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10501 Victoria Minter Hester moved to Texas in 1892 or 1893. Settled in Johnson County before 1900 and died there. Minter, Victoria (I3877)
10502 Vineleigh Road is now Blenheim Road. Minter, Lucy May (I4309)
10503 Violet appears in the 1891 census. She was apparently born before Arthur and Eliza married. Her birth registration has not been found under Minter - she was probably the Violet Ada PARKER whose birth was registered in Q4 1887 at Woodbridge.

In 1901, as Violet PARKER, Violet was living with her uncle Benjamin James PARKER (qv). She died in Q2 1907 with her death being registered as Violet Ada PARKER. 
Minter, Violet Ada (I115)
10504 Violet was originally Mary Ann Minter (see her father's Notes).

1901 census: as Violet Ann Minter, 21, born Westleton, Suffolk, a visitor at 2 Great Minster Street, St Lawrence, Winchester, Hants with Frederick BATTEN, his wife and family. 
Minter, Violet Mary (I490)
10505 Violet's parents are shown on the 1932 marriage record as D GIBBS and Arni BRICE. COLLIER, Violet Maud (I1018)
10506 Virginia Select Marriages, 1785 - 1940 (at Ancestry) has Silas C Minter aged 22, born Henry Co, VA, father Jas. Minter, mother Caroline Minter, marrying on 25 Jan 1874 to R...Y Eggleton. The equivalent bride's record gives the bride's name as R...Y Eggleton, age 21, born Henry Co., father Wash. Eggleton, mother Harriett Eggleton.

1880 US Federal Census: in Leatherwood, Henry, Virginia (all MINTER), Silas O (28, works on farm), Reecy (wife, 28, keeping house), Lula (daughter, 6), James (son, 3) and an infant son, 3 months.

1900 US Federal Census: in Leaksville, Rockingham, North Carolina (indexed as MINSTER by Ancestry) (all MINTER, all born Virginia), Silas (born Jun 1849, 50, widower, cotton mill ----), Jimmy (son, born Jun 1877, 22, cotton mill hand), Sallie (daughter, born Feb 1881, 19, cotton mil w---), Mary L (daughter, born Apr 1882, 18), John S (son, born Apr 1886, 14, cotton spinner), Jessie H (son, born Feb 1888, 12, cotton spinner), Willie V (son, born Dec 1892, 7) and Annie (daughter, born Dec 1892, 7).

1910 US Federal Census: in Leaksville, Rockingham, North Carolina (all MINTER, all born Virginia), Silas (65, father, widower, filling carrier, cotton mill), Jimmy (son, born Jun 1877, 22, cotton mill hand), Sallie (daughter, born Feb 1881, William - (brother, 18, slubber hand, cotton mill)) and Annie (sister, 16, weaver, cotton mill), were living with Lula HEFFINGER (33, widow) and her 7 children).

1920 US Federal Census: in District 120, Ridgeway, Henry, Virginia , Silas MINTER (68, cousin, widower, laborer, home farm) was living with James L COMPTON and his family, including Silas's daughter, Sallie, as James's wife).

1930 US Federal Census: in District 18, Ridgeway, Henry, Virginia , Silas O MINTER (79, father, widower) was living with daughter Sallie COMPTON (now a widow) and her family.

According to the Groves-Minter-Carter-Townes Tree at, Silas died on 12 June 1930 at his daughter's home. I haven't found anything to confirm this.

Minter, Silas Othniel (I1376)
10507 Virtue, a widow, appeared in the 1939 Register at 59 Kirkley Cliff Road, Lowestoft M.B., Suffolk, along with several other people. Minter, Virtue (I36)
10508 Volunteered to serve on foot with pike in 1795 in the event of invasion, as of Weddington with the Ash volunteers.
Advertised his support of the Canterbury and Union Bank in 1797.
Offered to supply eight horses and two wagons for the removal of stock in the event of an invasion in 1797.
Donated to the Canterbury Voluntary Subscription for the defence of the country in 1797.
Advertised together with his brother-in law (Mr Mount) the sale of a tenement with barn, stable and orchard and 21 acres of land at Weddington, also the tenement of Crockstakes with hop oasts and six acres of land at Woodsley Ash and also two tenements with gardens in Ash 1798.
A witness at St Peters Sandwich on 24 September 1805, on the 14 April 1807 and on the 22 February 1808.

1841 census: not found with certainty but the entry for Thomas Minter, 60, Ind[ependant] in Lower Street, Deal may refer to this Thomas, even though the age is 10 years out.

