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10701 The marriage in 1876 is probable rather than definite. The Thomas who married Rebecca Ann Stevens that year gave his age as 21, whereas Thomas the son of George and Ann Minter would have been only 18 or 19. On the other hand, Thomas gave his father as George Minter, baker. Rebecca also exaggerated her age - she said she was 21 but was born in about 1857 or 1858. Minter, Thomas (I3659)
10702 The marriage in 1907 links the Brightlingsea and Ridgewell Minters. John Marrington GOFF was the son of William Marrington GOFF and his first wife. After his first wife died, William Marringtgton GOFF married Ellen Ann GRIGGS, the daughter of Ruth Minter and Hazell GRIGGS. See the Brightlingsea Minters for further details.

1911 census: at 41 Sidney Street, Brightlingsea, Essex (4 rooms), John Marrington GOFF (head, 27, married, boat-builder, worker, born Brightlingsea), Alice GOFF (wife, 25, married 3 years, 1 child, living, born Brightlingsea) and Dorothy Janet GOFF (daughter, 2, born Brightlingsea).
Form signed John Marrington Goff. 
GOFF, John Marrington (I55)
10703 The marriage in 1939 is believed to relate to Katherine, although her name is shown in the BMD index as Catherine. Minter, Katherine (I283)
10704 The marriage index for the marriage shows 'Hope or McGregor', suggesting that Lily had a previous marrige - probaby in Q2 1938, as McGREGOR to Thomas J HOPE McGREGOR, Lily Margaret (I2020)
10705 The marriage index gives William's surname as CLACKOLD but he appeared in the 1911 census as OLD, and OLD is the surname shown in the birth index for son William and daughter Rhoda.

1911 census: at 54 Vicarage Road, Afghan Road, Norwich (6 rooms) (all OLD, born New Catton, Norwich) William Joseph (head, 34, married, stoker, Corporation worker), Edith (wife, 33, married 13 years, 2 children both living), William John Henry (son, 11, school) and Rhoda Maud Edith (daughter, 6, school).

The 1939 Register is interesting - in the space for William's name is written "Clack William Joseph" but Clack is crossed through and "Old" is inserted.
1939 Register: at 45 Marlborough Road , Beeston and Stapleford U.D., Nottinghamshire
SMITH, Russell C T born 3 Jan 1904, married, joiner ----
SMITH, later GOODRICH, Rhoda M E born 6 Oct 1905, married, unpaid domestic duties
CLACK/OLD, William Joseph born 16 Jan 1877, married, caretaker
OLD, Edith born 15 Feb 1878, married, unpaid domestic duties

On the banns of marriage, William appears as William Joseph Clack Old. His birth registration appears as William Joseph C OLD, mother's maiden name DYE. 
OLD, William Joseph Clack (I207)
10706 The Marriage Index shows Bruce Dancer but according to John J Minter, March 2006, his full name was William Bruce Dancer. John spent many months in e-mail contact with one of his descendants by marriage - a Canadian lady - W B Dancer was a glass worker, miner, and served in WW1. Family F54
10707 The marriage lisense of W. D. Minter and Vadis Coker was recorded in Floyd
county Texas on Jan 10, 1927. It was never picked up after being recorded.
On March 31, 1994, I, W. D. Minter, Jr., checked the Floyd county courthouse
while tryng to verify my fathers first marriage. They were still holding the
marriage lisense 67 years later. 
Family F1563
10708 The marriage of Ann Minter and Richard Wraight Kennett in 1803 is believed to relate to this Ann. Ann's age as given in censuses doesn't tally very well with her baptismal date. Minter, Ann (I66)
10709 The marriage of George and Hannah provides a link to the family tree of Pat Vickers on Genes Reunited.

1841 census: George (20), cooper, living in Row, Regent, Great Yarmouth with mother Mary (45+/-) and brother Samuel (23).

1851 census: at Row 54, Great Yarmouth, George (30), widower, journeyman cooper, with daughter Elizabeth (6), son Samuel (4) and widowed mother Mary (54). Another daughter, Rebecca Elizabeth (9) was living with her PIGNEY grandparents at Row 78.

When daughter Amelia was christened George was a cooper of Market Road.

1861 census: at 34 Market Road, Great Yarmouth:
George (40), a cooper, and Susannah (34) with Hannah B. (15) [George's second wife's daughter], Samuel (14), Virtue (7), William (4) and Amelia (2).
Since George married Hannah in 1853 it's unclear why the 1861 census showed his wife as Susannah - probably a mistake by the enumerator.

