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11601 William Minter of this parish single man and Hannah Ling of this parish widow. Both marked. Witnesses William Dayns (sign) and Ann Flurry (mark) Family F6
11602 William Minter signed, Ann Fuller marked. Witnesses Richard Minter (probably William's brother) and Esther ---. Family F428
11603 William Minter widower and Mary Holloway spinster both of this parish, by licence, sign/her mark. Gregory Holdstock (sign), William Brown (sign) witnesses. Family F119
11604 William Minter, 23, bachelor draper of Croydon, Surrey, father Thomas Minter farmer and Adelaide Poatt (sic) Murton, 25, spinster of Faversham, father William Murton grocer, by banns, sign/sign (signs Adelaide P Murton). Thomas Gillett (sign), Thomas Minter (sign), Jn H Murton (sign), H Minter Jnr (sign), H Minter (sign), Thomas (Dixon) senr (sign) witnesses.
Family F218
11605 William Minter, 27, widower, soldier of 237 Shakespeare Crescent, father William Minter, tailor. Elsie May Long, 24, spinster of 237 Shakespeare Crescent, father Ernest Long (deceased), contractor. Both signed. Witnesses G W Long (Sgt) and M W Rea. Family F258
11606 William Minter, 31, bachelor labourer of Wingham, father Thomas Minter, labourer; Eliza Denniss, 23, spinster of Littlebourne, father John Denniss ,gardener. Both signed. Witnesses John Denniss and Elizabeth Strand, both signed. Family F276
11607 William Minter, 42, widower, plumber of 102 Dalling Road, Hammersmith, father William Minter (deceased), builder. Amelia Cox, 30, spinster of 102 Dalling Road, Hammersmith, father Edward Cox (deceased), shipwright. Witnesses S E Froud and Annie Flowers. Family F8
11608 William Minter, of Eye, with property in "Aye alias Eye", Suffolk, appears in the 1727 Poll Book of Suffolk. The Poll was taken at Ipswich on 30 August 1727, with William voting for John Holt Esquire. Source, UK, Poll Books and Electoral Registers, 1538-1893, August 2013.