Buried at age 79, as of Deal.

From Cliff Minter: tombstone at Ash next Sandwich reads:
Thomas Minter died 27 November 1848.

England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941 (at, Nov 2010):
1. 21 February 1879. Personal Estate under £1500. Administration of the Personal Estate of Thomas Minter late of Deal in the County of Kent Gentleman a Bachelor who died 2 December [see above] 1848 at Deal was granted at the Principal Registry to Mary Sherwood (Wife of Richard William Sherwood) of Wellingborough in the County of Northampton the Niece and one of the Persons entitled in Distribution.
2. 29 April 1880. Personal Estate under £1500. Administration of the Personal Estate of Thomas Minter late of Deal in the County of Kent Gentleman a Bachelor who died 2 December [see above] 1848 at Deal left unadministered by Mary Sherwood (Wife of Richard Sherwood) the Niece and one of the Persons entitled in Distribution was granted at the Pricipal Registry to the said Richard Sherwood of Wellingborough in the County of Northampton Gentleman the Administrator ot the Personal Estate of the said Mary Sherwood. Former Grant Principal Registry February 1879.
[I haven't been able to work out who Mary Sherwood was]. 
Minter, Thomas (I2186)
10509 VRI shows surname as WITHIRS. WITHERS, Mary Ann Elizabeth (I267)
10510 W. Clark, M.G. Family F1737
10511 W. T. and Sallie produced three children. WEAVER, William Travis (I2385)
10512 Wade was born in Collin County Tx and grew up in Collin and Bowie counties. He served in the US Navy during WW I aboard the USS South Carolina (BB-26). After the war, he returned to Simms, in Bowie county, married and was a farmer for most of his life. After WW2, he worked several years on the county road crew. His only child that surived to adulthood*, James was killed at Pearl Harbor while serving aboard the USS Califorina. Wade died on the operating table at Baylor Hospital in Dallas while doctors were attempting to clear obstructions from the vessels which supply blood to the brain.

* a female child was born to R W and Ella Minter on 11 October 1925 at New Boston, Bowie, Texas. 
Minter, Robert Wade (I3774)
10513 Wainwright News, Wednesday, October 1 9, 1960. Thanks to Mike Minter for this.

Congratulations from the people of the district are extended to Miss Frances Minter and Mr. Lyle Savage. Also to Miss Margaret Minter and Mr. John Jones. Their double wedding was held at St. Michaels and All Angels Church at Victoria, B.C. on Friday, October 7th.
Frances and Margaret were former girls of our district. We certainly wish the young couples every happiness.
Family F286
10514 Walter died from pneumonia, influenza being a secondary cause. Minter, Walter Zeiss (I6840)
10515 Walter is believed to have served in the Royal Navy ( National Archives, Series Admiralty: Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services Piece 14501-15000). This is confirmed by the 1911 census:

1911 census: on the Training ship 'Warspite' on the Thames off Stone near Greenhithe, Walter (15, single, sea apprentice, marine society sea training, born Greenwich, London). 
Minter, Walter William (I85)
10516 Walter joined the Royal Garrison Artillery on 12 October 1916, age 18 years 331 days, a packer of 21 Upper Bridge Street, Canterbury. Next of kin mother Mrs Kate Minter, same address. To France in March 1917 and seems to have been there until 1919.
Transferred to Z Reserve on 28 March 1920.

1939 Register: at 13 Heaton Road, Canterbury C.B., Kent
Minter, Walter born 13 Nov 1897, married, omnibus conductor
Minter, Nellie born 20 Mar 1903, married, unpaid domestic duties
--- 2 closed records ---

Address in 1954: 13 Heaton Road, Canterbury, Kent. England.

Administration Brighton 21 Sep 1976 £14,036. 
Minter, Walter (I1688)
10517 Walter married in Q3 1855, Kensington 1a/64, to Louisa MERRICK. Louisa was almost certainly the sister of Eliza MERRICK who married Walter's brother Richard in 1869.