Cobb's Directory for 1863 has an entry for George Minter, joiner, Market Road, Great Yarmouth.

1871 census Indexed as WINTER by George (50) and Hannah (44) lived at 3 Jays Building, Great Yarmouth with Amelia (12), Florence (9), Henry John (6) and William George (3). Virtue had left home and was a servant at 39 Regent Road, Great Yarmouth.

1881 census: George (60), Hannah (54) lived at 3 Row 113, North Side, Great Yarmouth with Florence (19), Henry (16, described as 'imbecile from birth') and William (13). Amelia had left home and was a domestic servant with Samuel and Hannah Lacey in Norwich, accompanied by her daughter Florence (8 months). Amelia married Jacob LACEY in 1886.

1891 census: George (70) and Hannah (64) lived at 10 Row 113, Great Yarmouth with Florence (29), Harry (ie Henry John) (26, imbecile) and William J. (23).

1901 census: Hannah MINTER (74, now a widow) lived still at 10 Row 113, Great Yarmouth with Florence MINTER (daughter, single, 39, charwoman), Henry MINTER (son, single, 37, 'feeble minded from childhood'), Amelia MINTER (graddaughter, 17, tailoress) and Florence LACEY (graddaughter, 20, granddaughter, laundry maid).

1911 census: at 4 Housego's Passage, North Market Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (4 rooms) Hannah (head, 84, widow, 7 children, 6 living 1 died, no occupation, born Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk) and Henry (son, 45, single, no occupation, born Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk).
Form signed Hannah Minter. 
Minter, George (I22)
10710 The marriage of George Henry and Rebecca STEED links to Paula Hadgraft's family tree ([tilde]phadgraft/index.htm).

1911 census: at the Compasses Inn, Hight Street, Dedham, Essex, G H Minter (head, 33, married, publican, own account at home, born Coggeshall, Essex), R Minter (wife, 30, married 5 years, 3 children all living, born Aldham, Suffol), D Minter (daughter, 4, born Bricet(?), Suffolk ), George Minter (son, 2, born Bricet(?), Suffolk), Ella Minter (daughter, 1, born Dedham, Essex) and Mary STEED (sister in law, 14, born Dedham, Essex).
The 3 children are assumed to be:
'D' - Dorothy Helen reg at Bosmere Q4 1906
George - George William reg at Bosmere Q3 1908
Ella - Ella Mildred reg at Lexden Q2 1910
Form signed by George H Minter.

When son Percy was born George was a licensed victualler at The Swan, 22 The Village, Charlton, London.

1939 Register: at The White Swan Hotel Charlton Road, Greenwich, London
Minter, George H born 1 Feb 1878, widower, licensed victualler
Minter, Leslie born 25 Jan 1914, single, assistant licensed victualler
4 other people, probably employees.

Darren Bedingfield kindly sent me this transcription of George Henry's Will:
This is the last will and testament of me GEORGE HENRY MINTER of White Swan Hotel Charlton Village S.E.7 in the County of London WHEREBY I REVOKE all former Wills and other testamentary dispositions heretofore made by me.
1 I APPOINT Barclays Bank Limited (hereinafter called "the bank") to be the EXECUTOR AND TRUSTEE of this my will with power to set up by its proper officer or officers and also to act as bankers to my estate for all purposes upon the terms usual between the bank and a customer and the bank shall also be entitled to remuneration for its services as such executor and trustee in accordance with its published terms now in force free from duties and deductions and to be paid or retained out of any part of the capital or income of my estate at the bank's discretion and in priority to all other payments and also to the customary share of brokerage on the sale and purchase of investments.
2 I BEQUEATH to my son Leslie Minter the sum of five hundred pounds free of duty
3 I DEVISE AND BEQUEATH all my real and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever not hereby or by any codicil hereto otherwise specifically disposed of (hereinafter called "my residuary estate") unto the bank upon trust.
To pay my wife Betty Sutherland Minter during her life the whole of the income of such residuary estate and should such income not be sufficient for my wife's needs I desire and direct that the bank shall pay to my wife out of the capital of my estate such further sums as she shall require for her needs provided that the total payment of income and capital shall not in any one year exceed a weekly average of £10
On the death of my said wife Betty Sutherland Minter (and subject to all payments under clause 3(a) hereof but including any income of my residual estate being undisposed of) I desire the bank to distribute my residuary estate (if any) under the rules of intestacy.
IN WITNESS whereof I the said George Henry Minter the testator have hereunto set my hand this thirtieth day of April one thousand nine hundred and forty six. London Gazette of 18 Mar 1949 gives address at time of death as The White Swan Hotel, 22, The Village, Charlton, London, S.E.7.