From the National Archives, March 2012 - probably refers to this William Minter:
Enfeoffment FB 128/L1/1 20 December 1733
William Dade of Mellis, yeoman Robert Dade of Brockford, gent., Thomas Dade of Brockford, yeoman, «b»William Minter of Eye, gent«/b»., Thomas Fulcher of Bressingham, Norfolk, gent., William Dade of Great Melton, Norfolk, yeoman, and John Feldegate of Norwich, stuff weaver, to said William Dade, Robert Dade, Thomas Dade, «b»William Minter«/b», Thomas Fulcher, William Dade and John Feldegate, and also to Edward Frere of Thwaite, Esq., Shepherd Frere of (?), Samuel Newstead of Brome, gent., and Thomas Newstead, his son, Robert Jacob of Yaxley, gent., and Robert Jacob his son, Thomas (?), yeoman and Thomas his son, Roger Eaton of Palgrave, gent., John Armitage of Yaxley, gent., and William (?), yeoman; messuage or tenement formerly Margaret Leonard's with croft adjoining containing by estimation 1 acre, called the Guild Hall in Yaxley; also close of pasture ground formerly built, called Turners and Reads lying in Yaxley between the said messuage and croft; also meadow called Town Meadow in Little Thornham; also close called Town Meadow in Thrandeston, also close called Erlisford Close, containing by estimation 4½ acres, in Mellis;
Also meadow called Cock Meadow in Yaxley containing by estimation one acre and one rood; also piece of land in Yaxley between lands of Priory of Hoxne on both parts, containing by estimation 1 acre; also messuage or tenement in Mellis with croft adjoining containing by estimation 3 roods; to be held in trust for repair of church, disbursements of churchwardens, repair of houses used for poor inhabitants, disbursements of constable, any overplus to be used to clothe poor children and bind them apprentices, and for the relief of the poor. 
Minter, William (I388)
11609 William NEVARD of this parish bachelor and Lydia BROWN of this parish spinster, by banns. Both signed (she as Lydia BRAUN). Witnesses Mary Ann Nevard, Michael Cooper. This is effectively the last entry in the old-style register. There's another entry but it should have been put in the new-style register and was copied to it. Family F1018
11610 William not found after 1911 census. He may have been the William whose death at age 8 was registered at Lincoln in Q3 1911. HUNSLEY, William (I505)
11611 William of Folkestone, bachelor; Sarah of the same, spinster at Hawkinge or Folkestone. Family F18
11612 William Parker, 28 of Woodstock, born Oxford County, mechanic, Methodist, parents Robert W Parker & Annie Wilson. Alice Eliza Hunsley, 28 of Woodstock, born Oxford County, spinster, Methodist, parents Thomas Hunsley & Elizabeth Butler. Witnesses Leslie Roger s & Mrs L Rogers both of Woodstock. Family F567
11613 William PORTER, 25, bachelor, labourer of Thorp le Soken, father John Porter, labourer. Elizabeth GARNHAM, 22, spinster of Thorp le Soken, father Joseph Garnham, labourer, after banns. Both signed. Witnesses William Garnham (sign), Maria Garnham (mark). Family F231
11614 William possibly married Elizabeth in Ireland. Possibly a soldier, worked in the Royal Arsenal,
Woolwich and had several children 
WHITE, William (I3713)
11615 William presumably died between Jun 1887 (when he married Emily Caroline COLBORNE) and February 1892, when Emily Caroline married James SUFFIELD. William's death may have been the one registered in Q3 1891 at Hackney RD - William Harry SCOTT, aged 23. SCOTT, William Henry (I744)
11616 William Richard Hunsley, farmer, widower, 66, Baptist of Point Fortune, Quebec, father Richard Hunsley, mother Elizabeth Smith. Sarah Hunsley, widow, 56, Baptist of Brownsville, Ontario, father John Heal, mother Harriet Squires. Married by license. Witnesses Ella Cartwright, Tillsonburg and Ruth Oliver, Tillsonburg. Family F550
11617 William Richard Killick, full age, widower, farmer of Edenbridge, father Richard Killick, farmer. Rosa Linney (18, spinster of Hill Grove Road, father James Alfred Linney, outfitter. Both signed. Witnesses Alfred M Linney, Lizzie E Linney. Family F1545
11618 William Robert married his 1st cousin Elizabeth Minter, born Q3 1874 daughter of George Minter and Ann (Goodwin). They were married by banns on 24 Aug 1907 at St Saviour’s Church, Denmark Park, Camberwell. William was 41, a widower compositor of 111a Coplestone Road, father Robert William Minter, printer; Elizabeth was 33, a spinster of the same address, father George Minter (deceased), compositor. Both signed, as did the witnesses Robert William Minter and Lucretia Eliza Deeker (William’s sister). Family F811
11619 William Robert Minter (Bill) was born and grew up in Lineville in Clay county Alabama. In Dec. 1892 he married Lula Haynes. In 1893 they migrated to Collin County Texas along with brothers and sisters from both families. In 1901 or 1902 Bill moved his family to Simms in Bowie county Texas. About 1905 they returned to Collin county and in 1910 back to Bowie county. He was a tennant farmer most of his working life. No records have been found to indicate that he owned property. After the death of Lula in 1911 he married Joicey Prince (Cricket), a widow. They had no children and she died in 1919. Shortly after that he married Edna Tittle and they had 3 children. That marriage ended in divorce. He moved to Plainview TX for several years, but returned to Simms in the early 1930's where he lived until his death in 1942.
Died in his sleep after listening to the first Joe Louis/Billie Conn fight on the radio. 
Minter, William Robert (I3768)
11620 William S. Minter never married, according to Clifton Minter's tree.

