head, 33, married, Metroplotan Police constable, Met police, worker, born Preston, Kent), Maud (wife, 31, married 8 years, 4 children all living, born Essex), Edna (daughter, 7, born Beckenham, Kent), Ernest (son, 6, born Beckenham, Kent), Harry (son, 5, born Beckenham, Kent), Norman (son, 3, born Beckenham, Kent) and Hannah GOLBY (mother in law, 63, widow, born Deadham, Essex).
Form signed Frank Minter.

From England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966 at
Minter Frank 61 Thayers Farm Road Beckenham Kent died 25 November 1945 Administration London 22 September 1949 to Maude Minter widow. Effects £234 1s. 
Minter, Frank (I1762)
12600 has a William John Minter, 19, driver of Bendigo, Victoria, father John Minter, 152 Bridge Street, Bendigo, embarking on the HMAT Nestor on 2 October 1916 at Melbourne. He was a Private no. 2721 in the 60 Infantry Battalion - 6 to 9 Reinforcements (October 1916 - July 1917). Full service record at National Archives of Australia.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1919 for Sutton, Bendigo, Victoria includes:
William John Minter, 90 Old Violet Street, Bendigo, driver
Ivy Vera Minter, 90 Old Violet Street, Bendigo, home duties.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1924 for Sutton, Bendigo, Victoria includes:
William John Minter, 12 Hopetoun Street, Bendigo, driver
Ivy Vera Minter, 12 Hopetoun Street, Bendigo, home duties.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1931 for Sandhurst East, Bendigo, Victoria includes at 152 Bridge Street, Bendigo:
William John Minter, driver
Ivy Vera Minter, home duties.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1936 for Sandhurst East, Bendigo, Victoria includes at 15 Bridge Street:
William John Minter, driver
Ivy Vera Minter, home duties.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1937 for Sandhurst East, Bendigo, Victoria includes at 15 Bridge Street:
William John Minter, driver
Ivy Vera Minter, home duties.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1942 for Footscray North, Maribyrnong, Victoria includes at 57 Bishop Street:
William John Minter, tannery worker
Ivy Vera Minter, home duties
Dorothy Jean Minter, saleswoman [probably daughter but nothing else known].

Australian Electoral Roll, 1949 for Kingsville, Gellibrand, Victoria includes at 57 Bishop Street, W.13:
William John Minter, tannery worker
Ivy Vera Minter, home duties.

Australian Electoral Rolls, 1954, 1963, 1968 for Kingsville, Gellibrand, Victoria include at 57 Bishop Street, W.13:
William John Minter, tannery worker
Ivy Vera Minter, home duties.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1972 for Kingsville, Gellibrand, Victoria includes at 4 High Street, Yarraville 3013:
William John Minter, no occupation
Ivy Vera Minter, home duties.

William died in 1973:
Australian Electoral Rolls, 1977, 1980 for Kingsville, Gellibrand, Victoria includes at 7/50 Edgar Street, Footscray:
Ivy Vera Minter, home duties.
In 1977 the same details appear in the Roll for Kingsville, Melbourne West.
Minter, William John (I846)

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