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11651 William after 1871 is difficult to track. It's unclear if and when he married. I haven't found him in the 1881 census but the following entries probably refer to him. He appears to be married to Ellen and, like brother John Butcher ELMER, to have moved to Mitcham, Surrey.

May 2016: email from Scott Hamilton:
"I am a great great grandson of William Elmer and Ellen Hickey. I can confirm you have found the correct census entries for William Elmer, son of John Elmer and Harriett Marshall.

I also have a TNG website, you can find William's profile here: «u»«/u»

William's surname was recorded as 'Almer' on his marriage certificate.

I saw a note on his father's John's page that you couldn't find his mother Harriett in 1911 or her record of her death. In 1911 she can be found living at 18 St Botolph, Colchester (Reference: RG14PN10292 RG78PN543 RD198 SD1 ED8 SN106). She died a year later in Colchester registration district, and her surname was indexed as 'Eliner'."

[JGM: I've looked at the website referenced above - it contains a lot of information, a little of which I've copied.}

1891 census: in Merton Lane, Mitcham, indexed and recorded as ELMA, William (26, carman, born 'N.K'), Ellen (wife, 26, field labourer, born 'N.K'), Ellen (daughter (6, born 'N.K') and Elizabeth (3, born 'N.K').

1901 census: at 33 Greyhound Lane, Mitcham, indexed as ELONA and recorded as ELMA , William (41, carter (contractors), born Colchester, Essex), Ellen (wife, 3_, born Mitcham, Surrey), Ellen (daughter (16, born Mitcham, Surrey), Elizabeth (11, born Mitcham, Surrey), William (9, born Mitcham, Surrey), Annie (7, born Mitcham, Surrey), John (4, born Mitcham, Surrey) and May (1, born Mitcham, Surrey).

1911 census: at 8 Shore Street, Mitcham (3 rooms) (all ELMER, William (49, horse driver, born Colchester, Essex), Ellen (wife, 47, married 28 years, 11 children, 9 living, 2 dead, born Mitcham, Surrey), William (19, golf caddie, born Mitcham, Surrey), Annie (17, domestic servant, born Mitcham, Surrey), John (14, born Mitcham, Surrey), May (10, born Mitcham, Surrey), Grace (8, born Mitcham, Surrey), Arthur (6, born Mitcham, Surrey) and Harriet (5, born Mitcham, Surrey).

I haven't tracked all these children further. 
ELMER, William (I3109)
11652 William and Cissie appear together in the 2007 Electoral Register. Minter, William James (I948)
11653 William and elder sister Jane were buried in the same plot at St Lukes, Chelsea on the same day in 1849. Their address was Garden Grove, Church St, Chelsea. Minter, William George (I12)
11654 William and Louisa had many children (17 according to the 1911 census), starting with William G about 1875*. Their son George was registered at Islington in Q1 1880 (1b/328) but appears to have been baptised as George MINTER on 21 November 1880 at St John Hollway (see baptism register at Since the address of the parents William & Louisa was given as 21 Raydon Street, there seems no doubt that it as George LONDON who was baptised, since that's the address at which the LONDON family were living at the 1881 census.
* William G was probably Louisa's illegitimate son. His birth was registered, as George William MINTER, in Q1 1875 at Islington RD, and baptised in the Islington Workhouse on 27 January 1875 as William George MINTER. His mother was shown as Louisa MINTER, a single woman living in the Workhouse. Given the proximity of William George's birth to his mother's marriage to William LONDON, theree's a good chance that William was William George's father. 
LONDON, William (I35)
11655 William and Nancy had three children. NOLAN, William H Jr (I1882)
11656 William appears in the BMD index as BENTON. Family F585
11657 William appears in the IGI as both William Pettet Minter, born 1777, Lambeth St Mary (no parents shown, spouse Hannah, married c. 1815, Surrey) and William Pettit Minter, baptised 30 April 1780, Birchington, Kent, father Henry Minter (no mother's name shown).

September 2011: I have searched the Baptismal Register for St Mary at Lambeth (in the London Metropolitan Archive at for 1777 and have not found any Minter baptisms that year.

Cliff Minter, December 2007, has confirmed the existence of the baptism in the Birchington Baptisms Register, and the transcript of it as:
1780 April 30 William Petit of Henry and ........ Minter (wife's name left blank in both the register and the transcript).
It hasn't been possible to associate William with any known Henry Minter of Kent.