In 1851 in King Street, Hammersmith were living James ANKINS (47, furniture broker, born Islington), his wife Eliza ANKINS (30, born Chiswick) and Eliza's unmarried sister Louisa MERRICK (23, shop servant). James ANKINS and Eliza MERRICK had married in Q1 1850 (St Martins 1/110). A few years later, in 1855, Louisa MERRICK married Walter Minter.
James ANKINS died in Q2 1864 (Kensington 1a/101): his widow Eliza married Richard Minter in 1869. 
Family F38
10518 Walter Rupert GARNHAM, 22, bachelor, plate-layer of Landermere Road, Thorpe-le-Soken, father William Garnham (deceased), labourer. Amy Ellen BRIGHT, 19, spinster of Landermere Road, Thorpe-le-Soken, father William Bright, labourer, after banns. Both signed. Witnesses Maurice Bright, Elsie Lillian Williams both signed. Family F250
10519 Was a PFC in the US Army. Minter, Lonnie T (I5549)
10520 Was a pharmicist and practiced at Laredo, TX KILLOUGH, Garrett Roy (I1857)
10521 Was a witness at brother William Daniel's marriage on 11 November 1834 in Ardleigh. Minter, Emily (I5)
10522 Was a witness at the 1843 marriage of Eliza Greenfield and Robert Duguid. Minter, Amelia Davenport (I3052)
10523 Was a witness on 27 December 1847 at St Lawrence. Minter, Sarah (I69)
10524 Was abroad when father died in 1795. Served on board HMS Daphne as Able Seaman from 19 September 1796 until discharged for HMS Royal William on 21 October 1797. Served on HMS Centaur as Able Seaman from 29 October 1797 until he died on 24 May 1798 whilst vessel was at sea. Clothes auctioned with amount raised paid with wages to widow Mary. No record has been found of Michael's marriage. Minter, Michael (I807)
10525 Was buried at age of 3 weeks. Minter-Campbell, Edward (I650)
10526 Was divorced when he married Dorothy, according to their marriage certificate. Parents Cecil E WICKLINE Sr. and Ruth WOODRUM. WICKLINE, Cecil Edwin Jr (I6950)
10527 Was granted Administration of sister Esther's estate on 8 November 1865.

Banns were read at St Dunstan & All Saints, Stepney on 17 and 24 December 1850 and 1 January 1851 for William Brisendon (sic) Minter (bachelor) and Louisa Rice (spinster), both of this parish. There is no sign of a marriage however. 
Minter, William Brissenden (I51)
10528 Was living at 1 Butts Cottages, Wellingborough, Northants, a Market Trader, when he died.

Administration Ipswich 5 Dec 1975 £1000. 
Minter, Denis Raymond (I1655)
10529 Was married in 1899 as Lilly Minter and appears as such in the 1901 census. But she remarried as Gertrude Ellen SENGELMANN in 1907. Minter, Gertrude Ellen (I758)
10530 Wayne and Kim appear together in the 2007 Electoral Register. Minter, Wayne Stuart (I170)
10531 Weight at Birth 8lb 4oz, Length 21 in TAYLOR, Triston Allen (I6060)
10532 Went to Australia about 1850.
Possibly a witness at Waterloo, Sydney on 2 May 1895. 
CAMPBELL, Sarah (I2266)
10533 Went to China in 1904 and there abandoned by her husband. Had a stroke and died in a home in Ramsgate about 1965.
Cliff Minter's charting of the family doesn't mention the husband's name * and includes four children, with notes as follows:
Gerald. St Barardos. No trace.
Lynton. Born 1905? St Barnardos. Went to Canada 1930. Building inspector in Ottawa in 1976. Reunited with brother Noel in 1975.
Robin. Adopted?
Noel. Adopted. Traced and reunited with brother Lynton in 1975. Living in South Wales, a miner.

* shows that Florence married Arthur John KENT in China in 1904. Details are available at a cost but haven't been inspected.

The birth of an Arthur Lynton KENT was registered in Q4 1908 at Camberwell (1d/755). 
Minter, Florence Kate (I819)
10534 Went to live in Canada with husband then returned to live in the Orchard Valley district of Hythe. Minter, Sarah Jane (I2510)
10535 Went to Preston School until aged 9.

1891 census (indexed by as WINDER): at Woodlands Farm, Adisham, Kent, a farm servant, aged 21.

Kelly's Directory of Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay and Villages in the Neighbouhood of Canterbury (Buff Book), 1899 - 1900 lists Walter Minter at Barton, Canterbury.

Appered in Pike's Blue Book for Canterbury and District, Herne Bay and Whitstable, 1897 - 98 as Walter Minter, 26 New Town Street, Canterbury

1901 census: at 1 Old Dover Road, Canterbury, Walter (31, miller's carman), Kate (39), Kate (4), Walter (3) and Frederick (1).

Directory of Canterbury, 1902 - 03 has Walter James Minter, 1 Old Dover Road, Canterbury.