From England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966 at
Minter George Henry of The White Swan Hotel 22 The Village Charlton London died 1 December 1948 Probate London 1 March 1949 to Barclays Bank Limited. Effects £8621 18s 2d. 
Minter, George Henry (I801)
10711 The marriage of Henry STEPHENSON and Ellen MAXTED is one of the roots of Brian Worsfold's family tree which contains over 5,000 individuals. STEPHENSON, Henry Benjamin (I2797)
10712 The marriage of Leslie and Gladys provides a link to trees on Genes Reunited of Peter Hunt, Michelle Jones and Christopher Ralph. Family F19
10713 The marriage of Rosannah/Rose Annie and George PAGE links to Hilary Wright's family tree on Genes Reunited. Minter, Rosannah or Rose Annie (I754)
10714 The marriage of William and Maria provides a link into Jan Boyce's Genes Reunited tree. Maria COTTON's sister Elizabeth married into Jan's family. Family F7
10715 The marriage record at shows names as Carrie rather than Cassie. STULTZ, Cassie Lee (I3272)
10716 The marriage record at Family Search gives Edmund's middle name as 'Martin'. This name also appears in his 1851 census entry.

1841 census: in Peter Street, Deal, Kent (all PAIN), Edmund (55, sail maker), Esther (50), Mary (25), Elizabeth (15) and George (10).

1851 census: at 18 Beach Street, Deal, Kent (all born Deal), Edmund Martin (65), Esther (61) and George (19). Also daughter Elizabeth ROUSE (daughter, married, 25) and Andrew SPAREPOINT (grandson, 5, scholar).

1861 census: at 18 Beach Street, Deal, Kent, Edmund (75, oil --- manufacturer), Esther (72) and George (29, boatman). Also Mary A SPAREPOINT (grandson, 5, scholar).

Edmund died in 1869.

1871 census: at 141 Middle Street, Deal, Kent, Esther (widow, 81, no occupation) and George (39, no occupation). 
PAIN, Edmund (I3051)
10717 The marriage record shows Alice as Alice WILLIAMS. HERBERT, Alice A (I7841)
10718 The marriage register notes that John was a widower and Ann a widow. Family F245
10719 The marriage to Albert or Alberto William Kelley in 1866 seems highly likely, rather than definite. The doubts are firstly that the marriage register shows Sarah's age as 21, whereas should would in fact have been only 17 and secondly that Sarah's father's occupation is shown as carpenter whereas his occupation in 1861 and 1871 was shown as labourer.
On the other hand, census entries for Albert(o) Kelley for 1871 and 1881 show his wife Sarah's age as 22 and 31 respectively and, in 1881, her birthplace as Peckham, which agrees with her baptism.
Other interesting factors are that Albert(o) Kelley was born in Sandwich, which is where Sarah's father came from, and that (somehat eerily), Sarah's youngest brother was called Alberto William Minter.
On balance it looks as if John Perkins Minter's daughter Sarah was the Sarah Minter who married Alberto William Kelley in 1866.

Footnote: it was only after I had entered the data relating to the above that I realised that Alberto William Kelley already featured in this family as the son of Mary Ann Minter and William Kelley. This has been corrected. The couple were first cousins. 
Minter, Sarah (I91)
10720 The marriage to Edith is thought to be correct but needs checking with the marriage certificate. Message to Mavis Minter (Nye) 13 4 12 via GR.

1939 Register: at 163 Harbut Road, Battersea, London
Minter, Frederick P born 9 Apr 1913, married milling machinist non-ferrous metals
Minter, Edith M born 29 Nov 1911, married, unpaid domestic duties
Minter (later amended to DELLAR) born 31 Dec 1936 [should be 1935], single, at school.
This confirms the marriage to Edith. 
Minter, Frederick Percival (I1555)
10721 The marriage to Hannah APPLEBY is speculative and the marriage certificate hasn't been obtained. Darren Bedingfield has provided the following circumstantial evidence:
(1) the 1841 census shows William living with his father; a Hannah Appleby aged 26 is living as a servant in Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk. She is listed as not born in county.
(2) William's wife comes from Boxted according to the census. There are Applebys living in Boxted (as we know). If there is a Hannah born c 1815 in SEAX records this could well be her.
(3) Stoke by Nayland is (or at least was in 1850) in Sudbury Registration District
(4) There are Minter connections with Nayland.