1841 census: at George Yard, Lambeth, Hannah (55, Independent, born out of county), William (20, labourer, born Surrey) and Emma (16, born Surrey). The absence of William Pettet Minter suggests he died before the census*. Emma may have been counted twice: as Emma, 15 a servant at Hercules Buildings, Lambeth.
* this is confirmed - when son Henry married in December 1837, William was said to be deceased. The burial on 30 July 1834 of William Minter of Fountain Court, aged 57 at St Mary Lambeth, Surrey was probably of William Pettet Minter.

August 2016: William and Hannah were «u»probably«/u» the parents of the Benjamin Minter who, at age 19 of George Yard, Snow Hill, was buried on 8 August 1847 in the Lower Ground, Bunhill Burial Ground (Golden Lane Cemetery). No other information about Benjamin has been found: for the time being he is listed as William's son. 
Minter, William Pettet (I1)
11658 William appears only in the 1861 census. Minter, William George (I4)
11659 William appears to have been born before his parents married so his birth may have been registered as LITTLEWOOD. LACEY, William (I1070)
11660 William appered in the 1891 census as an adopted child. No later sign of him has been found. Minter, William T (I92)
11661 William Arthur isn't mentioned in the 1871 census so probably died before the. But I can't find his death registration. Minter, William Arthur (I1627)
11662 William Arthur Semper, 23, bachelor, coachman of 56 W--- Road, father Alfred Semper (deceased) postman. Emily Elizabeth Eve, 22, spinster, clerk of 56 W--- Road, father Walter Eve, greengrocer. Both signed full names. Witnesses Adelaide Sarah Doggett, Henry Ernest Nurse. Family F49
11663 William Bedwell of this parish bachelor and Emily Minter of this parish spinster, by banns. Both signed. Witnesses Thomas Henry Butt and Deborah Page. Family F37
11664 William COLE, 30, bachelor, labourer of Thorp le Soken, father Daniel Cole, labourer. Maria MINTER, 24, spinster of Thorp le Soken, father Abraham Minter, labourer, after banns. Both marked. Witnesses William Jones, Ann Foster both signed Family F63
11665 William Cossey Minter, 34, bachelor, cocoa house assistant, 4 Sculcoates Lane, Sculcoates, father Robert Minter deceased, farm labourer. Mary Peacock, 24, widow, 7 Sculcoates Lane, Sculcoates, father John Roger Clark, tailor. Both signed. Witnesses Joseph Fletcher (mark) and Kate Wass (signed). Married according to the rites and cermonies of the Methodist New Connexion by certificate. Family F138
11666 William Crisp of the parish of St George Hanover Square in the county of Middlesex bachelor and Rachel Garnham of this parish spinster. Married by banns. Witnesses James Garnham and Mary Garnham both marked. Family F224
11667 William Culver full age bachelor farmer , Ringwould father James Culver and Mary Minter full age spinster, St Lawrence father William Minter pork butcher, by banns sign/sign. Harriet Sarah Culver (sign), Isaac Minter (sign) witnesses. Family F73
11668 William Daniel Minter of the parish of Ridgewell in the county of Essex, bachelor and Rhoda Cooper, spinster of this parish, by license. Both signed. Many witnesses (all signed): John Cooper, Saml. Absey, M A Cooper, Emily Minter, W G Blake, W Elmes, H B Blake. Family F2
11669 William died before the 1841 census:
in The Shambles, Barnsley, Ann ELLISON (64, independent) and George ELLISON (23, linen weaver). Both born in Yorkshire. 
ELLISON, William (I1565)
11670 William DIXON otp bachelor & Tamar Minter otp spinster, by banns. Witnesses James Dixon, John Woodward(?). Family F108
11671 William doesn't appear in the 1851 census with his parents, having already left home but we know he was the son of William and Ann because in 1871 his sister Alice was living with him.

William married the Shuttleworth sisters Martha and Ellen in 1856 and 1866 respectively. Ellen died, according to her death certificate, on 9 April 1880, the informant being her sister-in-law Caroline Minter (William's brother). It would appear however that William married Amelia COX several months before Ellen died, on 28 July 1879. Exactly what happened is unclear and it is just possible that the William who married Amelia COX was a different person altogether. The justification for thinking that the same William married the Suttleworth sisters then Amelia COX is that:
- in 1866 William gave his age as 29, impying a birth year of 1836 or 1837, his profession as whitesmith and his father's name and profession as William Minter, builder.
- Ellen's death certificate describes her as 'wife of William Minter, whitesmith'.
- in 1879 William gave his age as 42, implying a birth year of 1836 or 1837, his occupation a plumber and his father's name and profession as William Minter, builder.

