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10351 This child was evidently stillborn - identified in Dutch records of birth and death as 'Levenloos', lifeless. Minter, Unnamed (I362)
10352 This Dora may have been she whose address appeared in my mother's address book: Dora Minter, 8 Springfield Court, Linslade, Beds.

Probate Oxford 25 Jun 1980 £10,807. 
Minter, Dora Mary (I1535)
10353 This individual appears among the Virginia/North Carolina Minters but no-one seems to know where he came from even though there are plenty of traces of him. The best clue to James's ancestry ought to be that his death certificate gives his parents' names: James Minter and Sally (unknown). The nearest match to these names and with a workable date is James Wade Minter (1852 - 1941), who was married first to Sarah L Hensley, then Sallie E Doss. But there's absolutely no evidence to support the idea that they had anything to do with James William Minter.

1910 United States Federal Census: in Winston, Forsyth, North Carolina (indexed as WENTERS by Ancestry) (both MINTER), James W (head, 26, married 0 years, born Virginia, foreman, tobacco factory) and Carrie L (wife, 19, married 0 years, born North Carolina).

1920 United States Federal Census: in Winston-Salem, Forsyth, North Carolina (all MINTER), James (head, 36, born Virginia, foreman, tobacco factory), Carrie (wife, 29, born North Carolina), Lillian (daughter, 8, born North Carolina), Nina (daughter, 6, born North Carolina) and James (son, 4, born North Carolina).

1930 United States Federal Census: in South Fork, Forsyth, North Carolina (all MINTER), James W (head, 46, married at 21, born Virginia, inspector, hosiery mill), Carrie L (wife, 40, married at 15, born North Carolina), Lillian E (daughter, 18, born North Carolina), Nina R (daughter, 16, born North Carolina, clipper, hosiery mill), James C (son, 14, born North Carolina), Mildred L (daughter, 7, born North Carolina) and Francis B (daughter, 5, born North Carolina).

1940 United States Federal Census: in South Fork, Forsyth, North Carolina (all MINTER), James W (head, 57, born North Carolina, laborer, hosiery mill), Carrie L (wife, 49, born North Carolina), Nina R (daughter, 26, born North Carolina, seamstress, hosiery mill), James C (son, 24, born North Carolina, knitter, hosiery mill), Mildred L (daughter, 17, born North Carolina) and Francis B (daughter, 15, born North Carolina). 
Minter, James William (I1590)
10354 This individual appears in many Public Member trees at, usually with parents Jacob Minter (1770 - 1828) and Hannah Bailey (1777 - 1845). Some trees, eg the Muncy Family Tree, have a line for Samuel which goes like this:

Parents: Jacob Minter (1770, Fauquier, Va - 1828) and Hannah Bailey (1777 - 1845)
Grandparents: John Minter (1741, Virginia - 1774) and Mary Chilton (1750 - )
Great grandparents: Joseph Minter (1715, Fauquier, Va - 1774) and Mary Buchanan (1719 - 1774)
GG grandparents: Unknown and Mary Trabue (1758 - 1792) [these dates look very unlikely]

I haven't been able to verify any of this lineage and am therefore leaving Samuel Jackson Minter unlinked to any ancestor. He is said in the Muncy Family Tree to have had some siblings, as below. It has yet to be established whether they had descendants who could be added to this 'sub-tree' of American Minters. The possble siblings are:
Jospeh 1798 -
Jacob 1800 - 1869
John B 1802 - 1866
Elizabeth 1815 - 1890
Elmore 1819 -

I'm including only information that I've been able to ratify.

1850 United States Federal Census: in District 17, Gilmer, Virginia (all MINTER, all born Virginia), S J (38, joiner), Harriet (29), Claudius (12), Marteny* (male, 9), George (5) and Robert (2).
* assumed to be a reference to son Maxwell.

1860 United States Federal Census: not found.

1870 United States Federal Census: in Paris Ward 1, Bourbon, Kentucky (all MINTER, all born Virginia), James S (57, carpenter), Harriet (50, keeping house), Claudes W (32, carpenter) and Robert N (21, express clerk).
The next entry is for son Maxwell (qv).