Kelly's Directory of Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay and Villages in the Neighbouhood of Canterbury (Buff Book), 1905 - 06 lists Walter James Minter at 21 Upper Bridge Street, Canterbury

1911 census: at 21 Upper Bridge Street, Canterbury, Kent (5 rooms), Walter James (head, 42, married, general carman, general carrier, own acc, born Ash, Kent), Kate (wife, 49, married 16 years, 3 children all living, born Hampshire), Kate (daughter, 15, single, day girl, born Canterbury, Kent), Walter (son, 13, errand boy (grocer), born Canterbury, Kent) and Frederick (son, 12, school, born Canterbury, Kent).
Form signed Walter James Minter.

Listed in Canterbury & District Directory 1911 - 12 and 1915 - 16 as W J Minter, 21 Upper Bridge Street, Canterbury.

Started work at Preston. Later worked at Adisham and then at Sextries Farm, Nackington before leaving to work at Barton Lower Mill and to live at 13 New Town Street, Canterbury. Moved to live at 2 Barton Sturry Road and later at 1 Old Dover Road and then 21 Upper Bridge Street.
Transported corn and flour for Wingent and Kimmins with horses and cart after leaving Barton Lower Mill and later in his own employ also conveying bread for soldiers during the War.
Operated a corn and flour merchant from Worthgate Place and later from Gordon Road, Canterbury. Lived at 13 Heaton Road, Canterbury after own house was bombed.

Buried aged 83, retired of 13 Heaton Road, St Mildreds, Canterbury.

From Cliff Minter - tombstone in Canterbury Cemetery reads:
In loving memory of my dear wife Kate Minter
passed away September 16th 1934 aged 71 years
Until we meet again
Also of Walter James Minter
died February 3rd 1953 aged 83 years
Also of Elizabeth Viney
died September 1st 1958 aged 92 years.

A part of Walter's photo appeared on the front cover of the issue The War Cry published on Saturday 10 November 2012.

From England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966 at
Minter Walter James of 13 Heaton Road Canterbury died 3 February 1954 Probate London 24 February to Walter Minter hospital cook and Frederick Minter labourer. Effects £992 10s 6d.
Minter, Walter James (I1682)
10536 Went to private school for two years and then to Ash village school until age 14. Then to Simon Langton School, Canterbury for three years. Lived in the cottage in Durlock Road before moving into Sandilands house to look after parents. Worked as a market gardener and later as flower grower at Sandilands Nursery, Durlock Road.
Died in hospital in Canterbury.

1939 Register: at Fairview, Durlock Ash, Eastry R.D., Kent
Minter, Roderick T H born 27 Apr 1903, married, market gardener (own account)
Minter, Marjorie E born 28 Dec 1904, married, unpaid domestic duties
--- 2 closed records ---
BICKER, Ernest J born 5 Sep 1875, married, market garden labourer
BICKER, Edith A born 4 Aug 1879, married, unpaid domestic duties 
Minter, Roderick Thomas Henry (I175)
10537 Wesleyan Chapel marriage. Thanet Hodges Minter, 29, bachelor, dairyman of High Street, Ryde, father John Minter, dairyman. Isabella Prain, 23, spinster of Bembridge, father William Prain, coastguard service. Both signed. Witnesses John Jeffery and Margaret Prain. Family F65
10538 When Alfred was born his father was a stoker in the Royal Navy. This information was repeated on Alfred's second marriage certificate.

The 1949 and 1950 Electoral Rolls show Alfred E and Elizabeth E Minter at 15 Bracondale Road, London SE2.

Probate London 21 Mar 1975 £7864. 
Minter, Alfred Edward (I261)
10539 When Arthur married in 1811 he was said to be a widower. An earlier marriage hasn't been identified but in following a clue provided by Marilyn Stack I found the burial of Phoebe 'wife of Arthur' aged 29 on 14 April 1830. I also found two sons, William and Arthur.

When children from Elizabeth (1813) and after were baptised Arthur was recorded as a carpenter of Boxted.

1841 census: in Boxted, Essex (all NEVARD), Arthur (60, carpenter), Susannah (55 or poss. 35), Edward (25, carpenter), James (15, carpenter) and Rebeckah (13). All born Essex.
The identity of Susannah is unknown: she was probably a relative eg sister. Or perhaps Arthur's daughter.

1851 census: in Boxted, Essex (both NEVARD), Arthur (78, formerly carpenter, born Boxted) and Elizabeth (wife, 69, born Langham).

Arthur probably died in Q2 1856 and Elizabeth in Q1 1861. 
NEVARD, Arthur (I2976)
10540 When Charles Bernard was born, the Gregorys were living at 14 Barber Crescent, Nether Hallam, Sheffield.