1840 United States Federal Census: in Digby's District 377, Jasper, Georgia
Free white male persons 20 thru 29 - 2
Only William S Minter's name is listed against this entry, which is two lines above that for William's mother. The other 20 - 29 year-old male could have been a brother of William.

The following 1860 United States Federal Census: in Jasper, Georgia is probably for William S Minter and his (much) younger brother Richard:
William MINTER (45, farmer, born North Carolina) and Richard Minter (23, farmer, born Georgia).
William S MINTER appears in the 1860 Slave Schedule for Jasper County as the owner of 19 slaves of both sexes and of various ages between 6 and 55.

The 1864 Census for Re-Organizing the Georgia Militia (at, Feb 2015) includes:
MINTER, Wm. S., 51 yrs., Farmer, b. GA
in the list for the 28th Senatorial District - 379th Militia District

I can't find any later records for William S Minter. There's a record, with picture, of the burial of William S Minter, born May 10 1810, died July 5 1897 aged 87 yrs 1 mo 268 days, in the Minter Cemetery, Jasper County, Georgia. This almost certainly is for this William S MInter although the birth date preceeds that we have of his parents' marriage. 
Minter, William S (I3244)
11621 William SEABORN of Ardleigh bachelor and Elizabeth MINTER of this parish spinster, by banns. He marked she appears to have signed. Witnesses John Brow, Eliza Soham(?), Sarah Barker, James Bruce MINTER Family F265
11622 William Semper, full age, servant of 49 Shouldham Street, father Edward Semper, trunk maker. Emma Povey, full age, spinster of 49 Shouldham Street, father William Povey, servant. Both signed. Witnesses George Harbord Gyton and Mary Ann Minter. Family F20
11623 William SIMONS, 25, bachelor, labourer of Thorp le Soken, father James Simons, labourer. Lucy GARNHAM, 22, spinster of Thorp le Soken, father Homan Garnham, labourer, after banns. Both signed. Witnesses George Garnham, Charlotte Goodchild both marked. Family F230
11624 William Singleton and Sarah Bundock both of this parish by banns, sign/her mark. Daniel Jacob (sign), James Dixon (sign) witnesses. Family F847
11625 William Solley full bachelor plasterer of Ramsgate father William Solley plasterer and Charlotte Minter full spinster servant of Ramsgate father Thomas Minter farmer, after banns, sign/sign. Henry Stevens (sign), J W Cull (sign) witnesses. The latter is witness at other marriages. Family F39
11626 William Tong of the parish of Haverhill single man and Sarah Minter of this parish spinster. Witnesses Francis Brooke and Francis Wright. Family F2
11627 William Tyler bachelor of this parish; Elizabeth Minter spinster of this parish, by banns. Both marked. Witnesses George Wilby, Rachel Garnham. Family F6
11628 William was a partner in Storie & Co, a joinery company of Red Hill, Queensland.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1903 for Paddington, Brisbane, Queensland includes:
William Minter, Kennedy Terrace, clerk
Grace Minter, Kennedy Terrace, domestic duties

Australian Electoral Roll, 1905 for Paddington, Brisbane, Queensland includes:
William Minter, Confederate Street, clerk
Grace Minter, Confederate Street, domestic duties.
William's brother John Henry is listed on the same page.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1908 for Windsor, Oxley, Queensland includes:
William Minter, Olney Street, Wilston, accountant
Grace Minter, Olney Street, Wilston, home duties.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1913 for Windor, Lilley, Queensland includes:
William Minter, Olney Street, Wilston, sawmill manager
Grace Minter, Olney Street, Wilston, home duties.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1919 for Windor, Lilley, Queensland includes:
William Minter, Olney Street, Wilston, sawmill manager
Grace Minter, Olney Street, Wilston, home duties.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1925 for Enoggera, Lilley, Queensland includes:
William Minter, Wilgra, Montpelier Street, Wilston, sawmill manager
Grace Minter, Wilgra, Montpelier Street, Wilston, home duties
Grace Irene Mary Minter, Wilgra, Montpelier Street, Wilston, milliner.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1936 for Enoggera, Lilley, Queensland includes:
William Minter, Hartland's, McCallum Road, Enoggera, joinery manufacturer.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1937 for Enoggera, Lilley, Queensland includes:
William Minter, Hartland's, South Pine Road, Enoggera, joinery manufacturer.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1943 for Enoggera, Lilley, Queensland includes:
William Minter, Hartland's, South Pine Road, Enoggera, joinery manufacturer. 
Minter, William (I5)
11629 William was adopted by Henry and Mary in 1886.