1880 United States Federal Census: in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri (all MINTER, all born Virginia), Samuel J (66, carpenter), Harriet (60, wife, house keeper) and Robert (29, feed store).
The next entry is for son Maxwell (qv). 
Minter, Samuel Jackson (I4995)
10355 This individual appears in some Public Member trees at, but no-one seems to know who his parents were. I'm including him as an unattached member of the US Minter clan. Censuses show that Charles Andrew was sometimes known as just Andrew. In 1910 he and both his parents were shown as being born in Mississippi.

1910 United States Federal Census: in Justice Precinct 3, Milam County, Texas, (all MINTER, all born Texas except Andrew), Andrew (head, 42, married 18 years, born Mississippi, parents born Mississippi, farmer), Josie (33, married 18 years, 7 children 5 still living), Willie (daughter, 13), Maggie (daughter, 7), Flora (daughter, 5) and Aaron (son, 2). Plus a hired man, General ALLSBROOK (17).

1920 United States Federal Census: C A MINTER, aged 51, married, born Mississippi, a pipe line laborer, was one of many men included in the census carried out at the Humble Oli Pipe Line Construction Camp in Precinct 5, McLennan County, Texas.
This probaby refers to Charles Andrew but where was the rest of his family?

1930 United States Federal Census: in Precinct 2, Robertson County, Texas, (all MINTER, all born Texas including Charles Andrew), Charles A (head, 62, married at 22, laborer, oil company), Josie (53, married at 13), Curtis (son, 17), Anne L (daughter, 15) and Hubert (son, 11). 
Minter, Charles Andrew (I4610)
10356 This is assumed to be Charles William and Emma Jane's child - they were the only couple producing children in Maldon about this time. Minter, Charles William (I21)
10357 This is assumed to be Charles's son because of the name Spurgeon. Minter, James Spurgeon (I335)
10358 This is assumed to have been Robert and Caroline's son, who died in infancy and did not appear on any census. Minter, Fynn Dunnett (I608)
10359 This is assumed to have been Robert and Caroline's son, who died in infancy and did not appear on any census. The second son to have been named Fynn. Minter, Fynn (I632)
10360 This is THOUGHT to be the marriage of Ann Minter, daughter of Leonard and Elizabeth (Milton). The witness Susanna Minter could have been Ann's sister.
On 15 January 1821: Henry Court batchlor and Anne Minter spinster both of this parish by banns. Both signed as did the witnesses Henry Pain and Susanna Minter. 
Family F202
10361 This James Minter is THOUGHT to be the ancestor of the family shown below him. The evidence for this is somewhat circumstantial but seems to fit:
1. James was baptised at Godnestone by Sandwich on 16 Feb 1783, father George, mother Elizabeth.
2. If this was the James who married Sarah PARMER in at St Peter Sandwich 1809, he would have been 26 - a reasonable age at which to have married.

It's unclear what became of James but it seems fairly certain that the Sarah Minter who married John PERKINS in 1819 was James's wife or more likely widow, since that is how she was described when she married Mr Perkins. No trace of James Minter's death has been found but it is presumed to have happened between 1809 (when his and Sarah's last child was born) and 1817 (when Sarah and John Perkins' son was born, illegitimately).

A mariner of Vicarage Lane, Sandwich in 1811. 
Minter, James (I48)
10362 This James, of 1776, appears in many public member trees at Ancestry. One of them suggests he died young. Many of these trees, eg Watkins/Wymore, also have James of 1794. I am including both. Minter, James (I108)
10363 This John Minter appeared with his parents in the 1900 census but I haven't found later trace of him.

He should not be confused with the John Silas Minter who was born in Leatherwood on 2 October 1887 and died at Leaksville on 13 April 1930 - according to his death certificate he was the son of Woody Minter and was married to Ola Nelson. I think this should be Viola Nelson - there's a record in the North Carolina, Birth Indexes, 1800-2000 for Lillian Margaret Minter, born 12 Mar 1912 to John Silas & Viola Minter 
Minter, John S (I3824)
10364 This John Minter «u»might«/u» be descended from the James Minter who died about 1780 in Chatham North Carolina (RIN 193). The line hasn't been proved so John is here unattached.
November 2015: a rather more likely possibility, mainly prompted by the Ray-Compton public member tree at, is that John was one of the several children of Jeremiah Minter (born about 1770) and his wife America BRINKLEY. For the time being, I'm adopting this idea.