In 1871 when son Charles was born, William's occupation was stated as 'Ironmonger', address 7 Earls Court Road..

In 1872 when son Herbert Frank was born, William's occupation was stated as 'Ironmonger &c'.

1851 census: at 18 Holland Street, Kensington, William (14, apprentice smith).
It may be just a coincidence but the 1852 London Electoral Register shows that 18 Holland Street was owned by Filmer Hume Minter, born about 1825 of the Canterbury group. But it could also suggest some connection between the Kensington group and the Canterbury group.

1861 census: at 4 Corston Terrace, Kensington, William (25, ironmonger &c employing 1 boy), Martha (25), Jane M (3, scholar, born Bayswater) and Emily (1).

Listed in the Post Office Directory 1861 as William Minter, gas fitter, 20 Earl Street, Kensington.

William and Martha lived at 4 Corston Terrace when son William Arthur was baptised in September 1863. William was described as a gas fitter.

Listed in the Post Office Directory 1870 as William Minter, gas fitter, 4 Corston Terrace, Earl Street, Kensington. In the 1871 Commercial Directory as William Minter, gas fitter, 7 Earls Court Road, Kensington.

1871 census: at 7 Earls Court Road, Kensington, William (34, smith), Ellen (37), Jane M (13, scholar, born Kensington), Emily (11, scholar), Elizabeth (9, scholar), Harry A (3), Gertrude A (2), Charles S (5 months), Alice (sister, 24) and Thomas SHUTTLEWORTH (16, smith, presumably related to William's wife).

1881 census: at 4 Bothwell Place, Fulham, London, William (43, carpenter and gasfitter), Amelia (40, born Chatham) and Herbert F (8). The children listed in 1871 were dispersed as follows:
Jane M died in 1874.
Elizabeth probably died in 1880.
Emily, aged 21, was a servant at 1 Glynde Terrace, Battersea.
Of Harry A there is no trace.
Gertrude, aged 12, was a domestic servant at the Warwick Arms, Pembroke Road, Kensington.
Charles S was an inmate at the Industrial Home for Boys, Islington.

1891 census: at 9 Ifield Road, Kensington, William (52, hotwater fitter) and Amelia (41, born Portsmouth). The discrepancies in Amelia's age and birthplace compared with 1881 make one wonder if it was the same woman. The IGI does not help to identify when and where Amelia was born.

1901 census: at 2 Parkville Road, Fulham, William (63, hot water fitter) and Amelia (52, born Devonport). 
Minter, William (I4)
11672 William Edgar Southgate, 22, bachelor, labourer of Boxted, father Formin Southgate, labourer. Bessie Henrietta Elmer, spinster of Boxted, father John Elmer, labourer. Both signed. Witnesses John Elmer, Dora Jessie Elmer both signed. Family F1042
11673 William Edward appears in a couple of public member trees at as either Edward William or William Edward and the owners of those trees have him as the son of John H Minter and Elizabthe DOWNIE, with further ancestors back to Joseph Minter and Hannah TOMLIN of Fauquier County, Virginia.

As of September 2015 I've been unable to verify this ancestry, which is why William Edward Minter appears unlinked to the other Minter families on this site. I chose to call him William Edward because that's how he appears on the record at The latter is also the source for Emma's name. The following is copied from
"William Edward Minter, b. 31 Aug, 1835, in Parke Co. Ind. M 1st to Emma Jane Smoot, 2nd to Sarah Haskell, 3rd to Elizabeth Hightower.
He served in the Civil War in Kansas.
HIs children were:
Harold Jefferson, Edward Franklin, Ida Belle, Martha Jane, and William Howard Minter."

1870 US Federal Census: in township 56, Range 31, Clinton County, Missouri (all MINTER) Edward (38, brick mason, born Indiana), Emma J (25, keeps house, born Kentucky), Edward (3, born Iowa) and Ida (1, born Missouri).

1880 US Federal Census: in Center township, Atchison County, Kansas (both MINTER) Edward (44, divorced, stone mason, born Indiana, father born Virginia, mother Kentucky) and Frank [ = Edward of 1870] (14, son, stone mason apprentice, born Iowa).

In 1900 Edward now 64 was living with son Edward Frank, whose name it seems was Edward Frankin - see his record. 
Minter, William Edward (I7385)
11674 William Edwards Semper, full age, widower, gentleman formerly saddler of Dafford Street, father William Semper, printer or painter. Rosia Foyza, full age, widow of Dafford Street, father William Wimpey, compositor, William signed, Rosina marked. Witnesses Richard Gregory, George Hancock. Family F35
11675 William emigrated to the USA: US censuses have the following:
1860: living in Johnstown, Fulton, New York, William (30, born England), other details unavailable.