1920 US census: in Long Beach, California (apparently next door to William's father and mother), William (33), Amelia (28), son William (5) and Amelia's father Edwin D RAND (74). 
Minter, William Stephen (I252)
11630 William was an adopted son (see his father's Notes). HUNSLEY, William W (I407)
11631 William was baptised as William Bennet Minter son of Thomas and Sarah Minter, Ardleigh, labourer and buried in Ardleigh as William Bennet Minter, aged 10. Minter, William Bennet (I9)
11632 William was living at home in 1841 and 1851. No trace of him can be found in 1861 or 1871.

1881 census: at 71 Bloomfield Road, Mile End Old Town, London, William (47, customs waterman) and Mary (44).

In 1891: living with his widowed mother in High Street, Sandwich, William (59, retired cutoms officer) and Mary J (54).

Appeared in Kelly's Directory for Kent, 1895 and 1899 as William Minter, High Street, Sandwich.

Appeared in the Deal, Walmer and Sandwich Directory, 1898 as William Minter, High Street, Sandwich.

1901 census: still in High Street, Sandwich St Clements, William (69, retired customs officer) and Mary J (65).

1911 census: at 3 Station Road, Minster, Thanet, Kent (4 rooms), Mary Jane (head, 75, widow, no occupation, born Margate, Kent) and Catherine LOWE (companion, 44, single, born Ramsgate, Kent).
Form signed Mary Jane Minter. 
Minter, William (I212)
11633 William was living with his parents in 1871 but has not been found in the 1881 census. He married in Sydney, NSW in 1883.
In January 2015 Alan Buttenshaw writes as follows:
I did some searching today for possible arrivals of William Minter during the period 1871 to 1883.

During the years from 1854 on, many immigrants (both Assisted and Unassisted), often arrived at Melbourne or Brisbane initially (partly because of Gold Rushes I guess and partly because of the growing settlements in these places as a result of earlier gold rushes). Many would then come on to Sydney - often as steerage - in one of the local coastal vessels ie if they could not find work or if that was their original intention.

I could not find any William or W Minter arrivals in Sydney «b»direct«/b» from the UK in this period, nor in Melbourne as Unassisted. However, I did find a possible arrival in Brisbane on 25 Sep 1874 by the "Zoroaster" from London dep 3«sup»rd«/sup» Jun 1874 of a William Minter aged 18. The age of 18 fits! (ie within 1 year of his dob in 1857 - he would have been in his 18«sup»th«/sup» year based on dob of 30 Jan 1857). A few months later in the same year there is an arrival in Sydney from Brisbane of a William Minter as a steerage passenger arriving Sydney 30«sup»th«/sup» Nov 1874 by the "Civility"
None of the other possible Minter arrivals for the period 1871 to 1883 seem to fit and after 30 years doing similar searches, I think the Brisbane arrival is a distinct possibility."
The above is supported by passenger lists which Alan Buttenshaw has found and sent to me.

May 2009, from Geoff Minter:
I have their marriage certificate shows that he and his wife Sarah Buttenshaw (originally Buttensha) were tenant farmers at Gleedswood (now Gledswood) which is now an historic winery. I told their historian who showed a total lack of interest in the story.