1860 United States Federal Census (done on 15 June 1860 [155 years ago today!]), in Benton, Marshall, Kentucky, J MINTER, 42, tobacconist, born Tennessee, was living with J C GILBERT (29, lawyer, born Kentucky), his wife A GILBERT (18, born Tennessee) and their son C GILBERT (1, born Kentucky). Also in the house was W H JOHNSTON (19, student, born Kentucky).

1870 United States Federal Census (done on 21(?) August 1870), in Symsonia, Graves, Kentucky (all MINTER), John (52, farmer, born Tennessee), Catharine (29, keeping house, born Kentucky), Francis M (3, male, born Kentucky) and Bettie C (1, born Kentucky). Also at the house was Gilbert CUNNINGHAM (21, born Kentucky) who worked on the farm.

1880 United States Federal Census (done on 7 June 1880), in Benton, Marshall, Kentucky (all MINTER), John (62, farmer, born Tennessee, parents both born North Carolina), Catherine (38, wife, keeping house, born Kentucky, father born Alabama, mother Virginia), Frank M (13, son, works on farm, born Kentucky), Elizabeth C (11, daughter, at home, born Kentucky) and Henry Lee (6, son, born Kentucky).

1900 US census: Catherine, a widow, was with her son Frank. John must have died between 1880 and 1900.

1910 US Census: Catherine L MINTER was with her daughter Bettie C, now married for a second time, in Stephenville Ward 4, Erath, Texas. 
Minter, John (I6617)
10365 This marriage doesn't appear in the BMD index.

Married after banns. Henry Thomas Minter, 29, bachelor, private employment co of 410 Southwark Park Road, father Thomas Henry Minter, lighterman. Jane Agnes Bell, 30, spinster of 38 Dalston Grove, father Joseph John Bell, lighterman. Both signed full names. Witnesses Matilda Margaret Bell, Joseph John Bell. 
Family F37
10366 This marriage is assumed to be the second marriage of John senior rather than of his son John because (a) father's name is given as William and (b) the John who married was a widower.

John Minter of full age, widower, labourer of Thorpe-le-Soken, father William Minter, labourer; Mary Porter of full age, widow of Thorpe-le-Soken, father John Goff, labourer. Both marked. Witneses James Garnham and Mary Garnham (John's son Robert was to marry a Mary Garnham later in 1838). 
Family F8
10367 This marriage is the most likely one found on the IGI but hasn't been confirmed from any other source. Family F366
10368 This marriage provides a link into the family trees on Genes Reunited of Cathy Fulford-Jones and Leonard Ward. Family F14
10369 This marriage provides a link into the family trees on Genes Reunited of Cathy Fulford-Jones and Leonard Ward. Family F14
10370 This Matthew is believed to be Matthew the carpenter found on censuses from 1841 to 1871. There are two reservations about this assumption, firstly that Matthew the carpenter said he was born in Eyke (whereas Stella Herbert gives Boyton as his birthplace) and secondly, the ages given on censuses and in the BMD death index suggest a birth year of 1801 rather than 1802.

1841 census: in Union Street, St Margarets, Ipswich, Suffolk, Matthew (40, carpenter) and Sarah (40), both born in Suffolk.

1851 census: Matthew (50, widower, carpenter) was lodging in Hill, Wickham Market, Suffolk with wife-to-be Louisa LING (widow, 41, dressmaker) and her children Louisa (15), William James (12) and Mary Elizabeth (9).

1861 census: at 7 Marion Terrace, West Ham, London, Matthew (60, joiner), Louisa (52), William J LING (son-in-law [should be stepson], unmarried, 22, clerk to carrier), William LING (son-in-law, married, 26, porter) and Louisa LING (daughter-in-law, 25)

1871 census (indexed as MINLE by in Nelson Street, St Luke, London, Matthew (70, carpenter), Louisa (60), William LING (son-in-law [should be stepson], married, 31, railway clerk) and Elizabeth LING ([step] daughter-in-law, 27, born Rainham, Essex).

1881 census: Matthew died in 1876: his widow Louisa (72, dressmaker) was lodging in Dagenham Road, Hornchurch, Essex with Thomas DAVIS (67, gardener, born Chelsea), his wife Lydia (75, domestic servant, born Hornchurch) and their grandaughter Louisa A LING (4, born Hornchurch).