DEATH: Cause of death: Cardiac valvular disease. No PM. Informant was Florence Gregory who was present at the death. 
WHITAKER, Laura Carr (I951)
10541 When Charles Hastings was baptised in 1822, the address given was Fazeley Street, occupation tailor.

1841 census: at 25 St Georges Street, Birmingham (all WHEWAY, all born Warwickshire), Henry (40, tailor), Eliza (35), Lucy (18, --- button covering), Henry (15, pencil case maker), George (14, brass founder), James (12, jeweller), Jane (8), William (6), Francis (4) and Ann (1).

1851 census: at 10 Smith(?) Street, Birmingham (all WHEWAY, all born Birmingham), Henry (head, 50, tailor), Eliza (wife, 49), Charles (son, 28, brassfounder), Lucy (daughter, 26), Henry (son, 24, brass founder), George (son, 22, tinman), James (son, 20, tailor), Jane (daughter, 18), William (son, 16, tailor) and Francis (son, 14, tailor).

1861 census: at 133 Icknield Street, Birmingham (all WHEWAY, all born Birmingham), Henry (head, 57, tailor), Eliza (wife, 55) and Jane (daughter, 22, gold chain maker).

1871 census: not found.

1881 census: at Henry (widower, 81, tailor) was with son George at 58 Prescott Street, Birmingham. 
WHEWAY, Henry (I3345)
10542 When children Mary Ann and Frederick were baptised William's occupation was labourer.

1841 census: at Cottage, Boyton, Suffolk, William (35, ag lab), Elizabeth (35), David (9), John (6), Elizabeth (3) and William (6 months).

1851 census (indexed as MENTER by in Boyton, Suffolk, William (56 (sic), ag lab), Elizabeth (49), David (17, ag lab), John (15, ag lab), Elizabeth (12) and William (10).

1861 census: in Boyton Street, Boyton, Suffolk, William (56, farm steward), Elizabeth (59) and William (20, ag lab).

1871 census: in Boyton, Suffolk, William (66, farm bailiff), Elizabeth (69) and grandson Frederick (15, ag lab).

1881 census: in Cottage, Boyton, William (widower, 76, retired farm bailiff) with a female servant.

1891 census: in White House, The Street, Boyton, William (widower, 87, retired farm bailiff), son-in-law Henry GILLESPIE (71, retired policeman) and his wife Mary Ann (65). Son David (qv) was in the same house.

From William's headstone (thanks to Stuart Lee, October 2011):

Memory of
JAN«sup»RY«/sup» 2«sup»ND«/sup» 1895

Stuart thinks this is possibly:

"Looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life" (Jude 21).

Minter, William (I31)
10543 When children were baptised on 20 December 1899 Augustus, accountant, and Alice were at 49 Park Terrace, Kensal Rise, London.

1901 census: at 'Glen Roy', Wealdstone, Middlesex, Augustus (34, commission agent), Alice (30), Gladys (9) and Augustus P (8).

It would appear that the family emigrated to Australia on 24 December 1909, leaving from London for Melbourne, on the 'Osterley' (Orient line, master W J Jenks, total passengers 743) were Augustus Minter, Mrs Minter, Percival Minter and Gladys Minter. Unfortunately no ages and no occupation for Augustus are shown.
Augustus' emigration is confirmed by Margaret Young who has provided details of his life in Australia.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1919 for Abbotsford, Yarra, Victoria includes:
Augustus Minter, Yarra Grange, Southampton Crescent, photo asst.
Alice Minter, Yarra Grange, Southampton Crescent, home duties.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1924 for Abbotsford, Yarra, Victoria includes:
Augustus Minter, Yarra Grange, Southampton Crescent, photo asst.
Alice Minter, Yarra Grange, Southampton Crescent, home duties.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1931 for Kew Kooyong, Victoria, at 9 Ermington Street:
Augustus Minter, assistant.
Alice Minter, home duties.

Australian Electoral Rolls, 1936 & 1937 for Sandringham, Henty, Victoria, at 7 Seaview Crescent:
Augustus Minter, no occupation.
Alice Minter, home duties.

Augustus died in 1940:
Australian Electoral Roll, 1943 for Camberwell, Kooyong, Victoria, at 220 Highfield Road, E6:
Alice Minter, home duties.