A descendent Buttenshaw became a minister (for Roads) in the NSW State government.

William and Sarah were married in an historic Sydney Church that burnt down a few years ago - it is currently being rebuilt.

January 2015 - from Alan Buttenshaw:
"I have been researching the Buttenshaw family in Australia and UK for about 30 years now and Sarah Minter nee Buttenshaw listed on your web page was my g-grandfather's younger sister. Some years ago I located her grave at St Thomas' C of E Enfeild (Sydney) and also her eldest unmaried son, Arthur Edward who is buried alongside as Minter even tho he was born as Buttenshaw to Sarah unmarried at the time.
I have not been able to find a death record for her husband, William Minter and I am wondering if in your research and discussions with any contacts, you can shed any light on his demise? (I have never been able to get in touch with any desendants of William & Sarah).
William appears in the Sands Directory up until 1898 living at Concord, thereafter it only lists his wife Sarah. William had been working in the nearby gas works as a boiler fireman, so it is possible he contacted TB or consumption as many of that time and ended up in a Sanitorium (and his death was never officially recorded). It is possible he left the marriage but checks of deaths in Queensland and Victoria have not revealed anything. I also checked out variants such as Winter but to no avail.
Any info or details of living descendants you can provide will be much appreciated."

January 2015. Further research by Alan Buttenshaw makes it clear that William Minter deserted his family and went off probably in search of riches in the goldfields of Western Australia. William probably left around 1897 and in 1899 his wife Sarah went to the authorities to see if they could help. As a result the following appeared in the New South Wales Police Gazette on 26 April 1899:
"Deserting Wives and Families, Service, &c.
Newtown - A warrant has been issued by the Newtown Bench for the arrest of William Minter, charged with child desertion. He is 43 years of age, 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, stout build, fresh complexion, red moustache, brown hair, has a ring tattooed on one finger of left hand, bracelet on wrist, anchor on one arm; a labourer. Was heard of eleven months ago from East Mount Margaret, Murchison, West Australia. Now said to be working on the Midland Junction Railway works near Perth."
This clearly had no effect and Sarah soldiered on, bringing up her children while working as a laundress. In 1915, about six months before Sarah died, another item appeared in the NSW Police Gazette of 7 July:
"Burwood - A warrant has been issued by the Burwood Bench for the arrest of William Minter, charged with wife desertion. He is 59 years of age, 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, stout build, fresh complexion, brown hair, reddish beard and moustache, a bracelet tattooed on one wrist, and a ring tattooed on one finger. Said to be working at the gold mines at Sandstones, Western Australia. Complainant, Sarah Minter, St Elmo, Kembla-street, Enfield."

Efforts to establish exactly where William went and when he died have led to the discovery of several Electoral Roll entries which «u»might«/u» refer to William. Unfortunately they could equally refer to another Minter who was in Western Australia at about the same time (Henry William Minter, born 1865, of the North Suffolk group). For what they are worth, the Electoral Roll entries are as follows:

1931 for Beverley, Swan, Western Australia, William Minter, Exchange Hotel, Pingelly, manager
1931 for Guildford, Swan, Western Australia, William Minter, 57 Scadden Street, Bassendean [no occupation shown]
1925 for Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, William Minter, 20 Brookman Street, prospector
1916 for Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, William Minter, 7 Porter Street, miner
1916 for Mount Magnet, Dampier, Western Australia, William Minter, Youanini, miner
1910 for Mount Magnet, Coolgardie, Western Australia, William Minter, Black Range, miner
1910 for Brown Hill, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, William Minter, Oroya Brown Hill Lease 1272, carter
1906 for Brown Hill, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, William Minter, Brown Hill Proprietary, labourer
1903 for Brown Hill, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, William Minter, Brown Hill Proprietary, labourer