1891 census: Louisa not found. 
Minter, Matthew (I197)
10371 This obituary was found on a message board at,uk, Feb 2015:
Charles Lindy Minter, 80, of Anahuac, Texas passed away Sunday, January 6, 2008. He was born on June 6, 1927 to James M. and Icie Marie (Cown) Minter in Timpson, Texas. Charles loved spending time with his children, grandchildren, and animals. He could fix anything that could be fixed. He was a member of First Baptist Church of Timpson TX.

Charles is preceded in death by his parents; loving wife of 35 years Jewel Marie Minter; daughter, Mary Lanette Minter; sisters, Larue, Billy Jean, and Nora Francis; brothers, John W., JM Jr., and Bobby Marie Minter. He is survived by sons, Charles Minter and Dean Kennedy; daughters, Sandra Beaver, Vickie Mushinski, Connie Glass, and Debbie Gates; grandchildren, Carla Desormeaux, Walter, Dana, Danny, Chris, Paul, James, Terry, Misty, James, April, Debra, PJ and Jason; his dog, Flash; cat, T.C. and numerous great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends. 
Minter, Charles Lindy (I4197)
10372 This person appeared with her paernts in the 1900 and 1910 censuses, as Dossy A (daughter, born Jun 1869, 30, farm laborer) in 1900 and as Dicie A (daughter, 39, single, farm laborer).

In the 1920 US census of District 0061, Green Forest, Carroll, Arkansas, the following entry can be found: N MINTER (head, 24, born Texas, parents born Georgia, farm laborer), Myrtle MINTER (wife, 18, born Texas, father born Alabama, mother born Indiana), Dicy MINTER (mother, 49, widow, born Texas, parents born Georgia) and Grady MINTER (brother, 16, born Texas, parents born Georgia, farm laborer).

It looks from the above as if Dicie MINTER was the mother of N[ewman - see below] and Grady, although where they were before the 1920 census is a mystery - they certainly weren't with Dicie and her parents.

There is some support for this idea from the marriage of N[ewman] Minter and Myrtle. The details are in the Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957 at Newman Minter, aged 23 [ie born about 1896] of Gilmer, Upsher, Texas, and Myrtle ALFRED (aged 19 also of Gilmer, Upsher, Texas, married on 3 November 1919. It's surely significant that Newman residence was said to have been in Upsher County, Texas, which is where Dicie was living with her parents in 1910.

Further support is that Henry Grady Minter's death certificate shows Name of father ? Minter, name of mother Decia ?

Whatever the full truth is, I'm attaching Newman and his brother to Dicie as her children. 
Minter, Dicie A (I4151)
10373 This person appears in 83 public member trees at Ancestry and there is a lot of variation concerning his wives. Several trees have four wives of which three seem credible. The fourth, a Mary (no surname given) is given dates of 1814 - 1856; in no case is a marriage date quoted. I have chosen to omit Mary altogether - her dates don't fit with the dates of John's other marriages and the dates of death of his wives.

March 2015: I suspect the idea of Mary as a wife for John arose from the following census entry, which probably refers to John (although it's unclear who the rest of the household were):
1850 United States Federal Census, in Pope County, Illinois on 10 October 1850, John MINTER (66, farmer, born Virginia), Mary MINTER (36, born Tennesan(?)), Martha ARMINGTON(?) (17, born not known), Martin McBRIDE (14, born Tennesan(?)), E BUCKLAND (8, male, born Illinois) and Elizabeth JOHNSON (14, born Kentucky).
It's possible that Mary was John's daughter from his first marriage.