Australian Electoral Roll, 1949 for Mentone, Flinders, Victoria, at 61 Wite Street, S12:
Alice Minter, home duties. 
Minter, Augustus (I420)
10544 When daughter Constance married in 1913, Martha's name was stated as Martha Lydia Bailey. BAILEY, Martha (I24)
10545 When daughter Elizabeth Flora was christened Richard was a draper of 58 Black Friars Road. In 1850 & 1852 he was a draper of 2 Hereford Terrace, Kings Road, Chelsea.

NOTE: for some reason Richard's first child, William Roper DIXON was apparently brought up by his ROPER grandparents and appeared with them in censuses from 1851 to 1871.

1851 census: at 2 Hereford Terrace, Chelsea, London (all DIXON), Richard (head, 34, draper, born Canterbury), Mary A (wife, 30, born Teynham, Kent), Elizabeth F (daughter, 5, scholar, born Lambeth, Surrey) and Mary A (daughter, 7 months, born Chelsea).

1861 census: at 37 Kings Road, Chelsea, London (all DIXON), Richard (head, 45, haberdasher & ----, born Canterbury), Mary Ann (wife, 40, born Teynham, Kent), Elizabeth F (daughter, 15, scholar, born London, Surrey), Mary Ann (daughter, 10, scholar, born Chelsea) and Richard (son, 8, scholar, born Chelsea). Also an apprentice and a servant.

1871 census: at 14 Markham Square, Chelsea, London (all DIXON), Richard (head, 54, commercial clerk drapery, born Canterbury), Mary Ann (wife, 49, born Teynham, Kent) and Richard (son, 18, estate agent clerk, born Chelsea). Also 4 visitors and 2 servants.

1881 census: at 14 Markham Square, Chelsea, London (all DIXON), Richard (head, 65, draper, born Canterbury), Mary A (wife, 60, born Teynham, Kent) and Richard (son, 28, auctioneer & estate agent , born Chelsea). Also Elizabeth F KILLICK (daughter, married, 34, farmer's wife, born London), Maude KILLICK (granddaughter, 6, born Chelsea) and William J HOGBEN (cousin, single, 51, retired farmer, born Har---, Kent) and a domestic servant.

1891 census: at 14 Markham Square, Chelsea, London (all DIXON), Richard (head, 75, silk mercers clerk, born Canterbury), Mary A (wife, 70, born Teynham, Kent) and Mary A (daughter, single, 40, born Chelsea). Also Elizabeth F KILLICK (daughter, married, 44, dressmakers assistant, born London), Maud KILLICK (granddaughter, 16, scholar, born Chelsea) and Bridges R DIXON (grandson, 15, auctioneer's clerk, born Teynham, Kent. Also 2 visitors and a general servant. 
DIXON, Richard (I4609)
10546 When daughter Louisa Kathleen was baptised in 1904 Arthur was an assistant storekeeper at 4 Rawlings Street, Chelsea.

When his son was born in 1907 Arthur was a stableman.

1911 census: at No ? Little ---- Street, Chelsea, London (2 rooms), Arthur (head, 29, married, stable man, worker, born India), Louisa (wife, 29, married 9 years, 4 children, 1 living 3 died *, born North Woolwich) and Thomas (son, 3, born Chelsea, London).
Form signed Arthur Minter.
* Based only on their names, I have guessed that two of the children who died were Louisa Kathleen and Arthur Robert. The other may have been one of:
Richard, Q3 1908 - Q3 1908
Robert John, Q1 1909 - Q2 1909.

It's possible that Arthur married for a second time in 1928, although what happened to first wife Louisa hasn't been established. There are a couple of reasons for thinking that Arthur married again:
- only one Arthur Frederick Minter is known to me, suggesting that the 1928 marriage refers to this one. The marriage certificate should settle the issue but hasn't been obtained.
- Administration of the effects of the Arthur Frederick who died in 1934 was granted to his widow Edith Priscilla, the other party to the 1928 marriage refered to above.

England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941, at, November 2010
MINTER Arthur Frederick of 143 Wellington-buildings Ebury Bridge Westminster Middlesex died 31 January 1934 at St Lukes Hospital Paddington Middlesex Administration London 12 March 1934 to Edith Priscilla Minter widow. Effects £100. 
Minter, Arthur Frederick William (I28)
10547 When daughter Mary Martha was baptised in 1823 Thomas (bricklayer) and Jane lived at 8 Burleigh Street. Surname shown as GARDNER.

1841 census: in East Street, Lambeth, (all GARDENER) Thomas (40 ag lab, not born Surrey), Jane (35, not born Surrey), Sarah (10, not born Surrey), George (5, not born Surrey), Jane (5, not born Surrey), Edward (3, born Surrey) and Elizabeth (6 months, born Surrey).