February 2015: Alan Buttenshaw writes:
"Regarding the 2 Williams, having read the details and Notes for Henry William Minter [of the North Suffolk Minters], it seems that he died elsewhere and did not marry until 1933, so I guess that Sarah's husband, William is most likely the one who died 1933 - Registered Perth #1923. He was no doubt the one recorded in the Electoral Rolls (1925 I recall) as living in the "Claremont" Old Men's Home - west of Perth near Fremantle."
I agree with Alan and am adopting 1933, Perth as the date and place of this William Minter's death. 
Minter, William (I85)
11634 William was living with his parents in 1910 so must have married after that. According to "Mom's side4 (added marion gedcom) " William and Alice had two sons before William died, William Harris POPE (1913 - 1968) and James Willis POPE MD (1915 - 1973).

In 1920 Alice and the two boys were with her brother Kenneth. 
POPE, William Harris (I5119)
11635 William was Mary's illegitimate son. Minter, William (I373)
11636 William was probably married and widowed before he met Emily - the 1871 census shows, at 29 Scotland Street, Sheffield, William (32, grocer & joiner, born Mosborough, Derbyshire), Ann (29, born Attercliffe) and Wm Hy (6, born Sheffield). An Ann Hodgson's death at 31 was registered in Q1 1874 at Sheffield (9c/249). William married Emily in 1876.

1881 census: at 3 back Macro Street, Brightside Bierlow, Sheffield, William HODSON (sic) (39, joiner), Emily (26), Ruth (5), John (3) and an infant of 3 days.

1891 census: at 2H 1 Ct Macro Street, Brightside Bierlow, Sheffield, William HODGSON (52, carpenter), Emily (35), John (12, scholar), Harriet (10, scholar), George (7, scholar), Elizabeth (5, scholar), Willis Naboth (2) and Hilda (3 months). Also William's brother Mark (single, 50, hawker, born born Mosborough, Derbyshire).

1901 census: at Ryebank 10, Brightside Bierlow, Sheffield, William HODGSON (60, joiner & undertaker), Emily (43), Ruth (24), John Calverly (22, warehouse porter), Harriett (20, clerk (merchant)), George Glendall (?) (17, joiners (improver)), Elizabeth Ann (15, servant (domestic)), Willis Naboth (12), Hilda Sarah (10) and Alfred (4).

1911 census: at 69 Walkley Lane, Sheffield (5 rooms), (all HODGSON) Emily (head, 54, widow, married 35 years, 9 children, 8 still alive, private means, born Eccleshall Bierlow, Sheffield), Hilda (daughter, 20, single, soap canvasser, born Pitsmoor, Sheffield) and Alfred (son, 14, assistant canvasser, born Pitsmoor, Sheffield). 
HODGSON, William (I1298)
11637 William WENDLOCK of Boxted & Mary Minter otp spinster, by banns. Both marked. Witnesses James Blyth, Ann Wendlock. Family F98
11638 William Wheway, bachelor of this parish and Susannah Farndon, widow of this parish, by banns. William signed, Susannah marked. Witnesses J P Sidwell, Ann Sidwell. Family F1146
11639 William Wheway, full age, bachelor labourer of Bond End, father William Wheway, stockinweaver. Ann Keen, full age, spinster of Bond End, father William Keen, stockingweaver. Both marked. Witnesses Joseph C Carter(?), Jane Bates(?). Family F1151
11640 William Wilby of this parish bachelor and Hannah Munson of this parish spinster, by banns. Both marked. Witnesses John Neverd & Elizabeth Neverd both marked. Family F1066
11641 William X Worley bac otp m. Mary X Weedon sp otp. Witnesses: Wootton Clark, Benjamin Buckmaster Family F89
11642 William's baptism at Fritton on 24 January 1807 has been confirmed by Vivien Teasdale. The IGI shows a second entry for a William son of William Minter and Meditation Brown, on 24 Jan 1808 at St Srephen (sic, presumably Stephen), Norwich, Norfolk: it's not clear what this means.