The following early US censuses are thought to refer to John Trabue Minter:
1820 United States Federal Census, on 7 August 1820, of Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee
John T Minter (indexed as John L Minter by ancestry):
Free White Persons - Males - Under 10:«tab» 2 **
Free White Persons - Males - 26 thru 44:«tab»1
Free White Persons - Females - Under 10:«tab»3
Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 15:«tab»2
Free White Persons - Females - 26 thru 44:«tab»1
Slaves - Males - Under 14:«tab»1
Slaves - Males - 14 thru 25:«tab»2
Slaves - Males - 45 and over:«tab»1
Slaves - Females - Under 14:«tab»2
Slaves - Females - 14 thru 25:«tab»1
Slaves - Females - 26 thru 44:«tab»2
Number of Persons - Engaged in Agriculture:«tab»4
Free White Persons - Under 16:«tab»7
Free White Persons - Over 25:«tab»2
Total Free White Persons:«tab»9
Total Slaves:«tab»9
Total All Persons - White, Slaves, Colored, Other:«tab»18

** one of these was probably George Washington Minter, born about 1810, Kentucky.

1830 United States Federal Census of Sumner, Tennessee
John T Minter
Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9:«tab» 1
Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19:«tab»1
Free White Persons - Males - 40 thru 49:«tab»1
Free White Persons - Females - 5 thru 9:«tab»1
Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 14:«tab»1
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29:«tab»1
Free White Persons - Females - 30 thru 39:«tab»1
Slaves - Males - Under 10:«tab»1
Slaves - Males - 10 thru 23:«tab»4
Slaves - Males - 55 thru 99:«tab»1
Slaves - Females - 10 thru 23:«tab»2
Slaves - Females - 36 thru 54:«tab»1
Free White Persons - Under 20:«tab»4
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49:«tab»3
Total Free White Persons:«tab»7
Total Slaves:«tab»9
Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored):«tab»16

1840 United States Federal Census of Sumner, Tennessee
John T Minter (indexed as C T Minter by
Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19:«tab»1
Free White Persons - Males - 50 thru 59:«tab»1
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29:«tab»1
Slaves - Males - Under 10:«tab»3
Slaves - Males - 10 thru 23:«tab»4
Slaves - Males - 24 thru 35:«tab»2
Slaves - Males - 36 thru 54:«tab»1
Slaves - Females - 10 thru 23:«tab»1
Slaves - Females - 36 thru 54:«tab»1
Persons Employed in Agriculture:«tab»6
Free White Persons - Under 20:«tab»1
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49:«tab»1
Total Free White Persons:«tab»3
Total Slaves:«tab»12
Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves:«tab»15

1850 United States Federal Census, Pope County, Illinois:
John MINTER (66, farmer, born Virginia), Mary MINTER (36, born Tennessee), Martha HARRINGTON (17, born 'not known', Martin McBRIDE (14, born Tennessee), E BUCKLAND (8, male, born Illinois) and Elizabeth JOHNSON (14, born Kentucky).
Minter, John Trabue (I311)
10374 This probably belongs here even though the surname is shown as DOWNEY.
National School Admission Registers & Log-books 1870-1914 at
Willie Downey born 222 Dec 1896, parent Rose of Swan Lane, was admitted to St Catherine's Infants National/Voluntary School, Long Melford on 12 Mar 1900. 
WOODGATE, William Langham (I2311)
10375 This record was in the file I recieved: nothing known beyond dates of birth & death. Minter, Rodney (I3454)
10376 This Thomas appears in Stephen Hunsley's tree without any other details. Since another Thomas was born in 1839, presumably the first one had died. HUNSLEY, Thomas (I459)
10377 Thomas (38, coachman) and Adelaide (31, tailoress) and 6 children appear in the 1891 census in Church Street, Boxted.

Not searched for later census entries. 
BANISTER, Thomas (I3120)
10378 Thomas Alferd Cawte, 24, bachelor, labourer of 183 Evelyn Street, Deptford, father George Cawte, labourer. Ann Rice, 22, spinster of 183 Evelyn Street, Deptford, father Stephen Rice, labourer. Both signed. Winesses Thomas Stephen Snell and Esther Cawte [probably Thomas's sister]. Family F47
10379 Thomas and Eva had 4 daughters:
Berenice E Q4 1920
Patricia M M Q3 1923
Marjory A A Q1 1927
Connie J Q2 1930.