1851 census (indexed as WINTER by Ancestry): at 1 Robert Street, Lambeth, Mary MINTER (lodger, widow, 28, charwoman, born St Giles in the Fields), John William [no surname or relationship stated but is on the next line to Mary], 5, born Westminster, George GARDNER (brother, single, 19, bricklayer, born St Giles) and Jane GARDNER (sister, single, 16, servant, born Lambeth).

Living at the same address but as a separate household were:
Thomas GARDNER (56, bricklayer, born St Mary Le Strand) Jane GARDNER (wife, 49, born Shoreditch), Edward GARDNER (son, 13, born Lambeth), Elizabeth GARDNER (daughter, 10, born Lambeth) and Emma GARDNER (daughter, 14, born Lambeth).

1861 census: at 9 St Anns Place, Lambeth (all GARDNER) Jane (wife, 63, married, charwoman, born Shoreditch, Middx), Edward (son, 23, bricklayer, born Lambeth) and Emma (daughter, 14 (sic), servant, born Lambeth). Thomas not found. 
GARDENER, Thomas (I50)
10548 When daughter Mary was baptized, John was living in Racecommon Road, Barnsley.

1891 census: John and Jane at 40 Heelis Street, Barnsley with Arthur RUSHFORTH (8), "son of wife". Arthur Rushworh was Jane's illegitimate son: per John Minter of Preston he was born in Barnsley on 26 October 1882 and baptised at St Mary, Barnsley on 9 February the son of Jane Ann Rushforth, single woman.

1901 census: John and Jane at 10 Oak Street, Barnsley, a few doors away from John's mother.

1911 census (originally supplied by John Minter, Preston), at 1 Court, New Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire (1 room), John Richard (head, 50, married, coal miner hewer, worker, born Barnsley, Yorks) and Jane Ann (wife, 49, married 25 years, 1 child, living, born Barnsley).
Form signed John Richard Minter.

1939 Register (found by Dick Moore and thought to refer to John Richard Minter), at Court 1 House 1, Union Street , Barnsley C.B., Yorkshire (West Riding)
Rushforth, Toreen * born 11 Apr 1908, married, unpaid domestic duties
--- 1 closed record ---
Harrison, Frederick born 13 Oct 1931, single, at school
Minten, Jack born 22 Dec 1860, widower, coal hewer.
Although this has been indexed by findmypast as MINTEN, the entry itself looks more like MINTER.
* Toreen Rushforth was the wife of Arthur Rushforth Jr., born in 1882.

Retired and living at 46 Keir Street, Barnsley when he died. 
Minter, John Richard (I156)
10549 When daughter Rose Eveline was baptised Tom was a brush maker living at 32 Joseph Street, Bradford.

1891 census (1): lodging at 35 Cecil Street, Stockton on Tees, Durham (with Annie Frankland, head, 46, living on own means, born Wales), Thomas PICKFORD (married, 23, brushmaker, born Bradford, Yorks).
1891 census (2): at 32 Joseph Street, Bradford (all PICKFORD), Elizabeth A (wife [no head of household listed], married, 25, born Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire), Rose E (daughter, 1, born Bradford), Alice M (sister [should say 'in-law'], 13, worsted spinner, born Macclesfield) and Frederick J (brother [should say 'in-law'], 16, worsted spinner, born Macclesfield).

When son George Henry was baptised Tom was a brush maker living at 130 Mount Street, Bradford.
When daughter Lilian Elizabeth was baptised Tom was a brush maker living at 33 Seymour Street, Bradford.
When son David Cyril was baptised Tom was a brush manufacturer living at 36 Webster Street, Bradford.
When daughter Laura* was baptised Tom was a foreman living at 5 Bosphorus Street.

1901 census: at 7 Lineker Av (?), Leeds, Yorkshire (all PICKFORD), ??? J (head, 34, foreman brush maker, born Canada (sic)), Elizth A (wife, 35, born Sowerby, Yorks), George H (son, 9, born Bradford), Lilian E (daughter, 7, born Bradford), David C (son, 4, born Bradford) and Elsie A* (2, born Leeds).