1841 census: at Lower Stoke, Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk, William (30, mustard maker journeyman), Elizabeth (25), Sarah (4) and Elizabeth (11 weeks).

1851 census: at Upper Stoke, Humbleyard & Henstead, Norfolk, William (42), wagoner to mustard starch and flour manufactory, Elizabeth (35), Sarah (14), Elizabeth (10), Mary Ann (7) and William (5).

1861 census: in Stoke Holy Cross, William (53), carman, Elizabeth (45), Sarah (24) and William (15). Daughter Mary Ann (18) was in service as a nurse maid at 22 The Walk, Market Place, St Peter Mancroft, Norwich. Daughter Elizabeth (20) was a housemaid in Golden Dog Lane, St Saviour, Norwich.

1871 census: a record for Elisabeth WINTER (57), nurse, widow, in Palace Street, Norwich probably refers to Elizabeth (William had died in 1868).

1881 census: Elizabeth (65), still a nurse, was living in Cambridge Street, Norwich with John and Rachel BELLAMY and their two children.

1891 census: Elizabeth (76), now retired from nursing, was living at 47 Esdelle Street, Norwich with her grandson William (23, carpenter) and his wife Rosa (19), born Wreningham). 
Minter, William (I109)
11643 William's baptism hasn't been found. His existence in inferred from the burial in Kirton on 11 Feb 1829 of William son of Richard Hunsley, aged 23. HUNSLEY, William (I1355)
11644 William's birth certificate gives his mother's name as Hannah Eliza HALL formerly EDWARDS and his father's occupation as Journeyman Cabinet Maker.

1891 census: at 60 Gifford Street, St Leonard Shoreditch, London (all HALL), William G (35, cabinet maker, born Shoreditch), Ellen S (32, born Colchester), Harry F (8, born Shoreditch), Louisa E (6, born Enfield, Middlesex) and Ellen J (?, born Shoreditch). At the same address were Ellen's parents.

1901 census: at 60 Gifford Street, St Leonard Shoreditch, London (all HALL), William G (45, shop fitter, born Shoreditch), Ellen (42, born Colchester), Louisa (16, milliner, born Enfield, Middlesex), Nellie (11, born Shoreditch), Julia (8, born Shoreditch) and Jenny (5, born Shoreditch). Son Harry, 18, had enlisted in the Queen's Bays Cavalry at age 15 to fight in the Boer Wars and was in South Africa.

1911 census: at 53 De Beauvoir Road, Kingsland, London N (4 rooms) (all HALL), William (55, cabinet maker, born St Leonard's Shoreditch), Ellen (50, married 29 years, 5 children all living, born Colchester), Harry (28, single, ex soldier, born St Leonard's Shoreditch), Louie (26, single, milliner childrens, born Enfield, Middlesex), Nellie (21, single, dressmaker, born St Leonard's Shoreditch), Ida (19, single, ladies milliner, born St Leonard's Shoreditch) and Jinny (16, single, pen maker, born St Leonard's Shoreditch).

Janet Webb writes, September 2013: William's four daughters never married and lived in various places until the last one, Ida, came to Leamington to live with my parents before going into a Care Home where she died in the 1970s [actually 1987]. 
HALL, William George (I6)
11645 William's birth date is taken from a record on the IGI which says 'About 1643 of Eye, Suffolk'. There is however a second IGI record on which the year is 1637.