1939 Register: at 27 Stourton Road, Southport C.B., Lancashire
KEEN, Thomas C born 24 Oct 1895, married, builders manager & estimating surveyor
KEEN, Eva E born 4 Oct 1896 married, unpaid domestic duties
--- 2 closed records ---

England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966, 1973-1995
KEEN Thomas Charles of Homelea 16 Orchard Close Hughenden Valley High Wycombe Buckinghamshire died 9 May 1959 at Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford Probate Oxford 18 November to Eva Edith Keen widow. Effects £4955 4s. 
KEEN, Thomas Charles (I397)
10380 Thomas and Stella appear with Tony and Wendy in the 2004 Electoral Register., May 2013: Thomas G, Stella G, Wendy (aged 56 - 60) and Tony Minter appeared in Electoral Rolls 2005 - 07, in Kent. 
Minter, Thomas George (I1970)
10381 Thomas and Susan had at least 13 children including one who carried the Minter name, Orthneil Minter Stultz. STULTZ, Thomas Jefferson (I223)
10382 Thomas appears in the Ray-Compton Family tree at ancestry as "Cary Harrison or Thomas J Minter". It's unclear why this is so except that in the 1870 census entry below, which seems to relate to this person, the head of the household is shown as Cary. And in the 1880 census, it's 'C H Minter'.

1850 United States Federal Census: in District 2, Graves, Kentucky (all MINTER), Thomas (39, farmer, born Tennessee), Amanda (27, born Tennessee), Lucy (10, born Tennessee), Mary (5, born Kentucky), Florence (1, born Kentucky), George (9, born Tennessee), William (7, born Tennessee), Zachary (4, born Tennessee) and James (27, farmer, born Tennessee).
I think the non-standard listing of the children is simply to group together the girls then the boys).
James was Thomas's brother.

1860 United States Federal Census: not found.

1870 United States Federal Census (indexed as MEUTER by ancestry): in Farmington, Graves, Kentucky (all MINTER), Cary [Thomas - see note above] (55, farmer, born Kentucky), Manda (44, keeping house, born Kentucky), Florence (20, at home, born Kentucky), Cary (19, born Kentucky), Elias (17, at home, born Kentucky), Eugene (15, at home, born Kentucky), Beaugard (13, at home, born Kentucky), Jeff D (11, at home, born Kentucky), James (8, born Kentucky) and Lewella (4, born Kentucky).
On the same page as all these children is listed Zachary (23) with his wife and daughter - probably Thomas's son. Also listed is a black woman Henrietta MINTER (26) with two Minter children both black.

1880 United States Federal Census : in Farmington, Graves, Kentucky (all MINTER), C H [Thomas - see note above] (69, farmer, born Tennessee), J B (21, son, farm hand, born Kentucky), D (19, son, farm hand, born Kentucky), James (16, son, farm hand, born Kentucky) and Ella (12, daughter, at home, born Kentucky). Also Adolphus (12, grandson, farm hand, born Kentucky).

From 1880 census it would seem that Amanda, Thomas's wife, died in the 1870s. Thomas himself died on 30 May 1891 according to the Ray-Compton Family tree. 
Minter, Thomas J (I7533)
10383 Thomas Baytup, 23, bachelor brakesman of 50 Oxford Terrace, father Edward Batytup, brakesman. Matilda Killick, 20, spinster of 50 Oxford Terrace, father William Killick, builder. Both signed full names. Witnesses George Wareham and Ann Keane(?). Family F205
10384 Thomas Bing bachelor farmer of Gillingham father Thomas Hatcher Bing farmer and Sarah Minter age 35 spinster of Ickham father William Minter farmer, by licence, sign/sign. William Minter (sign), Mary (Collin) (sign) witnesses.
(The entries for the fathers are given in the wrong order in the register). 
Family F180
10385 Thomas Chimmery, full age, widower, labourer of Great Horkesley, father Edward Chinnery, labourer. Amelia Minter, full age, spinster, servant of Boxted, father John Minter, labourer. His mark/sign. Witnesses John Southernwood, Sarah Southernwood, both marked. Family F139
10386 Thomas died as a result of a car accident in which two pick-ups collided head-on. Minter, Thomas Keith "Tommy" (I5079)
10387 Thomas died before the 1841 census (aged 67 according to the National Burial Index). His widow Mary, 65, of independent means, was living in Great Horkesley with son Thomas and his family (qv).

Buried aged 67. 
Minter, Thomas (I559)
10388 Thomas died in 1859.