1851 census: in Great Horkesley, William (45, farm labourer, born Great Horkesley) and Hannah (39, born Boxted).

1861 census: in Great Horkesley, William (54, farm labourer, born Great Horkesley) and Hannah (52, born Boxted).

1871 census: in Spratts Marsh, Great Horkesley, William (65, ag lab) and Hannah (63).

1881 census: now a widow, Hannah (73, born Boxted) lived in Spratts Marsh with a lodger, James WHITNEY (55, ag lab, born Gt Waltham, Essex). 
Minter, William (I637)
10722 The marriage to James B GOW appears in 5 public member trees at Ancestry and in Clifton Minter's tree. But none of these has a marriage date or any source confirming the marriage. Minter, Judith (I308)
10723 The marriage to John STROOD is not definite. Minter, Mary (I370)
10724 The marriage to Mr Small is speculative - evidence for it has not been found. It may have taken place in Canterbury. WHITE, Jane (I3592)
10725 The marriage to place at the bride's home. Family F148
10726 The marriage to Sarah SALMON is possible, not definite. PEACHEY, John (I2818)
10727 The marriage was announced in the Kentish Gazette Tuesday 9 April 1850:
"Marriage: EASTES-MINTER. April 3, at Folkestone, by the Rev. Richard Baldock, rector of Kingsnorth, Mr Gillibee [sic] Eastes of Guston Court near Dover, to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr Bartholomew Minter of Folkestone."

Also announced in the Times (Monday, Apr 08, 1850; pg. 9; Issue 20457):
"On the 3d inst., at Folkestone, Kent, by the Rev. Richard Baldock, rector of Kingsnorth, Mr Gillbee Eastes, of Guston-court, near Dover, to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Bartholomew Miner, of Folkestone." 
Family F82
10728 The marriage was announced in The Times of London on 27 December 1933: "On Dec 24, 1933, very quietly, GUSTAV WOLFSOHN to DOROTHY J MINTER, 72 Priory Road, London NW6." Family F4
10729 The marriage, by banns, took place on 27 Apr 1850 at the Parish Church of St Luke, Middlesex between John Thomas Minter, full age, bachelor mariner of Goswell Street, father Hockaday Minter, mariner; and Mary Iggulden, full age, spinster of Goswell Street, father Joseph Iggulden, tailor. Both signed. Witnessed by William Reader Turner and Edw. C Tracey(?). Family F516
10730 The middle name 'Grigson' appears on the IGI birth record but nowhere else.

Received a bequest of five pounds from the 1832 Will of Thomas Minter.

1841 census: at 2 St George's Terrace, St George the Martyr, Canterbury, Kent, Henry (30, veterinary surgeon, born Kent), Emma (30, not born Kent) and Emma (3, born Kent).

1851 census: at 54 St George's Street, St George the Martyr, Canterbury, Kent, Henry (41, veterinary surgeon, born Canterbury, Kent), Emma E (40, born Birmingham), Henry (18, articled clerk (solicitors), born Canterbury and Thomas Owen (3, born Canterbury).

1861 census: at Ashfield, Ampton Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Henry (51, pro land, born Canterbury, Kent), Emma E (50, born Birmingham), Thomas O (13, born Canterbury) and Jemima (9, born Canterbury).

1871 census: in Park Road, Harborne, Birmingham, Henry (widower, 61, income from land houses etc, born Canterbury, Kent), Thomas O (23, architect, born Canterbury), Jemima (19, born Canterbury) and Benjamin (brother, 51, retired tea dealer, born Canterbury).

1881 census: at Ashfield, Park Lane, Harborne, Birmingham, Henry (widower, 71, retired veterinary surgeon, born Canterbury, Kent), Thomas O (33, no occupation, born Canterbury) and Julia (niece, 24, no occupation, born Birmingham). 
CHRISTIAN, Henry Grigson (I381)
10731 The Morning Chronicle of 8 July 1856 reported that John Thomas Minter, clerk to the firm of Messrs Young and Desborough, solicitors, appeared in court as a witness in a breach of contract hearing.