1870: living in Johnstown, Fulton, New York, William (42, glove cutter, value of real estate $2500, born England), Charlotte (wife, 38, keeping house, born New York) and William H (son, 11, born New York).

1880: living in Gloversville, Fulton, New York, William (50, born England, glove cutter), Charlotte (wife, 46, born New York, keeping house) and William H (son, 21, born New York, glove cutter).

1900: living in Fulton, New York, 0006 Gloversville city Ward 1, William (born Sep 1827, aged 72, married 45 years, born England, glove cutter), Charlotte (wife, born Feb 1834, aged 66, born New York) and William H (son, born Dec 1858, aged 41, single, born New York, glove cutter). William said he emigrated to the US in 1853.

The IGI has William's marriage on 25 January 1854 to Charlotte BENNETT. The same record gives his birth date as 8 September 1827 in 'Kentshire, England' and his death as about 1887. Another record gives Charlotte's birth as 12 February 1831 in the USA, her death as about 1891 and her parents as Harry H BENNETT and Hannah GOVE. 
Minter, William (I1861)
11676 William enlisted at London on 30 April 1917, aged 28 years -- days, a bank clerk. Service no. 11154. He originally joined the Inns of Court OTC. He spent 16 days in hospital in April/May 1918 with measles. The record contains very little detail.

Probate Brighton 27 Sep 1972 £36,476. 
Minter, William Murton (I2417)
11677 William enlisted with the Royal Field Artillery on 28 October 1915 , aged 19, an electro typing operator. Address in 1919 121 Whittington Rd, Bowes Park, London N. Served as a driver, service no. 1566. Served in France in 1916, wounded in action (gunshout wound in back). Further service in France in 1917-19. Next of kin father, Samuel Minter, same address. Demobed on 31 March 1920.

1939 Register: at 51 Clarence Road, Wood Green M.B., Middlesex
Minter Wm V born 2 Jun 1897, married, electrotyper & stereotyper
Minter later GUTTERIDGE, Mabel G born 30 Jan 1902, married, unpaid domestic duties.

Probate Nottingham 14 Sep 1970 £7420. 
Minter, William Victor (I939)
11678 William Ernest (Willie) WORLEY, Private 2104, Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, 1/1st Bucks Battalion, killed in action 18 July 1916, aged 21. Cemetery Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France, Pier & Face 10A & 10D. WORLEY, William Ernest (I483)
11679 William Farndon, of this parish bachelor and Susannah Dewiss of this parish spinster, by banns. Both marked. Witnesses Joseph Farndon, Ann Dewiss. Family F1147
11680 William Flood Minter was Chief Officer on the 'Gauntlet'. He was washed overboard and drowned off Cape Horn (on his passage home from Australia according to the 1875 Bury Free Press newspaper archive). Minter, William Flood (I6)
11681 William FRANCES (sic) bachelor of this parish and Rebecca Marshall spinster of this parish. Witnesses Mary Frances, Joseph Gant. Banns. Groom marks others sign. Family F282
11682 William GARNHAM widower of Thorpe and Jemima CROSS spinster of this parish, by banns. Both marked. Witnesses Robert Garnham, Jessy Cross both marked. Family F217
11683 William GARNHAM otp bachelor & Elizabeth ELEY otp spinster, by banns. Both marked. Witnesses John Foulger, J Benneworth. Family F270
11684 William GARNHAM, 19, bachelor, labourer of Thorp le Soken, father Joseph Garnham, labourer Sarah BOWLES, 22, spinster of Thorp le Soken, father Samuel Bowles, labourer, after banns. Both marked. Witnesses Henry Smith, Mary Ann Garnham both marked Family F207
11685 William GARNHAM, 28, bachelor, labourer of Thorp le Soken, father Joseph Garnham, labourer. Charlotte WARREN, 31, widow of Thorp le Soken, father Charles Pearl, labourer, after banns. Both marked. Witnesses William Porter, Elizabeth Porter both marked. Family F208
11686 William George Davey, 21, bachelor, groom of St Peters, Colchester, father James Davey, fruiterer. Georgina Elmer, 19, spinster of Boxted, father Robert Elmer, labourer. Both signed. Witnesses Grace Davey, Annie Maria Elmer both signed. Family F1041
11687 William H Buker, 32, born Litchfield, shoemaker, parents William and Octavia. Mary A Goodale, 20, born Rollinsford (New Hampshire), parents Abner and Mary A. Bride and groom both lived in Salem, Mass. Family F1298
11688 William Hale Kenningale full age, bachelor, labourer of Nayland, father William Kenningale, no occupation given and Hannah NEVARD, full age, spinster, servant of Boxted, father Arthur Nevard, carpenter. He signed, she marked. Witnesses Michael Cooper (sign), James Nevard (mark). Family F993
11689 William henry Grimley, full age, widower, wholesale jeweller of Ealing st Mary's, father Edwin Grimley deceased.Frances Tildesley, full age, spinster of Ealing, father Samuel Tildesley, merchant. Both signed names in full. Witnesses Saml. Tildesley, David Tildesley, Anne Maria Tildesley, J B Grimley and Kate L Grimley. Family F980
11690 William Henry Simmons, full, bachelor labourer of Northbourne, father John Simmons, labourer and Mary Ann Erridge Minter, full, spinster of Middle Deal, father William Minter, bricklayer, by banns, sign/sign. James Norris (sign), Maryann Simmons (sign), witnesses.