The following research came in an email from Dick Moore in April 2015:
" [The following] throws a little more light on William Minter dying in 1690 (wish I could find his burial).
Chancery Proceedings C6/265/43 details a Complaint by Willm & John E(a)stoll against Willm & Elizabeth Minter for want of a Release to a Bond which Willm Eastoll signed because he'd put Elizabeth in the family way and refused to do the decent thing.
There is the actual complaint and two answers in the bundle one of which is from Elizabeth Minter who states in the text that
"neither is she Executrix or Adminstratrix to her said Father or Mother whom are lately both dead".
The Complaint is dated 12th February 1689/90 and Elizabeth's Answer dated January 1690/91.
The illegitimate child is recorded in Hoxne Parish Records
being baptised 17th April 1688 as ABIGAIL ESTOW MINTER dau
of MARY MINTER and WM ESTOW. (On this basis Mary should read Elizabeth). Anyway Abigail seems to have been buried also in Hoxne Parish 5th February 1701/2 as ABIGAIL MINTER.
Elizabeth as Elizabeth Ward (don't know when they married)
is buried in Eye (from Hoxne) 3 July 1698 (Parish Record)
3rd June 1698 (Ancestry)." 
Minter, William (I415)
11646 William's birth details come from a Public Tree at The burial of William Gordon, aged 49 of Stour Street, which is recorded in the non-conformist register (at of Wycliffe Congregational Church, Tower Hamlets, London, is assumed to relate to this William Gordon. GORDON, William (I510)
11647 William's birth seems to have been registered twice, in 1859 and then in 1860. The enhanced GRO index shows mother's maiden name MALLOWS both times.

1891 census: at 52 Wingfield Road, St Clement, Norwich, William (30, tailor), Esther (28), Esther Maria (8, scholar), Nellie (6, scholar), Blanch (3, scholar) and William Henry (1 month)

1901 census: at 83 Freemantle Road, West Ham, London, William (40, tailor's cutter), Esther (37), Esther (18, mantle maker), Nellie (16, mantle maker), Blanche (13), William (10), Charlie (8), Sidney (6), Ethel (5) and Bertie (4).

1911 census: at 12 Birchdale Road, Forest Gate, Essex (6 rooms), William (head, 50, married, tailor, worker, born Norwich, Norfolk), Esther (wife, 48, married 29 years, 8 children all living, born Walworth, London), Nellie (daughter, 25, single, tailoress, worker, born Norwich, Norfolk), Blanche (daughter, 23, single, tailoress, worker, born Norwich, Norfolk), William (son, 20, drapers assistance, worker, born Norwich, Norfolk), Sidney (son, 17, single, tailor's clerk, worker, born Norwich, Norfolk), Ethel (daughter, 15, born Norwich, Norfolk) and Bertie (son, 14, school, born Norwich, Norfolk).
Form signed William Minter.

England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941 (at, Nov 2010):
MINTER William of 12 Birchdale-road Forest Gate Essex died 17 August 1923 at Brentwood, Essex Probate London 18 September 1923 to Nellie Minter spinster. Effects £252 10s. 
Minter, William (I527)
11648 William's death certificate gives: born 16 Feb 1902, Dover, Kent, retired electrical fitter (Electricity Board), 10 Hamilton Road, Dover, causes of death carcinomatosis and carcinoma bronchus, informant William Norman Pittock, son, 30 Cherry Tree Avenue, Dover PITTOCK, William George (I1996)
11649 William's name (and Julia Jeanne Minter's) appear on a list at
of people wising to return to Jersey after the Occupation of WW2. It hasn't been possible to pursue this as no Jersey records appear to be online as at Jan 2011.

There may be a connection with David D T Minter (1964) and Rachel Maria Minter (1967) , whose mother's maiden name was MALZARD, a name known in Jersey.

August 2011: Monica Tyler, a member of this family, writes:
William Henry (id 148) enlisted in the rifle brigade 04 08 1914, service number 5575. I have his medals and some paperwork, no birth or marriage certificates though. I feel sure that he and Percy (id149) service number 5574 must have joined up together, also believe that "Corey" was a nick name for Percy as "Nerry" was for William Henry. He married Julia (of French decent I believe) in about 1925, and lived on Jersey most of the rest of his life, apart from the 2nd war world years. No children. He died approx 1978. 
Minter, William Henry Foreman (I48)
11650 William's name was transcribed as RYLE. Family F775

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