1860 United States Federal Census, on 27 June 1860: in Lowndes County, Mississippi, Caledonia Post Office (all MINTER), Susan (27, born S Carolina), John (6, born Mississippi), Mary (5, born Mississippi), Nancy (3, born Mississippi) and Susan (5 months, born Mississippi).
On the same page is Susan's brother-in-law Elzy Minter. 
Minter, Thomas J (I7443)
10389 Thomas Draton of this parish and Sarah Hunsley of this parish, by banns, Both signed, he as Thomas DRAYTON. Witnesses Thos. Hunsley, George Drayton both signed. Family F573
10390 Thomas E Hunsley, 31 of Shiloh, Sully County and Carrie E Zeliff, 39 of Shiloh, Sully County. Family F328
10391 Thomas grew up in Simms, Tx, living with his father. He graduated from James Bowie Schools at Simms in 1940 and went to live with his mother and sisters. He served in the Army during World War II. After discharge, he joined his sisters who were living in San Diego, CA
and got into the Tuna fishing business which was thriving in San Diego in the 1950's. He was found dead in a San Diego hotel room. Cause of death unkown.
Thomas never married. He worked on Tuna Boats out of San Diego until his death.
Minter, Thomas Luther (I3786)
10392 Thomas Holness widower of this parish and Mary Minter spinster of this parish, by banns. He signed, she marked. Witnesses Charles Green and Charlotte Larkin. Charlotte and Charles married the same day, and Thomas and Mary witnessed their marriage.

June 2014. Thomas was said to have been a widower when he married Mary. It would appear that his first wife was Mary's sister Ann. The St Martin in the Fields marriage register (online at has the marriage by banns on 6 July 1834 between Thomas Holness and Mary Minter, both of this parish. Thomas signed, Mary marked. The witnesses were George Pond and Mary Anne Pryce(?), who both signed.
I've compared Thomas's 1834 and 1836 signatures and although in 1834 he wrote 'T Holness' and in 1836 'Thomas Holness', the shapes of the surnames are very similar.
I haven't found Ann's burial. 
Family F504
10393 Thomas is Sue Webster's ancestor. He married Ann CLARK on 26 October 1824 at All Saints, Great Horkesley, Essex and had eight children. SPARKES, Thomas (I2513)
10394 Thomas joined the Royal Garrison Artillery on 3 April 1916. He was 23, a decorator of 84 Pawleyne Road, Penge, SE His next of kin was wife Kate Elizabeth of the same address. One child was listed, Frances Emily born 8 April 1917 at Penge.
Thomas was with the BEF in France from 25 July 1916 to 14 October 1918, service no. 73911.
After his demob and transfer to the Z Reserve in on 2 February 1919 Thomas received a disability pension - he was gassed.
A later document shows address as 98 Pawleyne Road, Penge, London

1939 Register: at 33 Oak Grove Road, Penge U.D., Kent
Minter, Thomas F born 11 Jul 1893, married, builders' plasterer
Minter, Kate E born 23 Apr 1893, married, unpaid DD
Minter, Harry E born 4 Feb 1920, single, plumbers mate
Minter, Thomas J born 3 Apr 1921, single, wood machinist
Minter, later PREVETT, Frances E K born 8 Apr 1917, single, uniform tailoress
--- 1 closed record --- 
Minter, Thomas Frank (I669)
10395 Thomas Lusby bachelor of this parish and Susanna Turner spinster of this parish, by banns. Both marked. Witnesses Samuel Turner, Geo. Hindley, Richard Pick. Family F572
10396 Thomas married as a husbandman of Ash. Family F3
10397 Thomas may have been living in Goodnestone in 1798 in a property owned by Sir Brook Bridges, Bart. The property was one of several in Goodnestone owned by Sir Brook and was assessed for Land Tax of 8 shillings. (Source: UK, Land Tax Redemption, 1798 Record at Ancestry, March 2012). Minter, Thomas (I4)
10398 Thomas Minter and Amy Baker both of this parish, by banns, sign/her mark. Witnesses James Baker and Rose Payne both marked. Cliff Minter comments 'the signature of Thomas Minter is very well written by a cultured hand'. Family F16
10399 Thomas Minter bachelor and Mary Hope spinster both of this parish by licence. Joseph Stevens, Notul Bushridge, witnesses. Family F26
10400 Thomas Minter batchelor and Hannah Morse spinster both of this parish, by banns, sign/her mark. William Morse (his mark), Richard Moverly (sign) witnesses. The latter is witness at other marriages. Family F10

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