Reported in the Dover Express on 22 October 1859. 
Family F664
11691 William Hoile bachelor and Charlotte Ann Minter spinster both of this parish by banns, sign/sign. Thomas Minter (sign), Henry Philpot (sign) witnesses. The latter at other ceremonies. Family F27
11692 William Hunsley of this parish bachelor and Elizabeth Huntington of this parish spinster, by banns. Both marked. Witnesses John Hunsley and Rebecca Hotchkins. Family F521
11693 William is shown as a Steward on steamer.
Birth is confirmed by FreeBMD: Mar 1883, Kensington 1a/140 
Source (S59)
11694 William John and Emily Beatrice Bertha Minter appeared in the 1929 and 1931 Electoral Registers at 32 Falmouth Road, New Kent Road, Southwark, London. Not found together subsequemtly.

1939 Register: at 98 Whitworth Road, Croydon C.B., Surrey
Minter, William J born 11 Sep 1902, married, Shop Assistant (Grocerys Provisions), Croydon ARP warden
Minter, Emily B B born 26 Apr 1903, married, unpaid domestic duties.

From England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966 at
Minter William John of 241 Lodge Lane New Addington Surrey died 21 April 1965 at Pembury Hospital Kent Probate London 27 May to Percy Robert Rose civil servant. £2273. 
Minter, William Jonathan (I1076)
11695 William joined the army (13th London Regiment) on 12 February 1918, apparently in reponse to a newspaper advertisment. His address was 49 Stadium Street, Chelsea, London SW10. Service no. 496951; served as an orderly room clerk. He was transferred to the Z Reserves on 17 November 1919. Had influenza and was in military hospital from 21 May 1919 to 17 June 1919. An accountant's clerk before enlisting.

1939 Register: at 76 Greencroft Road, Heston and Isleworth M.B., Middlesex
Minter, William J born 12 Feb 1900, married, chartered accountant
Minter, Grace born 6 Apr 1906 [sic - actually born in 1905], married, unpaid domestic duties.

From England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966 at
Minter William James of 76 Greencroft Road Heston Middlesex died 26 December 1959 Administration London 4 March 1960 to Grace Amelia Minter widow. Effects £4072 11s 9d. 
Minter, William James (I32)
11696 William may have emigrated to Canada. The Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 at Ancestry show a 23 year-old William A LAKE aboard the Empress of Ireland in 1910. He was a clerk heading for Winnipeg (where brother Henry was already).

Another record almost certainly relates to William:
UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960. The Lusitania, arrived Liverpool 11 April 1915 from New York - William A LAKE of The Orchards, Attenborough, Nr Nottingham, age 27, chartered accountant, last country of residence Canada.
The address given was the family home at the 1911 census.
LAKE, William Addison (I2362)
11697 William Minter and Elizabeth Randle both single persons were married by banns. Witnesses Isaac Randle and William Gentry. Family F5
11698 William Minter bachelor and Amelia Parker spinster both of this parish by banns, sign/her mark. John Parker (sign), Stephen Brice (sign) witnesses. Both are witness at other marriages Family F57
11699 William Minter bachelor and Mary Pidduck spinster both of this parish by banns, sign/her mark. Thomas Marsh (sign), Walter Wilkes (sign) witnesses (the latter at most other ceremonies) Family F170
11700 William Minter batchelor and Jane Gifford spinster both of this parish by banns, sign/sign. Laurence Elgar (sign), Thomas Ashenden (sign) witnesses. The latter is witness at other marriages. Family F39

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