1861 census: at 1 Buckingham Street, Hackey, London, Jno [John] T (33, commercial clerk, shipbuilder), Elizabeth (34), Annie M (4) and Elizabeth L (3). 
Minter, John Thomas (I460)
10732 The name Edmund Minter, of Needham, with property in Combes, Suffolk, appears in the 1727 Poll Book of Suffolk. The Poll was taken at Ipswich on 30 August 1727, with Edmund voting for Sir William Barker, Bart. Source, UK, Poll Books and Electoral Registers, 1538-1893, August 2013.
This entry may relate to this Edmund Minter - he is the only one known of that name - but 'of Needham' makes it less than certain. On the other hand, Edmund's father William appears in the same Poll Book, as William Minter of Eye.

January 2016: email from Dick Moore:
"1725 Edm (sic) Minter of Eye, Suffolk apprenticed to Benj Orford of ditto grocer £ 40. Reference; Index to Apprentices page 4004 item 11/58.
Burial at Eye 7 Mar 1728/29 EDMUND son of Wm MINTER" 
Minter, Edmund (I404)
10733 The name GROTECKE is correctly spelled with an umlaut over the 'o'.

1861 census: lodging at 25 Hornton Street, Kensington, Henry GROTECKE (24, pianoforte maker).

London Gazette 1 May 1866:
Henry Grotecke, of No. 8, Queen's-row, Pimlico, in the county of Middlesex, previously of No. 29, Thornton-street, Brixton-road, in the county of Surrey, formerly of No. 45, Hanover-street, Pimlico aforesaid, Journeyman Pianoforte Finisher, prior thereto of No. 412, Hackney-road, in the
said county of Middlesex, same occupation, Wife, then Caroline Minter, keeping a School, before then of No. 57, Charles-street, Westminster, same county and occupation, formerly of No. 25, Hornton-street, Kensington, same county, out of employment, having been adjudged bankrupt under a Petition for adjudication of Bankruptcy, filed in Her Majesty's Court of Bankruptcy, in London, on the 28th day of April, 1866, .....

1871 census: at 6 Claplands Tce, Lambeth, London, Henry GROTECKE (34, piano forte finisher), Caroline GROTECKE (36, born Middx, West St (?)), Henry Minter GROTECKE (3, born Kennington) and a lodger.

1881 census: at 138 Clifton Street, Stretford, Lancashire, Henry GROTECKE (45, pianoforte maker), Caroline GROTECKE (46), Henry M GROTECKE (13, scholar) and Roberta M GROTECKE (8, scholar).

1891 census: at 55 Shrewsbury Street, Stretford, Lancs, Henry GROTECKE (54, pianoforte maker), Caroline GROTECKE (56), Henry M GROTECKE (23, traveller) and Roberta M GROTECKE (18, dressmaker).

1901 census: at 125 Henrietta Street, Stretford, Lancs, Henry GROTECKE (64, pianoforte maker), Caroline GROTECKE (66), and Roberta M GROTECKE (28). 
GRÖTECKE, Henry (I616)
10734 The name HARRIDGE doesn't appear in the birth registration index but is in the 1911 census. CAYLESS, Mabel Betty Harridge (I723)
10735 The name HARRIDGE doesn't appear in the birth registration index but is in the 1911 census. The death index shows James William H. CAYLESS, James William Harridge (I724)
10736 The name Millicent appears on the marriage certificate for Vera's second marriage but her birth certicate shows Vera Lucille. JARRATT, Vera Lucille (I1428)
10737 The name of William Cossey Minter's second wife is shown on the 1901 census as Marian, aged 50, birthplace 'not known'. According to, the marriage registered in Q4 1893 at 9d/387 was to either Alice Alderson or Catherine Shea.
The 1891 cesus shows that a Marian A Alderson, aged 38, a widow, laundress, born Sunderland, lived at 30 Walmsley Street, Sculcoates with her son Thomas Alderson, 17 and daughter Alice Alderson, 12, both born Hull.
The probability is that when she married William Cossey Minter in Q4 1893, Marian used the name Alice instead of Marian, Alice probably being her second name. 
ALDERSON, Marian A (I386)
10738 The name of William's wife came from Stephen Hunsley. The marriage hasn't been found.

1841 census: in Messingham, Lincs (all HUNSLEY), William (35, ag lab), Mary (25), Thomas (8), Sarah (6), George (3) and Alfred (1).