* Are Laura and Elsie Adelaide the same person? Laura was born on 19 Sep 1898 and baptised on 19 October 1898 at Upper Armley, W Yorks as the daughter of Tom James and Elizabeth Ann PICKFORD, but there doesn't appear to be a corresponding birth registration. Elsie Adelaide's birth was registered at Bramley (which includes Armley) in Q4 1898. Unless they had different mothers, it seems likely that Laura and Elsie Adelaide «b»were«/b» the same person and that for some reason the name Laura was dropped in favour of Elsie Adelaide. No trace of a Laura Pickford has been found other than the 1898 baptismal record.

1911 census (1) at 40 Spital Road, Maldon, Essex (6 rooms) (all PICKFORD), T James (head, 44, married, factory manager (bristle), born Canada), Anne (wife, 44, married 22 years, 5 children, 4 living, 1 dead, housewife, born Bradford, Yorks), George H (son, 20, single, hairsorter, born Bradford), D Cyril (son, 16, single, hairsorter, born Bradford) and E Adelaide (daughter, 14, school, born Leeds).
Form signed Tom James Pickford.
1911 census (2): at 22 Orfeur Street, Leeds (2 rooms) (both PICKFORD), Elizabeth Ann (wife [no head of household listed], married 22 years, [a mark which could be a '1' is in the 'total children born alive' column], born Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire) and Lilian Elizabeth (daughter, 17, single, machinist maker of underclothing, born Bradford, Yorks).
It's not clear whether the Anne shown as Tom's wife in 1911 (1) was the same person as the Elizabeth Ann shown in 1911 (2).

The London, England, Electoral Registers, 1832-1965 (at has an entry for 1911 for Tom James Pickford at 11 Chatsworth Road, Hackney, London. This may or may not relate to 1867 Tom James.
The same source has a 1937 entry at 33 Fonthill Road, Islington for George Henry and Thomas Pickford - could be Tom and his son.

Tom's granddaughter Mavis Roper has his death certificate which shows he died at 10 Woodfall Road, Islington, London, in 1950, aged 84.

It seems, from email discussions from Mavis Roper, that some time prior to 1939, when Mavis was born, Tom began a relationship with Mavis's mother Annie Eleanor CONLEY, later DUFFIELD (see Annie's record for more information). At the time Mavis was born Tom was about 73 and Annie only 24. As far as Mavis knows Tom and Annie didn't marry and had two more daughters before Tom died in 1950. All three daughters were registered as DUFFIELD.
In December 2012 Mavis wrote:
"I have always been curious about my family history on my fathers side and until now never knew Thomas was my father - I always thought he was my grandfather perhaps because of the age difference between him and mum. [When] I was born 1939 mum was 24 [and] Thomas would have been about 73 so a big difference. I always knew him as Pam and spent many happy hours with him and loved him dearly .
He and Harry [Tom's son George Henry] made hair & shaving brushes which Pam took up the West End to sell. There was never much money but oodles of love & laughter.
When he [Tom] died there was just us and uncle Harry but he died soon after. We then moved to Highbury. Later I became very ill so we moved to the country. Cynthia & Penny were left with relatives as I recall It is a very topsy turvy history and mum eventually wed an Alf Seamark who died a couple of years later so once again she was on her own. Mum didn't have a very happy life she was always looking for someone to love her she died in 1972."

The London, England, Electoral Registers, 1832-1965 (at has an entry for 1951 which refers to Tom's now widowed partner Annie and his son George: at 23 Highbury Grove - Ann E DUFFIELD and George H PICKFORD. 8 other people were at the same address. 
PICKFORD, Tom James (I1428)
10550 When Florence Patricia was born Charles Bernard's occupation was given as Engineers Pattern maker.

Charles Bernard's application for a US Social Security account number gives the following details:
Address: 1319 1/2 W. Sta Barbara, Los Angeles, California. Employer: Fluor Corp Ltd, E59th St, Los Angeles. Age last birthday: 46. Date of birth: 12 July 1890 (!). Place of birth: England. parents: John Gregory & Laura Whitaker. Date of application: 24 Dec 1936.

DEATH: The following details are recorded on the death certificate:
Colour: white. Age at last birthday: 91. Date of birth: Jul 12 1892.Country of birth: England. Citizen of: USA. Marital status: Widowed. SSN562-16-4372. Occupation: Mechanical engineer. Business or industry: Petroleum. Residence: #1252 273 Lakeshore Rd, Boulder City, Clark County, Nevada. Parents: John Gregory & Laura E (sic) Whittaker (2 Ts). Informant: Ramona Lesley, 3155 Richford Pl., Las Vegas, NV 89102. Disposition: Cremation at Palm Crematory, Las Vegas, Nevada. Cause of death: Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease. 
GREGORY, Charles Bernard (I451)

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