At the Lincoln County Assizes on 7 March 1846 a William Hunsley, aged 39, got 12 months imprisonment for sheep stealing. Most probably this William.

1851 census: in London, Messingham, Lincs (all HUNSLEY), William (45, farm labourer), Mary (36, born Great Limber, Lincs), Fergus (8, born Messingham), George (6, born Messingham), Alfred (4, born Messingham), Eliza (3, born Messingham) and Charles (6 months, born Messingham).

At first glance, the 1841 and 1851 censuses above don't seem to make sense. The explanation is that of the children in the 1841 census:
Thomas had left home - see his Notes
Sarah - not clear what became of her but may have left home, see her Notes
The first George (of 1838) and Alfred died in 1843.

1861 census (indexed as HEMSLEY by Ancestry: in Stather Hill, Messingham, Lincs (all HUNSLEY), William (56, ag labourer), Mary (47, born Lounds, Lincs), Alfred (14, scholar, born Messingham), Eliza (13, scholar, born Messingham), Charles (10, scholar, born Messingham) and Edward [actually Edmund] (8, scholar, born Messingham).

1871 census (indexed as HEMSLEY by Ancestry: in Butt Road, Messingham, Lincs (both HUNSLEY), William (65, farmer labourer) and Mary (58, born Limber, Lincs).

1881 census (indexed as HUNSLOW by Ancestry: in Butterwick Road, Messingham, Lincs (both HUNSLEY), William (75, road labourer) and Mary (67, born Limber, Lincs).

William died in 1887.

1891 census: in Readhead's Yard, East Butterwick, Lincs, Mary HUNSLEY (78, born Limber, Lincs).
HUNSLEY, William (I206)
10739 The name on Louise's headstne is Louise Mills M Minter. It looks as if her maiden name was MILLS but possib;y not. MILLS, Louise M (I5413)
10740 The name on the tombstone in Crinerville Cemetery is JIMMY JACK MINTER. Minter, Jack A "Jimmy" (I358)
10741 The name shown on the grave is Hughes D. Not found as Hugh or Hughes in 1930 or 1940 censuses.

Record at doesn't mention children. 
Minter, Hugh (I3270)
10742 The name Toney Marshall COMPTON is taken from several public member trees at Ancestry. They all have the birth as 8 Jun 1878; has a Tony M COMPTON born Jun 8 1884.

An 1880 US Census entry includes Toney M COMPTON, age 2, son of M Logan COMPTON and his wife Letitia. This confirms Toney's birth year as 1878 not 1884.
On the same page is John T COMPTON, his wife Chaney and mother-in-law Caroline MINTER.

1900 United States Federal Census (indexed as CUMPTON by Ancestry) Anthony (head, born Jun 1878, 21, farmer) and Lillie (wife, born May 1883, 17, married 0 years, 0 children).

1910 United States Federal Census: in Ridgeway, Henry, Virginia (all COMPTON, all born Virginia), Tony M (head, 31, married 10 years, farmer), Ella J (wife, 26, married 10 years, 1 child) and Marshall (son, 9).

1920 United States Federal Census: in Ridgeway, Henry, Virginia (all COMPTON, all born Virginia), Tony (head, 41, pump man, railroad tank), Lillie (wife, 35) and Marshall (son, 19, coal dumper, railroad). 
COMPTON, Toney Marshall (I1473)
10743 The names Nancy Elma are taken from Tyler Shorter's death certificate. Minter, Nancy E (I1345)
10744 The names of children appearing in the 1841, 1851 and 1861 censuses are somewhat inconsistent. Although I don't have absolute proof, it would appear that George's first marriage was in 1830 to Jane OATES, who appears to have died in 1834 aged only 22. They apparently had Mary Ann and Elizabeth, whose baptismal dates according to FreeREG were 4 Jan 1832 and 29 Sep 1833 respectively. However, these dates are not consistent with the ages of Mary Ann (17) and Elizabeth (19) as they appear in the 1851 census.
George seems to have married again in 1836, to Eleanor GUNSON (who appears in the 1841 as Ellen). Eleanor died at age 34 in 1841 having had three children, Ellen, Ann Elizabeth and John George.
George married for a third time in 1843, to Isabella RAILTON.
He may have married again in Q4 1872, to Mary THOMPSON: a Mary DENT appears as a widow in the 1881 census at 5 Russell Street East, Darlington, aged 57, dressmaker, born Darlington. A marriage certificate would show whether this is right.
I suspect there were more children than appear in censuses, ones that died in infancy.

1841 census: in Archer Street, Darlington, Durham (all DENT), George (30, painter), Ellen (30), Mary (9), Ellen (3), Ann (1) and John (2 months). Also Alice THOMPSON (15, female sevant).

1851 census: in Archer Street, Darlington, Durham (all DENT), George (41, painter, born Darlington), Isabella (41, born Staindrop, Durham), Elizabeth (19), Mary Ann (17, assist mother), Ellen (13, scholar), Ann Eliza (11, scholar), John George (10, scholar), Hugh Railton (7, scholar), Margaret (5, scholar) and Joseph Mallaby (1). All the children born Darlington.

1861 census: at 67 Northgate, Darlington, Durham (all DENT), George (51, piano forte tuner, music seller and teacher of music, born Darlington), [shown as married but no wife present], Elizabeth J (daughter, 27, dressmaker & music seller), Ann E (21), Hugh R (17, printer (ap)), Joseph M (11, scholar), James W (10, scholar) and Frederick (7, scholar). All the children born Darlington.

1871 census: at 6 Commercial Street, Darlington, Durham (all DENT, all born Darlington), George (61, widower, piano forte tuner), John G (30, professor of music), James W (19, mechanical dentist) and Frederick (17, hairdresser). Also Elizabeth RICHARDSON (housekeeper, 21, born Redcar, Yorkshire). 
DENT, George (I365)
10745 The names Rush Edwin come from Bob White. I'm assuming he is the "Raske" who appears, aged 18, in the 1940 (but not the 1930) census.

From, Dec 2014:
Rush E. Minter, 85, of Charlottesville, Virginia, went home to be with his personal Lord and Savior after a courageous battle with dementia and heart disease.

Son of the late Paul and Annie Minter. In addition, he was preceded in death by four brothers, Dillard, Webb, Jim Willie and Tommi-Joe; and two sisters, Cora and Lottie Mae Law. He served his country in the Merchant Marines and the United States Army from 1945 until 1955. He was a devout Christian who was very soft spoken and had a kind word for all. He was a dedicated member of the Monticello Wesleyan Church where he served his Lord in many capacities. He was employed by Sperry Marine for 30 years as a machinist until his retirement in 1985.

Rush is survived by his wife and best friend of 63 years, Lorene Minter of Charlottesville; two sons, Dale and Steve; three grandchildren, Tyler, Matthew and Joshua; a God-daughter, Christie Durham; and a sister, Marie Nance. He also leaves numerous nieces and nephews to cherish his memory with a special thanks to Linda Sasser and Rhonda Law for their special "touch" when needed most.

A Celebration of Life was conducted Thursday, June 28, 2012, at the Monticello Wesleyan Church with the Reverend Jerry Harding officiating.

Teague Funeral Home, Charlottesville, VA. 
Minter, Rush Edwin (I546)
10746 The names William Bundock and Elizabeth Pringle appear on the IGI record for their son William's marriage to Elizabeth Martin. BUNDOCK, William (I483)
10747 The National Archives of Australia. has the following:
READ Harry Joan born 23 May 1917; Alice Irene (nee Minter) born 20 June 1918; Brian John born 29 June 1940; Roger Anthony born 4 August 1949; Christopher Robin born 26 December 1950; Michael Roland born 16 October 1952; Bernard Francis born 27 September 1955; travelled per STRATHNAVER departing Tilbury on 17 January 1961 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme.

Harry and Alice are remembered on a plaque in Albany Creek Memorial Park, 400 Albany Creek Road, Queensland, Australia
Location: Columbarium 13
Section: Section 13
23.5.1917 - 23.2.2002
READ, Harry John (I1082)
10748 The NSW archives contain papers from 16 Apr 1940 to 11 Nov 1940 and 17 Dec 1940 to 21 Oct 1941 relating to Alexander and Florence's divorce. Family F25
10749 The NSW archives contain papers from 7 Sep 1938 to 25 Oct 1939 relating to Joseph and Gladys's divorce. Family F555
10750 The NSW archives hold papers dating from 13 Non 1934 - 19 Nov 1935 which refer to the divorce of Anthony Elias Booth and Elsie May Booth. They contain a reference to George Minter. KENT, Elsie May (I4034)

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